What is it with young women and older men, and other things that make me go “hmmm.”

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A great many things makes me go “hmmm” and it seems like I’m only really inspired to write posts like this while in Toronto.  So today I’m going to leave you with a whole pile of them!

People who don’t indicate.  I don’t know if it’s because your hands are broken, or if you didn’t get the tutorial from your sales person on your car when you purchased it, but all vehicles have indicators, please for the love of God use them.  Not me, or any other drivers on the road are mind readers.

Why is it some successful men who have name recognition, well established careers, intellect (or so it would seem), maturity (one assumes based on age and status)feel the need to cart around not one early twenties female, but TWO.  I don’t get it.  You’re in your early 60’s, you don’t look cool.  You don’t look desirable.  You don’t look virile.  To me you look quite the opposite of these things.  If anything when you have two young girls on your arm, to me it screams VIAGRA.  “I USE VIAGRA.”  I no longer look to you as somebody I would like to collaborate with, or learn from.  Instead it makes me want to be as far from you as possible, because to me you look desperate, and like a sad cliche.

On the flip side of that I’ll never understand how two young girls, older than Mikaela but younger than Dominique would want to date, or have sex with a man in his 60’s.  I’m 48 and I have no interest in that.  I mean I will when I’m in my 60’s and so is YB, but why rush these things ladies??  Stick to the young ones, the guys who; even though they might not have all the finesse of love making that an older man would have, they can at least go a few times a day.  Because let’s be honest, who really has an hour to spend having sex, isn’t better to break your sex up into three sessions of twenty minutes?  With my busy life schedule, that’s how I’d spend my sex time if I was young.

Speaking of sex, I’d love to do a poll of people as to whether or not they’re morning sex, or evening sex people.  We debated the pros and cons of both over dinner last night and the reasons why people preferred one or the other were surprising.

Also, how to people abstain from sex.  I find this fascinating.  Nuns, priests.  How?  Like no sex, ever, for your entire life?  Well, sadly we know with many priests this is not the case, and that’s an entirely different post.

Another thing I wonder, Lady Gaga was just in Toronto performing and I know so many people who went to her concert.  If you recall, I was a Gaga fan, I think she’s a massive talent, but, when I discovered that she did a musical collaboration with R. Kelly I lost tons of respect for the self proclaimed advocate for women’s rights against sexual abuse.  If you’re a woman who supports women who have suffered sexual assault, how on earth can you collaborate with a man who has spent his entire adult life committing these crimes???  It doesn’t add up to me.  So I didn’t go.  But I find myself asking this questions a lot these days; how long do we crucify people for their past sins?  For example, if a man gets arrested for domestic violence twenty years ago, and hasn’t had another incident since, is it okay to now forgive that person and leave the past in the past?  Similarly with Gaga, if she doesn’t make music with him anymore, or another person like him, is it alright that she ever did so in the first place???  What’s the time line on holding people accountable for things they’ve done in the past?  I wonder.

In closing the one thing in this life that truly perplexes me is this:  how much of what I say, and what I do on a daily basis in my relationship with my dogs do they understand????

Hmmm, hmmm, hmmm.


  1. With regard to morning sex vs. evening sex: with our son’s needs (he’s autistic) we’re just glad to find any time for it at all! Sometimes all we have energy for is binge-watching Murdoch Mysteries (we’re American, and just discovered the show a month ago). 🙂

  2. Recently, I too have been struggling with the issue of accountability of people in the limelight. For me, the timeline varies depending on the offender’s intention, the nature of the offense, and consistency of their actions following their offense. For example, I’m a big fan of Kathy Griffin, but don’t care much for Donald Trump. The headless Donald Trump picture was an example, IMO, of much more than comic bad taste. The imagery was violent; it depicted a real person with a real family who holds the highest office in my country. That’s pretty serious. OTOH, Griffin’s intentions were clearly not to get belly laughs did not include actual physical violence, nor in my view, was it an incitement to physical violence. Even harsh political satire has it’s place. Her apology was, immediate, specific and sincere. None of this “I’m sorry if anyone was offended” nonsense. Since then, she has been clear and consistent in her message: She’s not going to be intimidated into continuously groveling for forgiveness. Without the serious discussion of her intent, the apology, and her clear plan going forward, I would have had much more trouble reconciling my feelings about that one act with my admiration for her work. So the timeline was months, not years. Of course, my example is light years away from yours: sexual assault is unforgivable, and if I were a particular fan of Lady GaGa’s I don’t know how I would react.

  3. Hah! The dogs are easy–they understand that you love and care for them. That’s good enough for them, too bad it isn’t always enough for us humans. Another reason to go hmmm, hmmm, hmmm?

  4. I would say that your dogs understand the most important thing: that you love them. On the more subtle things, probably not so much. They really live in the moment.

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