Will America be accepting of a female President should she actually win???

I keep playing the potential outcomes of the US election this coming Tuesday over and over again in my mind. In some cases it wakes me up at night. I’m deeply invested in this election. I have a home there. Two of my three daughters live there, the youngest is American. I have family, nieces and nephews who are U.S citizens, and friends whom I love with all my heart living in the States. I worry for them. I worry for us. I worry for the world as a whole. Who will win? What happens when either of these polarizing candidates becomes the 45th President of the United States of America. Which actually isn’t even a fitting name for them anymore, is it. The country is anything but United at the moment, more like the DIVIDED States of America.

If Hilary wins will those who have so much hatred toward her in their hearts accept her? Or will they demand a recount, after all Trumps rants about “rigged elections”? Will there be another civil war? Will there be bloodshed across America if Hilary, a woman, the first woman wins the Presidency on Tuesday November 8th. You may think pondering whether or not there might be bloodshed over her winning is a tad dramatic, and excessive. I don’t know what to tell you, I honestly worry about it. I mean there are many American’s out there who are enraged that she’s even running. There are churches telling their congregations that women have no business being “over a man” and that they’re not to vote for her. For Christ’s sake the KKK is backing Donald Trump. I’m legitimately worried about what will happen to America if she wins, but, I’m equally, if not more concerned about them if she doesn’t.

I truly don’t know what is the better outcome, I really, really don’t. I know who I want to win, I know who I believe is the better of the two for the job, hands done. But I also feel like there is one loser who could have a potentially more deadly outcome on the country. I think there are many Trump supporters who are dangerous, who are deeply racist, and angry. Not angry like; “Damn I hate paying taxes.” Not that sort of “such is life” anger. No, judging by some of the footage from rallies that I’ve seen, there are way too many Trump supporters who are angry enough to riot, to do harm, to revolt. And that seriously scares the shit out of me. I’m not worried about them being a pile of sore losers and crawling back under their backward racist, small minded rocks. I’m truly concerned that they might collectively spur one another on to violence. Something that Trump has been fanning the flames of from the very beginning. Which in and of itself is a disgrace, and disgusting.

I think Tuesday night, America needs to be on guard.

I worry that should Hilary win on Tuesday night, my very real fear is that America may be embarking on the greatest war of their lives on their own soil.

And that my friends is one thing I hope, wish and pray that I’m wrong about.