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Do you have a young adult who’s feeling lost about their future? Try this parenting tip to help them find their “thing.”

I had a meltdown a few days ago, missing my girls, and the life we used to lead together.  It is an interesting place to find oneself, at the end of the active parenting game.  No more University graduations, no more formals, no more kitchen, or on the phone meltdowns about getting a paper in […]

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I never thought I was the cottaging kind, what a surprise to learn that I actually am!

It’s so frikkin’ easy to get mentally sidetracked in life.  To forget the long game and get hung up on the intricacies of the short game.  To become fixated on the “when” will it happen, rather than living life, and trusting that it IS HAPPENING. Whenever I spend a lot of time with my dogs, […]

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Why is Tweedledum implementing a sex ed curriculum from the last century?

And so it begins.  Our mini-Trump is already behaving in an ass backward way.  Clawing back to 1998, which for the record is last CENTURY; for the Ontario sex-ed curriculum. A curriculum that is twenty years OLD. Not new, not advanced, not progressive.  But last century’s, twenty year old, sex education curriculum that doesn’t take […]

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