Why am I being so weird about my dogs getting neutered???

Well it finally happened.  The four legged boys have been dropped off at our vet to be neutered.

I have to tell you, I’ve owned all male dogs except for two in my life, and every single one of my dogs has been neutered/spayed.  I’ve literally never given it another thought.  The dogs turned six months, or a year, and that was it.  Off they went to the shop to be fixed.

But something about doing it to Duke and Kohl feels different.  I have become strangely attached to them being intact male dogs.  It’s this totally weird bizarre thing I have about them being “whole.”  So utterly strange, I don’t get it.  I’ve read so many mixed articles on dogs being intact.  There are some schools of thought that say leaving your male dog intact has many health benefits, while just as many say there are inherent health issues directly linked to leaving them with their man business.  My intention is to always make the health decision that would be best for them long term, which is why our other two boxers, Kuda and Mack were neutered when they were 3.  Mack developed an issue with his prostate that required he be neutered, and thinking it wasn’t a good idea that one be intact while the other wasn’t resulted in them both being fixed.

I’ve gone through this process more than half a dozen times, so what’s the issue with these two being snipped?  Especially when there’s a good chance it will help with Kohl’s aggression issues, and Duke has three health issues that are directly linked to being intact.  Why the hesitation?  Why am I so bummed out?  I keep feeling like I’m making a mistake…like I’m making a rash decision…which is crazy since Duke is 8 and Kohl is 4.  It’s not like I put the timer on for them turning six months and ran them to the vet to be neutered.  They’ve both lived with them for a decent amount time.

And this my friends is probably why I’m so bothered about having to do it now.  It’s like they’ve made it this far, why neuter them now?  I think I’m bummed out because Duke was left intact by his breeder so he could make puppies.  He was meant to be a stud dog for her.  But she never used him, not once.  Instead she used his brother, who I might add isn’t nearly as good looking or healthy, to make pups with.  I think by keeping him intact there was always that hope that she would breed him and that one of us in the family would end up with a Duke baby.  Now that he’s going to be neutered, that hope has died.  With Kohl I know him having them keeps him that little bit aggressive, which going by the state of our current world, isn’t a bad thing.  Having a dog that would just as soon grab a hold of your throat if he doesn’t get a good vibe from you as he would kiss our faces off, is fine with me.  I like that unpredictable swagger he walks with.  And now, by neutering them we lose both those benefits in one swish of a blade.  There will never be a Duke baby in our future, unless we get all weird and clone him ala Barbara.  And whether or not Kohl will continue to lose his mind if a man steps foot on our property to chat with me when his dad isn’t home remains to be seen.  So for now, I’ll raise a tequila to the men my dogs used to be…


  1. Whoo! I guess you’d have to neuter them both wouldn’t you? You can’t have one without the other, that could create problems. I hope Kohl’s neutering helps with his aggression. I think he is just protective of his property, with you being part of that! But, what the hell do I know! I have a female dog. I’ve had more females than males, 4 to 1 actually. The male I had was a rescue and was already snipped when I got him, so there was no decision to be made. He got along great with my spayed female; they were inseparable! He was adopted at 5 1/2 hrs, and she was raised by me as a puppy from 6 weeks old, yet they were thick as thieves. Amazing really!
    I hope the boys recover well! Good luck!

  2. Sorry you are so anguished about this. It does sound like it is best for Duke for health issues And I am not an expert for sure but i don’t think it will diminish his protective instincts for his family. And you ARE his family. Mu little Loki was a pound rescue and that was a requirement of the adoption. After getting to know his wonderful personality I would have loved to have been able to breed that into a puppy, A frivolous choice but we had his DNA checked (my daughter is a vet Tech) and it actually showed he ) was a full Pomeranian. A little big for a pom at 13 pounds (throw back to his roots. but nothing else mixed in, full or not I would just have loved to breed the personality if that is even possible. In his later years we toyed with the cloning idea, too But he was an individual and we enjoyed him for 16 years. Don’t know of neutering adds years but they will both be fine and you will be too, Really. They know they are loved and they idolize their family and that won’t change

  3. Sweet thoughts of being so protective of your two companions, Duke and Kohl. Maybe though this has something to do the sense of loss in recent years with your daughters now gone from your home and being their own persons; and your dogs being more companions than they were before the girls left. The idea of these four-legged ‘children’ at home still and willingly changing them with neutering means a loss of exactly what you don’t know yet except the knowledge of no puppies from Duke. A bit of a psychological subconscious guess on my part. Maybe reinforce this thought: the two of them once back home will still be loving as they have always been with you & Yannick. That won’t have changed. Similar to when your daughters are home for awhile and have another loving visit with their super-duper parents. Hope this helps a little. Be brave now, the ‘boys’ will be all recovered very soon too.

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