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Parenting tip #1, how not to raise a bully. Just don’t. Period.

Ahhhh, bullying.  What an important topic, and an even more important conversation to have with your kids.  Like, can we all just be honest with ourselves here, this is a safe place, where everything stays in the “cone of silence”.  We’ve all been that asshole who has bullied another person(s).  We’ve also all got a […]

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I’m no longer doing the back to school dance, but, I remember it well.

If you’re a parent who’s back in the thick of the back to school adjustment cycle, then I’d like to share these words of encouragement with you.  In case for some unknown reason you’re still not following @milknheels, and getting my motivational Monday posts as they go live, I’m going to help you out and […]

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