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Is everybody ready for summer, especially all you parents out there???

Tis the season for you folks who have children.  It is almost time for summer freedom, although if you’re in Toronto, these past few days post summer solstice have felt like anything BUT summery.  Regardless of what mother nature is doing for us, the time is drawing near, your kids will be out of school!  […]

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You do know that your one voice, can, and does make a difference in the life of a helpless child, right?

With what’s happening at with the concentration camp for children, yes that’s what they are, and yes we all need to be deeply disturbed by what we’re seeing and what we’re hearing.  Border patrol officers laughing and making jokes about the children’s wailing, likening it to an “orchestra only missing their conductor.”  With my heart […]

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Reading my archived posts, I’m reminded that before #45 was in power there were bullies.

Everything is coming to a head…the final stages of the cottage build, which has us driving five hours over the course of twenty four hours to check in on things, and make sure the final touches, which often go awry, are in order.  Thank God it’s such a relaxing and beautiful place to handle a […]

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It’s the Friday round up of my Milk N Heels columns for this past week!

Hello Friends! I’m proud to say that I’ve ended the week with hitting almost thirty thousand words, and eighty one pages.  For those of you who know how non-fiction works, you know that this is about half way done.  Non-fiction differs from fiction in that they like them short and sweet, more like bite size […]

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