You’re witnessing a mugging, do you help, or do you walk away???

With Christmas around the corner, and people running around en masse to the stores, combined with a video I watched where a guy attempted to mug a woman, but was thwarted by a lovely innocent bystander.  Which happened to be a stray dog.  Not her dog, just some random doggo sitting in the middle of the street, who started to walk away, in the opposite direction of the two people, but when his spidey senses tingled he turned abruptly and attacked the would be mugger.  What an amazing global citizen that dog is.  That dog, and the shopping season combined got me thinking about today’s What Would You Do Wednesday topic which is:

You’re out holiday shopping, and you witness somebody approach a person and begin to rob them.  What do you do?

Do you,

a)  Behave like the dog in the video did, turn around and come to the aid of the person being mugged?

b)  Continue on with your day, walk away and pretend like you never noticed the robbery taking place?  Which the small dog could have done, since he had just started to walk away in the other direction, but didn’t.

c)  Do what is becoming a disturbing trend; video the entire incident on your phone and hope that when you get home and post it on line it goes viral you feel social media famous for five hot seconds?


d) Know that you didn’t help an innocent person, who you can only assume was robbed and live out the rest of your days regretting that you didn’t do something to stop that from happening?

I think we all know what I would do, based on my past behaviour in touchy situations.  Smart or not I’m just that person who gets involved.  And even though tons of people on the internet say that clip was staged, that the dog knew the woman in the video.  I’ve watched all the videos I could find on the subject, and the fact that the people recording it don’t act alarmed AT ALL when the guy attacks her tells me that for sure it is a hoax.  But, that aside, who really cares if the humans set it up or not?  The point of my What Would You Do Wednesday is this:  Even if the people knew the dog was being “tested” to see how it would react in the scenario, the dog didn’t know it was a test.  The dog still did the right thing, and without hesitation.  The dog helped the woman.  So for a little holiday inspiration, should you find yourself in the middle of witnessing a mugging, I’m including a few videos of brave dogs, doing the right thing.

Tis the season friends, don’t be a cautious human, be better than that, be like the dog in this video!


Here is a longer edit of it.

This dog also fully came in clutch for his owner…

Bottom line my friends, be like dogs, whenever you can, do what a dog would do, and make the world a better place.


  1. Shit! I’d just react and go after the bastard! I’m from Philly and NO ONE takes advantage of other! PERIOD!

  2. I come from a tribe of loud-mouthed Celtic women. We’re not afraid to back up our words with action. The French in me lets me do it with a little class. 🙂 So, yeah. I’d beat the crap out of him, but do it with panache.

  3. A. I would have to get involved. I’m an act now and think about the consequences later person. I have my cane and I’m not afraid to use it.

  4. Although it would be scary. I would like to think I would intervene in some way. Maybe yell and make a lot of noise. Yelling the police are on their way . I carry a purse size air horn that sounds like the big ones and it certainly does draw attention, And get any other bystanders to get involved. And Video while I am running with my big little horn. Just read a story about a policeman in Georgia who was being beaten by an idiot he tried to help. The attacker ended up being tackled by by standees and held for police backup. So there are people out there who Will help. We Have to take care of each other.

  5. I opt for A. I carry a cane and don’t mind bending it up a little.
    One night as i was waiting for a bus, a man came up, grabbed my arm and told me i was going to have sex with him. A man heading for his car heard me yell but turned away and kept walking. The only reason i was let go was because another walked by.
    I would NEVER want someone to feel that terror knowing i could have helped.

  6. Definitely option A. I would be the dog and get right in there and try to help the person out however possible.

  7. None of the above. Having been in similar situation coming across a man being beaten by another man and feeling unable to intervene myself. I back tracked down the road to a pub to get assistance whilst simultaneously calling police. Two men from pub went to intervene and I waited for police.

  8. Would approach the two people and in a very loud voice yell, “Oh look, there’s the police,” pointing behind the robber. That would work as most robbers ‘working’ in a mall are total cowards as often will pick on the elderly this time of year. Then whisk the victim away from the robber calling 911 with a description. So, if intervening, take a mental snapshot of the robber.
    BUT IF I were a dog – I’d just bite the robber. And hard.

  9. I have to admit, I’d be hesitant to intervene if my daughter was with me, out of fear for her safety, but if we don’t look out for one another society crumbles.

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