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In the Santa Fe school shooting, what do you think the first line of defense should have been?

“I was thinking it was going to happen eventually, it’s been happening everywhere,” Paige Curry, a Santa Fe High School student told a local Houston station. “I was ready to run out, but my teacher told me to hide instead, so that’s what I did.” We’ve all seen her on the news. We’ve heard, and […]

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Are you paying attention to the royal wedding today? I wasn’t going to, but then another school shooting happened.

I’m not sure where you stand on all the hub-bub of the royal wedding.  I truly couldn’t have cared any less about the entire thing. Who cares that a divorced American actress was set to marry a prince who is 6th in line for the throne.  Toronto/Canada is trying to claim her as their own […]

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Do you think a 16 year old can decide his own future, and should a 6 year old be allowed to wear princess costumes to school?

Hello my Lovelies, as is the Friday norm, here are this week’s Dear Elle columns for you to read, comment, share and enjoy! Hope you had a good one today, I truly did!! Dear Elle, My six year old daughter has a big personality and I love it.  Her personality is showcased through her fashion […]

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Breaking up over bad birthday etiquette would be too ridiculous, even for this birthday fanatic.

I must say, I truly love, love, LOVED your responses to this week’s WWYDW.  So thoughtful, so interesting.  Thank you for sharing with me how you are about birthdays, how you feel about whether or not they’re important at all, or if they’re so important that they’re an actual deal breaker.  Obviously whether or not […]

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