If you’re upset about the Doritos lady chip, how about you help me send girls to school in Haiti, instead?

Well it seems that I touched on a nerve, and this time it was a good nerve, with yesterday’s blog.  I want to begin by first thanking each and every one of you for your lovely heartfelt, kind, and generous messages.  I was deeply touched by every single word.  Please note that that was not why I wrote the blog, to “fish for compliments,” not at all.  I wrote it because I thought it was important to share it with you, to remind myself and anybody else who needed reminding that our bodies are incredible machines, and as long as we love, honour, and take the best care of them we can with what we have at our disposal, then what difference does it make if we’re carrying around a little bit of our “love of life” with us.

The answer is it doesn’t.  And really and truly this fact remains true:  I’m never going to be this young again, so take the photos, post the photos, and enjoy the journey.  This applies to men as well, we women aren’t the only people with disordered eating habits, and who can, and will judge ourselves too harshly.  This is not gender specific, although us women do tend to discuss it more openly compared to the men in our lives.  Something that I’m working harder to grasp every single day, is what matters most to people who I come into contact with, isn’t what size my clothes are, or what the scale says, but rather it matters how I treat them, and how I make them feel when our paths cross.  People will remember these things more than they will recall if I looked a little “plump.”

Can I get an AMEN?!

Talking about can I get an amen, this next bit has me asking if I can get an “are you kidding me right now???”  This has absolutely got me going “hmmm” and stomping my feet.  I read today that Doritos has come out with a “lady friendly chip.”  This chip apparently isn’t as noisy to eat, and fits nicely in a handbag.

Okay.  Cool.  Whatever.

Like I mean I don’t care, do you care???

I literally could give less than zero fucks about this.  That is I cared less than nothing about it until I read that some women, are totally up in arms over the direction of not only the chip, but the campaign.

Excuse me?


People are losing their shit on Twitter, and any other social media platform their flying fingers can get to because they are offended by the “sexist angle” of the brand.

Wow.  I’m floored.  Like your womanhood is that fragile that you need to be offended by a chip manufacturer deciding whether or not you can/should lick your fingers after enjoying a bag of Doritos?  You’re also upset that they’re controlling whether or not you can eat the loud, crunchy, original version of said chip?  Some of you are demanding that once feminine hygiene products are not taxed then they can go about making gender specific chips.

Damn.  Some of you are FIRED UP.  To which I say who honestly gives a rat’s ass about the chips.  If you don’t want to eat the lady styled chips, don’t.  If you want to tilt the bag and savor every last morsel of the crumbs from the bottom of the bag, do. If you want to lick the orange goop off your fingers, do it.  If want your tampons and shit to stop being taxed, call your local government, Doritos can’t do a damn thing about that.

Oh yeah and while you’re all riled up, why don’t you put your energy toward female issues that really matter, such as all the young girls who can’t attend school, or the girls/women who don’t have access to running water.  Why don’t we spend our time and energy getting turnt up about real issues.

Hmmm, hmmm, hmmm…


  1. I can’t believe any one would get upset over a damn chip. I’m with you on this one.
    I’m too wound up in the movie “Hidden Figures” that I have been trying to get to see since it came out last year. What an amazing movie. If you haven’t watched it, I highly recommend it. And I haven’t recommended a movie to any one in 10 yrs, since I quit the video Biz.
    The women today who are standing naked and screaming at the top of their lungs for equal rights need to see this movie and how these women of color worked so hard and with such dignity that it puts the feminists of today to shame. I wept at the end and I rarely cry over a movie. But this moved me so. Excellent movie!

  2. I haven’t heard about this chip, but it seems to me there are so many other things in the world to spend one’s energy on , and to be upset about. My advice to those who are offended, just put your money where your mouth is, vote with your pocket book, and be done with it. I definitely won’t lose any sleep over Doritos. I’m not even supposed to eat them, I’m diabetic!

  3. You have my Amen. Be kind to those you meet or just pass by and That is what will be remembered. I think I may have said this before but It’s nice to be nice. Simple thought. Simple action.
    As far as the chips. People wouldn’t be riled if they had just checked a little further. The “lady chip” was a social media creation. Not the manufacturer. You’re right. People need to find an actual legitimate cause and need to get ‘riled’ about.

  4. Think of the confusion in the chip aisle as non traditionally gendered people try to figure out which one to pick! As for me, I’ll go for the heavy crunch ones every time because I’m no lady. No, I just think the campaign shows the paucity of creative ideas in marketing. It’s just ridiculous. Do you think a man or a woman came up with this?

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