I wonder if my dogs miss me, and will Justin and Selena get married; things that make me go hmmm.

I don’t know about you guys, but I need a break from all my serious posts.  I’m so feeling like just throwing out a whole whack of light-hearted topics that make me go “hmmm…”

Starting with Justin and Selena.  THEY ARE BACK TOGETHER!!  I for one couldn’t be happier for them.  I’m even predicting that this time around they will get married.  I’m calling it.  I do feel bad for Abel, AKA The Weekend though, mostly because I definitely feel like she used him to make JB jealous, and it worked, she got what she wanted.  Her man back.  Although I won’t be losing any sleep over worrying about Abel nursing a broken heart, I’m sure he’ll be just fine.  In fact my theory is it was a ploy on both their parts; hers to get JB back and his to get Bella Hadid back.  Only time will tell if I’m right my friends.

Speaking of celebrities, I’ve been at my Cali house for one week, and it’s been so cold that this is the first evening I’ve been able to sit outside and watch the sunset.  It’s currently 5:08 PST so I’m wondering if Will Smith’s helicopter will be making an appearance over the Santa Monica mountains to drop him off at home, or if that’s only the Smith family’s Monday-Friday method of transportation??

Am I the only person on the planet who does this?  The continue eating even when feeling full nonsense?  I mean don’t get me wrong I don’t have this problem with kale salad, like ever.  This only ever usually happens when a burger, fries, coke, or popcorn, or pizza, or pasta are involved.  Those seem to be things that I can’t stop eating long after I’ve had my fill, and enough to feed another person.  Why am I this way?  I really want to fit into my clothes comfortably, plus I’ve done such a good job dropping twenty of the thirty five pounds I put on, but honestly if I keep going like this I’ll put the twenty right back on and it will bring another twenty pounds worth of friends with it.  Why doesn’t steamed broccoli taste like a cheeseburger, or why can’t kale taste like four cheese gnocchi??  That would seriously solve so many problems for me.

I really wish that every night here at my Cali house I didn’t have rats dancing on my roof.  Like why the roof guys?  My house is surrounded by trees, you don’t want to hang out up there?

Another thing that I don’t get about my neighborhood are all the guys who race their sports cars through the canyon up here between 11pm-1am in the morning.  It is PITCH BLACK up here.  Like I’m not even kidding you, plus this canyon, Yannick will probably make fun of me, because I have zero clue about dimensions etc, but I’d say these mountains are at least 1-2000 feet up.  Can you imagine catapulting your car off the side of the road down 1000 feet?  I can’t.  I white knuckle my steering wheel driving up there to see the sunset, I cannot imagine doing it at a high rate of speed in the blackness of the night.  No thank you.

Did I mention that most of the canyon comes without the safety features of a guardrail?  Well it doesn’t.  It’s insane that these guys think it’s a good time.  I’m amazed more people don’t end up over the side than they do.  Literally stunned at their good luck, and excellent driving skills, because sometimes, by the sounds of the squealing tires I expect the next thing I’m going to hear; are sirens.  But so far only one car has launched off the side while I’ve lived here, or that I’ve been home to hear, that is.

In closing, the thing I can’t stop thinking about the most today, is I wonder if Kohl misses me.  I know Duke doesn’t, he’s like a cat.  Actually I should take that back.  Duke is really a very emotional guy, and terribly misunderstood.  When Kuda was sick with cancer Duke rarely left his side.  In fact Duke was very depressed after Kuda passed.  He was even quite close to Mack in his final weeks too, often snuggling up to him, and keeping an eye on him.  So now that has me thinking; I wonder if BOTH my four legged boys are wondering where I’m at these days, and do they know that I come to our Cali house without them?  I wish there was a way to translate the brainwaves of dogs into something we could understand, because this dog mom would pay a lot of money to know what my furry kids are thinking all the damn time.

Hmmm, hmmm, hmmm…



  1. Re: the weather – Cali obviously didn’t get the memo regarding your arrival.

    Re: the rats – RATS?!? Yikes. But yes, trees would seem much more pleasant of a dancing ground.

    Re: the canyon – I will never drive there. Ever.

    Re: Kohl and Duke – I’m sure they both miss you very very much … especially at “treats time”.

    Re: the Smith’s helicopter – they never ever drive there either!

  2. I thought you lost weight! You look fantastic! I know what you mean about eating those things. I’ve done it too and wondered why I was still eating even though I wasn’t really hungry. It’s the carbs baby! I too want to fit comfortably in my jeans so I’ve resorted to apple slices with peanut butter when I’m scanning the cabinets for s-o-m-e–t-h-i-n-g!! To be honest, I keep thinking about making Ghirardelli Chocolate Chip cookies!!! But I don’t. I’ll wait til Christmas, then I’ll have a legit excuse! LOL!

  3. I realized how little my eating has to with hunger when I had to give up watching any show that involves cooking. Gave me cravings every time. Now if we could get rid of food commercial…

  4. Hahaha!!!!! Good to know that Will Smith WON’T be the one careening off the canyonside…..

    I am SO with you on the food! While I love eating greens too, they don’t really incite the whole mindless snacking other things do….. My downfall is baked goods – especially because I love baking…..

    Back to the drivers: I feel the same way. No canyons in my neck of the woods, but I can still hear people driving sans heads…. Another one of mine is people who can’t be bothered to use the footbridge, and cross the railway tracks…. I live very close to a station, and every time I hear one of the drivers sound his/her horn, I get tense waiting for sirens….(I work for the railway company, so it’s a double-whammy, knowing one of my colleagues might just have hit someone or had a near miss)

  5. LOVE the light blog. Definitely in the same boat with the eating after you are full
    Can’t leave any McDonald’s fries on my plate even after the Big Mac. And nobody leaves popcorn in even the Second bowl, do they? Don’t worry about the ups and downs, You look fantastic!! Plus you will have the extra exercise with the reno, right? 🙂
    Your boys definitely know you are away and I am sure miss you,especially with how sensitive Duke is from your stories about his caring for his sick friends. They know when you are not there and probably look for you all over the house. Remember – Unconditional Love
    Be careful on those roads day and night.
    Have a Great Day

  6. There is pleasure in the mouth feel of Foods and the flavor and these things keep us eating past full to extra weight. After a drink or two, your sense of proportion is gone as well. But pasta and cheese are necessities!

  7. Don’t be silly. The rodents are having a dance party and they need the tree to hang the disco ball from.

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