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To be clear, I’ve tamed my gloating ways, but this, I couldn’t resist.

This WWYDW was seriously so much fun, and educational.  I could tell by the responses on Twitter, and the comments on the post, people’s age differences.  It was extremely clear to me the people who had “been there done that” and have matured into knowing that gloating is undignified.  I couldn’t agree more, which is […]

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Isn’t it disgusting that the kids of Stoneman Douglas HS are being bullied on the internet, by adults?

Everyday when I wake up, since last weeks mass shooting, I tell myself that today I’m going to keep my feelings, my thoughts, my anger about what happened to those kids in Florida to myself.  That it’s sort of a “enough” now, I can’t blog about it every single day.  I mean I know plenty […]

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What is Canada doing right that our mentally ill don’t have access to guns?

Today was a regular day for me and my family.  Our eldest enjoyed a day off and ran errands in Toronto, some for her, some for us.  Our youngest spent another Monday, from 8am-10pm in college, learning.  Our middle, who is working for us at the moment accompanied me on some errands, and Yannick rode […]

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How can a government manage to pass laws about who people can/cannot love, but not who people can/cannot kill???

I find it absolutely fascinating that a government who can manage to repel a law put in place to ensure that somebody who is mentally unwell getting their hands on guns be more difficult was one of the very first things #45 and his cronies did.  Like it happened faster than fast, as did taking […]

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