You’ve been fighting against this administration for months, today is a day to celebrate. You’ve earned it friends!

Happy 4th of July to all my US friends, my American loved ones, and of course my little Yankee Mikaela.
241 years ago the unity of the United States of America came to be.
241 years ago those who signed that declaration never could have imagined the civil wars, the race and class divisions, the fact that number 45 would be a complete and utter buffoon.
What the signing of the declaration could predict was the fierce pride, loyalty, patriotism, and UNITY that the Americans would come to have.  The loyalty to fight for their country through thick and thin. Whether that be against a foreign foe, or one in the White House.  I have to say, as the reality sets in that we all might be stuck with Ass Pimple for the full four years of his term, I’ve never been more proud of my US family and friends.
I salute you for standing up for women.
I salute you for standing up for landed immigrants, second and third generation Americans, and refugees, that this current administration would see banished.
I’m proud of my older sibling and the bulk of that great nation who refuse to be lumped into the shit pile that are the people who are blindly backing a reality television host…I refuse to even give him the honor of calling him a “star.”
I’m proud of the way so many Americans are calling him, his children, and his administration out every single day of his tenure in office.
I love that there is no backing down.
I love that the country, as it did 241 years ago is coming together to say we are strong, we are free, and we are UNITED.
I can honestly say in all the years that I’ve walked this earth; there has never been a more appropriate time for our family to the South to celebrate the fact that you are in fact the United States of America.  Regardless of the few who would like the world to believe that you are not, I for one have been blown away by the great many who have shown them otherwise.  Standing up to injustices left, right and centre.
Happy 4th of July friends, we hope you know that now, more than ever you are in our hearts and prayers, and we believe that you will win this “war” against this backward, repressive administration.  You’ve been fighting for many months, so let today be what it is.  A day to celebrate all the victories you’ve had in your fight in the past, and since Ass Pimple was elected almost a year ago.
This is by far my favorite anthem…
Oh say, can you see, by the dawn’s early light,
What so proudly we hailed at the twilight’s last gleaming,
Whose broad stripes and bright stars, through the perilous fight,
O’er the ramparts we watched, were so gallantly streaming?
And the rockets’ red glare, the bombs bursting in air,
Gave proof thru the night that our flag was still there.
Oh say, does that star-spangled banner yet wave
O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave?


  1. Don’t ever shut up Barbara. EVER. Disagreeing brings about lively conversation, and allows others to see the other side of the coin. I always encourage a good healthy “argument” with my daughters, and will always do the same with my readers. As for lower income families getting huge sums of money that come from others, you don’t want to come to Canada…here we pay 53.5% tax while others are allowed to sit on welfare for GENERATIONS. So, I get it, I hear you and am WITH YOU on that. But, here in Canada the bulk of our people sitting with their hands out and their feet up are Nationals. Go figure. xo SB

  2. One more comment and I promise to shut up for a while. There is some truth to the idea that American’s don’t want these lower income jobs. We’re a little spoiled. Even my kids don’t want to start at entry level jobs and work their way up. If this was the only problem, I probably wouldn’t care either. The stresses on our economy, however, come in the form of police, fire, hospital, infrastructure and education for these families. Statistically, lower income American households already receive more in tax benefits than they pay in taxes. Higher income family taxes cover the shortfall. Adding illegals into the scenario obviously increases the shortfall. This doesn’t even include things like Medicaid, Welfare etc.
    Lastly, while Trump can be a loose cannon, particularly on Twitter, I still believe in the overall direction he wants to move our country. (I know, I know, you disagree. That’s what makes blogging interesting.)

  3. All I have to say to this Barbara is we have a similar situation happening in Canada all sorts of people sitting around crying that all their jobs are gone. That the immigrants, illegal or otherwise have taken them all away. To which I say, most of the jobs that the immigrants are doing, illegal or otherwise are doing nationals don’t want. For example, how many people do you know who will drive taxi cabs, or work in kitchens for minimum wage, do your gardening, wash your cars, the list goes on and on and on. The funny thing is I don’t see anybody yelling at tech companies for computerizing all those jobs that have been replaced by automated systems. This represents a much larger issue in my opinion. Not the immigrants, illegal or otherwise. As for health care…America has no health care system, and what they do have, what was implemented under the Obama administration is in peril. As for Trump’s successes, honestly, there are many more failures than successes, by a LONG SHOT. Anyway, I always enjoyed Trump as the host of The Apprentice, his buffoonery was hilarious there, but in the White House? Not so much.

  4. Brenda, I totally appreciate what you’re saying about name calling etc, may I point out though at some point the people who didn’t vote for Trump, and for the record I believe that I have stated multiple times that Hilary was also not the right candidate, in my opinion, should be allowed the right to be entirely overwhelmed at the constant barrage of name calling that Trump, his sons, and some of his office do on a daily basis. I mean for crying out loud, even the most level headed, liberal person is about to “lose it” at some point. My hat goes off to you that you clearly have never name called a person, or a group of people in your life. Well done you. I on the other hand, have admitted it often that I run hot, and when I’m over the edge of my patience I take off the gloves. I wish I was more like Michelle Obama, but alas I cannot be, because Michelle is Michelle. I’m not a sore loser, because I would not have chosen to vote for her if I had the right to vote, but would have voted against Trump, therefore by default (a terrible way to cast one’s vote)would have simply so he wouldn’t win. For me, I am speaking largely to the people who are Trump supporters who are threatening anti Trump people, who are attacking them, and who are not the American people that I have come to know, respect and call friends. You are free to deal with those sort of Trump people as you see fit, and I will chose to deal with them as I see fit. And quite frankly they’re far too many of them who are vicious, and frightening. They will not get my respect, ever. I do believe that the country needs unity, and I think it will come in spite of those terrible Trump supporters. You know who I’m talking about, so please don’t try to say that my freedom of speech, because it is different than yours is the wrong sort of freedom of speech. You handle those vile Trump supporters the way you want to, and I’ll handle them the way I want. This is true freedom, to each his own I say.

  5. Guess I have to somewhat agree with Barbara. It is confusing to me that you tout “unity” and “united”, when the “unity” you describe seems to be only for those who agree with you. This actually promotes division, not unity for our country. In a democracy, the way to be a winner is by convincing the majority of the people that you have more to offer. Hillary was not able to do that – either against Obama or Trump. Calling the winner and the people who voted for him terrible names though is simply being a bully and a poor loser. It does not instill belief in others that your ideas are better. Democrats (and I am one) need to convince people they are better for the country. To blame the people who voted for Trump and call them names because they did not vote for Hillary creates dissension. It is childish and somehow frightening at the same time. If Hillary, or Sanders, or Obama, for that matter, wanted to show themselves as true leaders they need to stop this backlash and find a way for people to listen to each other and develop workable compromises promoting peace and goodwill. Surely you can agree that working together despite differences, as well as finding a real statesman to lead the Dems into the future, would be so much a better image than awful name-calling and insulting those who have different beliefs. That’s real freedom of speech for all then.

  6. Admittedly, I started following your blog because I’m a huge MM/YB fan. Now, regardless of political differences, I enjoy reading the things that make you go “hmm”. Your blog offers a glimpse into a life and a place I will never be.
    This particular blog, however, had me upset. But when I went through it carefully, I found there were only a few things that I truly object to. One is name calling: buffoon and Ass Pimple cause ME to say “hmm”. Buffoon seems a little off target, considering his many successes. Also, an Ass Pimple, while uncomfortable, doesn’t aspire to be liberal or conservative and therefore diminishes the overall argument. Second, is overgeneralization: “shit pile that are the people who are blindly backing…” There are shitty people in the world and some of them blindly follow political leaders. Most, however, watch, research and learn about political candidates before committing to them. Finally, there is a widely held idea that is simply not true. This administration is not attempting to banish immigration. We have always embraced legal immigration. (My family has personally welcomed two sons-in-law to our country.) We need to stop ILLEGAL immigration, which has put an unsustainable stress on our jobs, education and health care.

  7. Thank you, Shantelle. I have not felt very much like celebrating today considering the daily depressing news from Washington. Your words were helpful, though. Maybe there is a light at the end of this tunnel.

  8. My mind is hearing Kate Smith belting out, “God bless America…”
    Happy 4th of July to family, friends, acquaintances, to all who believe in America despite challenges we face therein.

    Namasté 🙏

  9. Thank you for that! We need affirmation from those outside of my country to see that we are NOT tolerating his bullshit!
    Now, on this 4th of July, this Independence Day, news has come that at least 20 Congressmen have signed a petition to invoke the 25th amendment. That is, to have him impeached, removed from office, due to either physical or mental incapacity. His abhorrent behavior as finally gotten these people off their asses to do this, now that he “tackled” a person wearing a CNN logo.
    He is NOT RIGHT in the head! I’ve been saying this all along! Now, whether anything actually happens with this is another story, but the mere fact that SOME in Congress are sick of it and worried about his mental capacity is promising. The only problem with this is Pence! God help us!
    Home of the free? I’m questioning that more and more. Home of the brave? Shit yeah!

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