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If you had been in the Philadelphia Starbucks how would you have reacted is today’s WWYDW topic!

Okay, WTAF Starbucks.  Like holy hell, what were any of the staff of that Philadelphia Starbucks EVEN THINKING???  This is such a I can’t even that it seems almost ridiculous to have this as my What Would You Do Wednesday post, but I have to know.  I just need to know what you all would […]

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I’m cool with Gender Neutral bathrooms, but can I please just be called FEMALE???

Once again we’re having the extremely rare, follow up post here on my blog.  It’s been a whirlwind these past seven days and I’ve not been very good at posting daily.  I apologize for this.  I’m confident once I get Mikaela graduated from Pepperdine on April 28th, then moved back into our house, and get […]

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