The Woke Western Social Justice League is at it again, hmmm…

Alright, I thought I “handled” this sort of “Woke Western Social Justice League” (AKA WWSJL) attitude with my elephant post from the other day.  It would seem that some readers didn’t get the “memo” or the “tone” of that blog.  I don’t know how they missed it considering I ended it with; “DON’T COME FOR ME UNLESS I SEND FOR YOU.”  I mean, that’s pretty clear, no?

The bottom line is this, I’m not a fan of people who don’t know me, or the situation that I’m in, laying down comments that can be construed as Judgy McJudgy type input.  (In case you missed the elephant piece it was my January 1st post, you can go back and read it if you like  I just don’t understand how some people makes comments on other people’s social media that are accusatory.  I mean I NEVER have.  1) because if I don’t agree with what I see on somebody’s social media I either stop following them, like I did when an old friend posted a story of her husband teaching a two year old how to hold a gun.  A LOADED GUN.  I didn’t lay into her, hell I didn’t even ask her WTAF.  I simply decided that that wasn’t for me and went “bye bye.”  2)  And for those that I follow who get up to questionable shit on their social media who I don’t personally know, I wouldn’t dream of it.  If I’m not going to bring it up to a friend, I’m certainly not going to school a stranger.  Why?  Well because they are STRANGERS to me, which means even if I did give them my two cents or challenge them, chances are they won’t listen  Because hey, we’re not in a relationship, so why would they?

Anyway, I don’t behave this way, but many people do, which is why I’m writing this post.  Judging by some of the comments I’ve seen on my own social media feeds about flying to LA yesterday with our dogs I can see that a) these commenters didn’t read the elephant post or b) I’m jumping to conclusions, and making assumptions as to your “tone” in the comments left behind.

So, what to do? I figure I’ll address it in a blog, and here it is:

Our dogs didn’t go to any school to be trained as service dogs.  They didn’t go to the one in Oakville, that two of my girlfriends who have service dogs, did.  Although their training was in Oakville, it wasn’t at the school that your service dog went to.  Why?  Well because our dogs are NOT service dogs.

Aha! Some of you will say; “I knew their dogs were not service dogs.  Fakes.  Phonies.  LA industry type people taking advantage of the system.”

No.  You’re still wrong, because,

Our dogs are EMOTIONAL SUPPORT dogs.  Yes their vests say service, but that was because when we were flying with them for the first time last year, when their credentials finally came in, it was super last minute the only vests we could get our hands on at the time had badges that say SERVICE on them.  But our dogs are absolutely NOT service dogs, Duke doesn’t have the skills to take us to the bank, and Kohl hasn’t got the ability to take us to the liquor store.  Neither of them can dial 911, or press an alert button to let the medics know we’re having a seizure.

What my dogs do provide, if you must know, although it really isn’t any of your business, but I’m an abnormally open person so I’m going to tell you.  Our dogs provide stability, and security for me wherever I live.  You see when I was twelve five boys that I was friends with, who I went to school with and played on the playground with every single day, got into my apartment and attacked me.  Luckily for me I got away from them.  They didn’t get what they came for, which was to rape me.  Ever since that day, as you can imagine I’ve been anxious being alone in any home I’ve ever lived in, so I have dogs.  They help me to feel safe when I’m alone, and since YB travels a great deal for work, my dogs need to be wherever I am.  They have been medically approved to fly as emotional support animals in order to get them from A to B, safely, so that I may live in peace when I get to where I’m going.

Now is everybody happy?

The non Murdoch mystery as to why our dogs are in the cabin, why they aren’t in cargo, and why they wear service vests has been solved.  And to any of you who commented with ill intent, and a touch of doing it with a shitty attitude in your heart, I hope you will think twice before you challenge or question a person as to why they’re doing what they’re doing in their lives that you might not agree with.  As I’ve said before, “walk a mile in somebody else’s shoes” and then come after them.  For those of you who were legitimately just being curious, I hope this reason doesn’t make you feel bad, now that you know it is because it helps me deal with a post childhood trauma.  One that isn’t that easy to shake.  Let’s just say I need all the support I can get when I’m in a house all by myself day after day.  And Yanny Bissony really wanted me to end this post by saying this:  “Tell them that I’m very happy knowing that Kohl can, and would rip somebody’s face off, thanks to his training.”

And so now you know.

PHOTO CREDIT:  @thekittyholland


  1. I’m kind of with “Solution” on this. You have to understand than when you put out content about your life to the public you will get both negative and positive responses back. Not everyone will be in agreement with you and that doesn’t make them bad people. I find a lot of your posts come from a very defensive position and you are quick to attack anyone that doesn’t fall into your narrative. If you can’t handle it you might want to consider saving yourself the obvious stress and hang up blogging.

  2. Almost broke myself pretty good after chasing Kohl down the back slippery stairs after your talk before you guys left about his “intentions” to keep the home safe.

    Wouldn’t trade it for the world to keep my big sis and my girls safe.

    And even Yanny Bissony. 🙂

  3. It’s a sad state that has made social media the soapbox upon which any and every idiot can spew their venom. I often wonder if those same folks who think nothing of trying to humiliate someone online would do the same thing in line at the supermarket. All this unwarranted superiority is stifling.

    I’m sorry that you felt you had to post your reason for the dogs’ travelling situation. I had wondered, too, but it wasn’t my business. I’m extremely sorry for the situation in your life that made all of it a necessity in the first place, but I know how much you love your dogs so that’s a light.

    Love Yannick’s closing line. You should always feel safe in your home, and if this is what you need, those dogs are lucky to have such a warm and loving family.

    Onwards and upwards …

  4. There’s a solution to avoiding unfavorable comments to your posts: keep your life to yourself. Publising online is a two-way street. If you choose it, don’t complain about feedback.

  5. First, I’d like to say – Brava! & Thank You! for this incredible, thought provoking & inspirational blog and for your wonderful postings on IG. Many a day you have brought a smile to my face, made me think about something I hadn’t before, or raised an issue or topic I was unfamiliar with.

    Re: service dog – What most people are familiar with is a “seeing eye dog.” What most people DON’T know is that the field of “service animals” has become more extensive since early days of its existence. No longer is the field limited only to dogs, & no longer is it limited to “a dog assisting the blind.” It has expanded to fit the needs of the individual – whether it be for medical reasons (to detect illness, sleep apnea, etc), to assist someone who is missing a limb(s), or is wheelchair bound, or deaf, or someone suffering PTSD or any other emotional trauma. The ‘service animal arena’ has expanded to fit what needs have arisen, but at present, there isn’t one overarching organization that sets ‘rules & guidelines,’ which it seems most people incorrectly assume there is.

    My best friend has an emotional support dog as prescribed by her psychologist. When she flies with her, or needs take her to work, she wears a “service dog” vest. Since I was unfamiliar with what an “emotional support dog” was, I politely asked w/the proviso that she need not answer if she was uncomfortable in doing so. She confided in me some of her reasons, and it opened a whole new area of awareness. So now, when I see a dog or any animal w/a service animal vest on, I refrain from my urge to interact w/it (I’m a dog mom & dog lover), respect that this animal is providing a vital service to their human, and am heartened that particular human has a needed partner in their life.

    Whether or not your dogs have gone through “service animal” certification is no one’s business but your own. (Aside from whatever rules & regs the airlines have – but still – it’s between YOU & THEM.)

    I’ve never understood some people’s need (& w/some it’s a compulsion) to flog their opinion on others. That they feel it’s their ‘right’ or ‘duty’ to make a judgement on another person. (What’s that expression? Opinions are like @$$hole$ – everyone has one whether you want it or not. Personally I’d rather not have either pushed in my face, thank you very much.) It’s not your right to do that. No one has that right.

    And as for being a “Judgy McJudge?” Just because someone puts something on social media – whether they are an ‘average Joe’ or someone who’s job brings them into the limelight (actor, writer, blogger, etc) that is not an open invitation for judgement, opinions, or criticism, & it’s certainly not your right to do so. The thing that burns me every time is when people say, “Well, that’s part of their job – they should expect that kind of thing being an actor.” Uh, no, they shouldn’t, and it’s not ‘part of the job.’ Just because you may interact on social media (“Wow! They liked my comment!”), or you watch them in your living room or on your computer or phone (I’m a HUGE fan of your show!), you (ok, everyone say this with me) DO NOT have a relationship WITH them. It’s more that you have a ‘relationship at them.’ It’s like trying to say you have a relationship with something that’s going on in an interview room & you’re on the other side of a one way mirror looking in. See what I’m saying?

    Even if you could walk a mile in someone else’s shoes, you still would not be able to completely understand what is going on in their head, the experiences they’ve been through or the life they’ve led. This thought came to mind when I was flying back home after my mother passed. As I was going to my seat, I looked around & thought – I wonder if anyone else here has just suffered a devastating loss like I have, or has had a wonderful day, is just trying to make it through the flight, is going on a vacation or… the possibilities were endless. The fact is, you never know what is going on with the person next to you. Keeping that in mind, let’s all just take a moment to be kind to our fellow planet residents, because you never know what they (or you) have been through & are going through.

    Didn’t mean to ramble on, but you are an inspiration, Shantelle, and I look forward to reading more of your blogs and your wonderful posts. Thank you for sharing the love!

  6. Ugh! This is why I hate social media! What is with people who need to comment on everyone else, especially when they CLEARLY and VEHEMENTLY disagree?

    I’m with you, SB. If you don’t like someone’s posts, simply unfollow! Angry and bored people should find something better to do than wag their fingers and tongues at others.

    For my part, I’m glad you don’t let these idiots shut you down. I would like to think I could ignore it, but, I doubt I could.

  7. Good evening Shantelle Bisson,

    I`m glad you cleared that up…lol. I was wondering if you could possible help me. I would love to know where, how you got one of those vest for your pups.
    I suffer from anxiety and have for more then 25 years now. I have never traveled or gone very far until I got my dog Mocha.
    Just her present around me makes a difference to me. I think she knows how she has impacted me since I got.
    I really want to try and get out more.
    I have even had to miss out on every event of Murdoch as I just cannot do the drive.
    If you can share any information with me, it would be wonderful.

  8. I find it incomprehensible that people don’t get the point, that some people need the emotional support of an animal. I see my friends’ two Border Collies do just that. She was run down by a cyclist 13 years ago, and has since fought one heck of a battle to become a person again, with a body that was broken, a brain that still needs a lot of healing, and the knowledge that she may never be able to work again (she was an engineer). He has had problems with spastic movements in his legs since birth (lack of oxigen during his birth), has gone through several surgeries over the years, while still trying to live a ‘normal’ life. He is suffering from PTSD after being the strong one while she was in a coma, and during her initial rehab. He also worked as an engineer, but is at the present retraining as a RN (he has been a medic in our homeguard for over 25 years, teaching both homeguard and ‘real’ military medics) – although at present on sick-leave due to leg and back problems after his last surgery. A lot of the mental health of these two friends is tied to two great dogs: Rosie and Trine, a pair of BCs who are full sisters (but a year apart). Trine especially is a nurse: if someone is in pain, Trine will lie down as close to the pain as possible, trying to soothe it. While I was there before Christmas, I was in the kitchen reading, and sneezed. Trine had been napping in the livingroom, but immediately came to check on me (admitted: when I sneeze I sneeze whole-heartedly). These dogs are important!

  9. OK I can say WTAF . People came after you for that??. OMG!! Cut Any and all of those people loose. I just don’t know what possesses people to think that they can send nasty messages, and judge someone they don’t even know. Or apparently Care to know. Somone asked about the boys and you answered. Simple as that. And it isn’t anyone’s business what the emotional support is for. They should have just accepted that they are your emotional support.and needed to be there. If they had been true followers, they would have known that you are not the kind of people who would take advantage of any system. I am sorry that you had to share your past to silence them. You have been open about being an assault victim and that should have been enough, Don’t let the morons out there get you down,
    There a lot more Good people out here following you, REALLY❤️❤️
    P.S Love the picture of your Yannick and all 3 boys.

  10. Woo Hoo! Kohl is the guardian! I just got my dog, a German shepherd, in July. Although she’s far from being trained like a seasoned dog, she will be. She starts her off leash k9 training this Saturday. Her bark will make anyone or anything back off. She sounds vicious when in fact she’s just got a hell of a bark. I got her for the same reason, security; whether I’m home alone or my partner is there. She’s protection for us both. So whether she wears a vest or not, she’s emotional support for us both. 2 women living alone in a house in rural PA. I sleep better knowing she’s there

  11. The words “walk a mile in someone else’s shoes” are so true. I have a friend who has a handicap and has the parking pass. Seeing him park there, people pass judgement as he is not in a wheelchair, he can move about. However, if they knew him and the deformities he struggles with both on his hands and feet, then they would stop passing judgment. Walk a mile people and stop judging other people. This was a good lesson for me to learn/witness early on and I hold that in my heart and try to not to judge circumstances or people until I have a better, clearer picture.

    And I also agree with you, don’t go at people on their own social media feeds, especially people you do not really know at all. On Facebook, etc. if I don’t agree with what one of my friends has posted, I scroll on by.

    I am so sorry you went through what you did as a child, no child should ever have to go through that. I am so pleased that the dogs provide you support and security. Extending you a big hug.

    Said in jest I know as Kohl does not do this but I do like the idea of somehow training a dog to go to the liquor store for me. 🙂

  12. I have PTSD i so understand having your dogs I wish I could get my dog trained as an emotional support dog! This is all so new. Anyway you don’t have to explain anything to the haters because that’s what they do they troll and hate. If they New the kind of woman you are they’d never question your integrity. Continue to be strong for me please I live vicariously through your strength

  13. Shantelle I find your openess very refreshing to those people who know you they don’t need an explanation and to those people who just need to pick and bitch about others lives I say “PISS OFF” and yes you are right don’t criticize me if you haven’t walked in my shoes No matter what you do in life should be yours & Yannicks and your families wether you are famous or not no one have the right to judge you I Salute you

  14. I love this! I thought they weren’t ‘service dogs’ but aren’t our fur babies our emotional support? My husband suffers terribly from anxiety and since we got our furbaby, the dog has provided far more emotional support and calm to my husband than medication and therapists ever would. Go Kohl and Duke for looking after their mum so well! 🙌

  15. I wish I knew why people worked so hard to try to find fault with people where none exists. I myself posed the question about the service dogs a while back. I can tell you I am relieved to know you have them for support and to feel safe when you are alone or feel vulnerable. Those people who ask shitty questions don’t deserve your honesty. Please don’t stop though…we LOVE the way you write. As they say in New Jersey, “You do you” and those who have a deep need to find fault can ….well, I think you know what they can do.

  16. Why don’t others mind their own business? Your post evoked anger in my heart towards the negative readers out there! Your courage amazes me; your blog blows me away as, time after time, you share your ponderings with us and face down the nay sayers who plague you. You owe NONE of them an explanation! I am over the moon that you have ‘backup’ from Kohl and Duke if needed. You got this, Shantelle Bisson! Without doubt. You rock, lady! Me and my Emotional Support boy, Toby, say so! xo

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