You find out they’re animal testing in your own backyard, WWYDW???

We all live our lives in ways that fit our souls, our desires, our comfort level and in a way that matter and makes sense to us.  Some people are vegan for ethical reasons, some for medical.  Others, like myself, do eat animal protein due to health issues on the other side that relate to allergies to many forms of vegetable protein sources.  Whatever our lifestyle, and whatever our reasons for eating or not eating animal protein I think we can all agree on this one issue:  Animal Testing.  In that there should be none, ever.  I don’t know about you, but I walk around in an idealistic bubble believing that only places like China are still in the animal testing game.  Well, this is not the case, in fact, I learned just yesterday that here in Ontario animals are purchased from shelters, and the shelters sell “death row” cats and dogs to research labs.  The messenger of this horrific information also shared with me that Ontario is the only province in Canada where this practice is allowed.

Can this even be true?  Is this an actual thing???

While I flip over some rocks to investigate if this is something really taking place in my own beautiful back yard, I want you all to ponder this new information as my What Would You Do Wednesday.

If you found out that your province, or state, was secretly buying up shelter animals and using them for animal testing would you:

a)  call your representative and demand action to stop this cruel and inhumane practice?

b)  take to social media to blow the whistle on the unethical, immoral dirty little secret?

c)  find out all the information about it, construct a powerful and strongly worded message and present it to the leader of the Province, who if we’re unlucky, will be Doug Ford, but that’s an entirely different problem, and the Prime Minister of Canada insisting they protect the rights of shelter animals?

d)  do nothing since they’re already on death row, and there are too many dogs and cats in the world anyway???

I’m still stunned and shocked by this revelation, and I’m hoping and praying that what I will uncover is that this is an old practice that no longer happens in Ontario.  While I do that, I look forward to your responses, and possible ideas for a happy solution to this possible barbaric practice.


  1. Shantelle💚 in this day and age there should never be any ANIMAL TESTING IN THIS COUNTRY. My Answer to your choses would be all of them except D. I am an animal lover and I think it’s horrible that animal shelters so this. I think of the horror that these poor animals go through. I would not like to see any ANIMAL die but what worse. I AM SO GLAD THAT YOU OARE ON TOP OF THIS Shantelle. Keep us posted.💚💚💚💚💔💔💔 my Heart breaks 💚

  2. First of all: If this is happening, it can’t be for medical testing, because in order to get reliable results you need a trustworthy baseline, i.e. you need to know 100% of the history of the animals in question, from birth onwards. No one knows what a shelter-animal has been through, making it unusable in medical testing.

    Secondly: as someone who suffers from a chronic condition needing daily medication, I would be hypocritical if I spoke out against medical testing, because if there were no medical testing, chances are that my Basedow’s (type of hyperthyroidism) would lead to serious complications (stroke, osteporosis, heartfailure to name a few).

    I am, however very much against the testing of cosmetic products on animals, and try to buy stuff that isn’t tested.

    So for cosmetic testing: A, B, and C!

  3. A and B.

    Never for animal testing. Being put down humanely has got to be better for them than being put through tests.

    Please if you find out more, share and I will put A and B in practice. And do some digging myself too.

  4. C. I want to be armed with information, find out all the details then write and call my representatives and demand this barbaric practice end! This is my approach since I’m not on social media.

  5. OMG this is just Terrible There are too many other options of testing. These are helpless innocent creatures.
    I would think about a if I had ANY confidence in government which in these days of #45 I do Not,
    Social Media can be used improperly, as in your troll , but it can also be a tool for good and reach a LOT of people So i would start with b. And would do the research part of c beforehand. After social media I Might try going to the powers that be but as I said. Little confidence in them,
    Thanks for bringing this to out attention and Please share all that you find out,

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