Will we fall asleep tonight with the most competent person being elected the 45th President of the United States of America???

I had no idea that since 1950 only seven Presidents have been Democrats, nine have been Republican. Learning this was a shock to me, I’m not exactly sure why I was surprised that there have been more Republican Presidents, but I was. Perhaps it’s because most of the people I’m close to who are American have always voted Democrat. It might be because the industry we’re involved with seems to have more of a liberal, social mindset than people who tend to be Republican. When I think back to the fact that George W Bush Jr was elected TWICE, it give me legitimate concern for today’s Presidential election and outcome. I mean let’s be honest folks, George W Bush Jr was dumb as a stump, and an embarrassment to the country, yet, unlike his own father, he was able to win TWICE. It gets me thinking that maybe there’s something to Trump suggesting these damn elections are rigged??? Hmmm???

The Washington Post is saying the way the numbers break down in this election are: Hilary has 35% support of the white voter, Trump has 46%. 83% of black voters are with her, while only 3% are with Trump. Hilary has 58% of the Hispanic votes while Trump has 20%, one of which is my general contractor on my house in California – maybe that’s why my bathrooms are taking three times as long as originally quoted?

I honestly don’t understand how anybody could go into a voting booth and check his name off on the ballot. I really don’t get it. First reason why I don’t understand this is because she is the single most qualified person in the history of America to be running for President, and he is by far the LEAST qualified. Second reason, he has never uttered one word about policy. I’ve not heard him share his plan on how to grow the economy other than he’s just going to get companies to come back to America. That’s cool, but HOW??? And because he never discussed policies or plans the media seemed to not push the subject with him, or Hilary, they seemed to just jump into the circus like environment and focus not only America, but the entire world on the mudslinging, immature banter and slander instead. In my opinion the media has done their citizens a great disservice this election, I only hope that enough Americans are as terrified at the possibility of Trump living in the White House as the rest of the world is. I mean this guy has had access to his OWN TWITTER ACCOUNT revoked by his people because he cannot be trusted. You REALLY want that person to be given the codes to nuclear weapons?! I mean come people, let’s get serious here.

You know who Donald Trump makes me think of when I look at him? I see an adult male who was probably bullied at his private boarding school, who didn’t have many friends, and certainly didn’t have any luck with the ladies. I imagine a young man who had people as friends because of his family’s name and wealth. If I were a betting person I would even go so far as to bet that women slept with him for the same reason. It just has all the signs of being socially stunted. Like he still talks how he thinks men talk about women, real men don’t say they “just grab them by the p*#sy” or boast about “I just kiss them.” He just doesn’t seem to have any social awareness or intelligence, and talks and behaves as if he’s learned everything he knows about women from pornos. Does one of the greatest countries in the world really need to be lead by an emotionally stunted frat boy? I say hell no. And I for one can sit here proudly knowing that my youngest daughter exercised her right to vote today, and she’s With Her.

Hopefully when we all turn our television sets off tonight we will do so with a giant sigh of relief because the most competent person will be called President come January 20th, 2017.