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Is it a parent’s job to teach their kids about dressing appropriately?

Let me begin this post that compliments and expands on the Prime Time Local segment that covered the subject of age appropriate clothing for kids with this disclaimer:  We are not all going to agree, so in the case of what and how kids should dress, let’s just agree to disagree. But, that doesn’t mean […]

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I’m no longer doing the back to school dance, but, I remember it well.

If you’re a parent who’s back in the thick of the back to school adjustment cycle, then I’d like to share these words of encouragement with you.  In case for some unknown reason you’re still not following @milknheels, and getting my motivational Monday posts as they go live, I’m going to help you out and […]

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If you’re a person who cannot accept a compliment, this post is for you.

Alright, I know that I’m not the only person who tends to deflect a compliment.  Well, at least I USED to deflect compliments.  Ever since reading Shonda Rhimes Year of Yes a few years back, I now consciously work much harder at ACCEPTING them, graciously, and wholeheartedly. I wrote a post for Milk N Heels […]

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Bringing you up to “Dear Elle” speed, a lying mom, and a friend who wants to schedule hang time…WTF???

Hello, it’s me again.  I realized that, along with leaving my daily blog in the dust, I’ve also done a pretty poor job of looping you in to the Milk N Heels posts.  Can we just say that I’ve had quite the summer.  A lot has happened that has thrown me out of my routine […]

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