You do know that your one voice, can, and does make a difference in the life of a helpless child, right?

With what’s happening at with the concentration camp for children, yes that’s what they are, and yes we all need to be deeply disturbed by what we’re seeing and what we’re hearing.  Border patrol officers laughing and making jokes about the children’s wailing, likening it to an “orchestra only missing their conductor.”  With my heart aching at how the entire illegal entry to the US is being handled by the current Republican Administration this old blog strikes a cord of truth.  We must never lose faith that one voice, one phone call to your political leaders can save/change a life.

Do it today.  Do not hesitate.  We have the power to be the change we want to see in the world.  And while you’re at it, write down the name of every current Republican in a position of power, who is doing nothing to help these children by standing up for them, and put them on blast, so that come November they feel the sting of the public knowledge of what they did, or better yet, what they didn’t do in the summer of 2018.

September 20th, 2016

Since yesterday my thoughts have been consumed by; “how do we make the world the sort of world we want to live in?” Whether it be the littering issue, which I posted about on Sunday. Or respect, and kindness toward fellow human beings, that was front and center on my blog yesterday.

What will it take to change the current course of the world?

Here’s me, Ms. Idealistic, coming at you with a “simple” straightforward answer.

We change the world one person at a time.

One thought at a time.

One action at a time.

I deeply, wholeheartedly believe, and no matter how many abusive, aggressive assholes I encounter, that within me, within each and every one of us, we hold the power to make this world, our world, the sort of place we want it to be.

Last night I watched Anderson Cooper interviewing the American man who called in the terrorist suspect, leading to his arrest. Anderson asked him the simple question; “Why did you call him in? So many people “see” things but don’t act. Why did you call?”

The man had an equally simple response; “Because when we see things, we must call, we must act.” (These are not direct quotes, I am condensing, and paraphrasing the interview FYI.)

I almost jumped up out of my seat to do a happy dance when he made his statement. I was elated to learn that I am not alone, there are more people out there just like me. People who act instead of contemplate. I will forever, and always be that person who believes that when I SEE something, something that is in direct conflict of the sort of world, MY WORLD, that I want to live in, I will stand up, and say “NO NOT ON MY WATCH.” Why should one person, be allowed to strip me of my freedoms, such as walking/driving around without fear of being attacked by a strange man, because he feels like it? I won’t have it, I don’t deserve to spend my one life that way, nor do my daughters, or any other woman out there living her one life. It is not okay. I will not tolerate it.

I am delighted to share with you all, that the company who the stop sign swinging abusive asshole worked for, called me first thing this morning. They responded to my email, not only swiftly, but appropriately. When I researched them, I uncovered that it is a Canadian owned and operated company, so I had a feeling that the behavior exhibited by one of their representatives yesterday, would not sit well, or go over well with them. And I was not wrong, or disappointed. The lovely gentleman that I spoke with was stunned, apologetic, and sadly agreed wholeheartedly with me that the pattern of “acceptable” male violence toward women is on the rise. He also told me, that like me, he has three daughters, and a lovely wife, who he worries about with regards to their safety out in the world. He assured me that a man like that, a fairly new employee would not continue on with his company. He also has two sons, sharing with me that he and his wife, are raising markedly different men to the one I encountered yesterday. After speaking with him for ten minutes, I have every confidence in that being true.

So today, I will move through life, and my city a little more at ease, with the knowing that there are people out there living as the change they want to see in the world. I will also walk around with more joy in the knowing, that as the man I spoke with today reminded me; “Yes, we still have a very long way to go, and yes sometimes it does seem as if we are going backwards. But, we humans, have truly come a very long way with regards to human rights in the last 100 years. It doesn’t mean we should stop, and we might not see the world that we want in our lifetimes, but if we instill it into our children then perhaps they will.”

To that I say,


  1. I saw German relatives crossing our border, crying, who lived separated from each other in the two parts of the divided Germany until that day, they were never seen each other before.
    I saw children in the civilized Europe were forced to beg in the street by their own parents.
    I saw fellow countrymen beating young Africans because of the government’s hate campaign against immigrants, those young people, who are studying at the local university at the expense of that government.
    Politicians make people crazy. The naïve me thought the main task of an elected politician is to act for the majority, now it seems to mean not for the majority of people, but for the majority of money.
    We may not put our heads into the sand, when such things are happening – who is silent among sinners is their accomplice. I’m now a little bit – no, it’s not true, I’m endlessly – sad and angry.

  2. Just in case your privileged behind didn’t know; Trump signed a bill that allows families to stay together. You know who didn’t want that bill to pass, Democrats! So get off your high horse and realize your side is the problem.

  3. You really need to look outside of your rose coloured fish bowl and get informed instead of regurgitating what the nightly news tells you to believe. The fact that you are able to put out content in which you clearly have not researched is appalling. It’s apparent you are trying to make yourself relevant while riding your husbands coattails. Yet again….. it’s astonishing anyone would give you a book deal.

  4. Mrs. Bisson,
    The very idea that these illegal alien children are being put in “concentration camps” is beyond the pale…even for a misinformed Canadian citizen. Have you ever visited the site of a real concentration camp? I have and it’s a life-changing experience…and has nothing to do with the reality of dealing with children whose parents have chosen to violate US immigration laws. I wonder what the Canadian government would do if faced with 15-20 million illegal aliens already in the country and hundreds/thousands trying to illegally cross the Canadian border on a daily basis? I’m sure you’d welcome the hoards with open arms…NOT! I know the videos shown on the network news broadcasts are disturbing…that’s because they are meant to be…not for information purposes but for political ones. Please save your righteous outrage for some purpose that isn’t being manufactured to influence policy decisions being made in the US now.

  5. Your rep and senators don’t respond or count input from non constituents, so it’s a waste of time calling congressmen other than your own. Their aides keep a tally of positive and negative comments. So our job is to flood them with comments against separating children until the pressure is so great they fear for their political career. So, every day call or text. Keep it simple for the aides. One issue per call. Ten minutes of your time daily to get those kids out of jail. Think of them alone and frightened for days on end. You can spare the time. Here endeth the guilt trip.

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