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When is our government going to support people with mental health issues?

What makes us tick?  I’ve always been fascinated by the human mind, genetic coding and what is essentially luck of the gene draw.  Like what makes a person/people go online to learn how to make a homemade bomb then go into a restaurant and set it off, harming, and attempting to kill many innocent people?  […]

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Do you think legalizing weed to pharmacy sales only is the happy middle ground we need?

Here is my response to yesterday’s WWYDW.  Personally I feel that both alcohol and drugs are easily abused by those who are trying to abuse them.  I was brought up in a home with a coming and going alcoholic father, so I know all too well how legal substances can fuck up a family.  I’ve […]

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Today’s WWYDW: an underage teen approaches you outside a weed shop asking you to buy for them. What Would You Do?

Today there are plenty of options bouncing around inside my brain that I believe would make for excellent What Would You Do Wednesday scenarios.  The much needed debate about legalizing weed, not the beneficial element of the plant, CBD, but the full blown, and often laced with other shit these days marijuana.  I also feel […]

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I’m on the fence; are you for or against the legalization of marijuana?

Okay OmaSteak, I’m putting you on blast for this comment: “Mrs. Bisson, Has Canada banned the private ownership of firearms and confiscated all firearms currently held by the public? Seems like you should be a little more concerned in bringing about “the change Canada so desperately needs” first. After Canada demonstrates that confiscation of firearms […]

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In the Santa Fe school shooting, what do you think the first line of defense should have been?

“I was thinking it was going to happen eventually, it’s been happening everywhere,” Paige Curry, a Santa Fe High School student told a local Houston station. “I was ready to run out, but my teacher told me to hide instead, so that’s what I did.” We’ve all seen her on the news. We’ve heard, and […]

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