What’s with Yannick, and my four legged sons finding their cottage “grooves” so quickly?

I’ve become one of those people I swore I would never become.  I am a cottage owner.  I now own a cottage.

Mind you, if I’m being completely humble, and truthful with all of you I have to say that we have quite an overgrown piece of, we can almost see the lake now that Yannick has been hacking away at the overgrowth since Friday, land with a shack on it.  It has no running water, and no insulation.  Thank God my best friend, Jenanne and her husband, Mark, live right next door, so we’re crashing with them while we plot what the hell we’re going to do with our little lakefront shack.  It was a spur of the moment; “hey this could be fun, and it’s such a good price, why don’t we buy it” moment that we not only didn’t think through, we didn’t get any advice about either.  We didn’t ask our finance guy if he thought it was a good idea, like we probably should have.  We simply bought it and then told him about it once the paperwork was signed off on.

Not exactly what we brought him on board to do.  We hired him to help us put money aside for a rainy day, to invest in our futures for when Murdoch is done and we’re LA bound full time.  I’m not really sure how buying a third property fits in with the saving plan, and I’m guessing our finance guy doesn’t get how it falls under the “savings” category either.  But alas we’re here now, so let’s make the most of it and not go insane using too much cash to make it livable.  I say three times with my eyes closed as I click my ruby red shoes for good measure…

The trick here is going to be sticking to the “cheap and cheerful” renovation of the little shack in the woods, in order to keep everybody happy.  Although it’s fair to say that Yannick seems to be ridiculously happy already.  He is in complete and utter heaven here.  He’s up with the birds, walking the dogs, then having a coffee with Mark, after coffee time is done he’s out on his land chopping shit down, or inside knocking down walls, whatever tickles his fancy for four to five hours.

I have to say this about my husband, he enjoys acting, it pays the bills, but if he could make the same amount of money being in nature, and building houses than he does acting; he would rather do that in a heartbeat.  Like he wouldn’t even think twice about it.  He would leave the acting thing behind, and run full speed ahead into the land of puttering outside and tearing shit down inside.  Me, I’m a little less interested in the hard labour party than him.  What I am starting to get good at is the shutting off thing.  Right now I’m enjoying just slowing down; because the truth is I seriously needed to slow down, and feed my soul.  Being outside for this many days in a row with little to think about but relaxing, and eating is making a good dent in the stress knot that has taken up residency in my stomach this past year and a bit.  Buying the cottage, although not planned for, and perhaps not a sound financial decision is assisting me in a much more meaningful way than socking money away in a bank.  It’s helping me to disconnect from my phone, my social media and the onslaught of negativity that spending too much time daily on my device creates in my spirit.  These are all things that I know I needed to work at so that I can connect better to myself.  What is the expression:  “fill your own cup first” or something like that??  This is a commitment I made along with my year of first back in January.  And then look what happened…God gave me a cottage.  Something I never even had a desire to own, yet here I am, it’s like the universe is conspiring to make sure that I do what I swore I would do this year.  Get healthy.  Really healthy, not just outwardly looking good, but on the inside; heart and soul thriving.

Thank you universe!


  1. Growing up, my dad built two cattages for my uncle. first one rustic. When sold, it paid for a larger piece of land in a more desirable location. Second one very comfy amd cosey,quiet and calm. I enjoyed going with my dad when he went to work on them. I enjoyed nature and the country and being a ‘gofor’ for my dad. . . . If it really was as relazing and reviving as I remember, I better find away to get away again. I would love to give my grandkids the oppertunity to enjoy nature without interruption, to learn to relax without a devise in their hands..

    So Happy for you both. I imagin you will have wonderful memories to look back on as well as the healing vibes of nature throught your remodle. Hope you enjoy true peace in your cottage.(once it is liveable.) and improved health with that peace of mind with each trip up. Hope you have good drainage away from your cottage, good drainage is conducive to peace and health.

    . . . when Murdoch is done and we’re LA bound full time. . . . Please, Please, Please don’t Rush Murdoch being done. My husband the anti tv/movie man will actually watch Murdoch with me. My girls and I watched ‘Sue Thomas’ . I would come home from work and the girls would be watching. How very nice to have a show to enjoy with young daughters (8 to 12 years old) Along with Agent Jack Hudson, Levi was an endearing character. My boys are older. I did my best to like Star Treck. Yes, I wish I could say we had found something Yannick had done to enjoy with my boys. Tell Y.B. many thanks for family viewing shows..

  2. I so enjoy your writings. This sounds like such a wonderful life decision And I bet your financial advisor would love to do the same. Sometimes you just have to say …. It and go with your heart and feelings. And it sounds Ike you both needed this. After almost 40 years of marriage we finally found that life experiences with each other and family are the most important over jobs and money. And our reserves may be sparse But since then, over the sat 10 years we have filled our lives with those experiences. Many more than in those first 40. And happier than ever.
    Fix your lovely cottage and cherish all time that you can spend there.
    I wish you happy hearts and happy times for years to come

  3. You have the idea of a cottage down perfectly, Shantelle: let the husband and dogs run around and enjoy fixing things, and you enjoy relaxing. It sounds like an excellent investment to me!

  4. Keep it rustic and recycle, get into crafting making things instead of buying, great for the planet and great for the soul, and it is also a life saver for bouts of severe depression, trust me I know only to well,
    it`s helped me over some really dark days,and it`s great to see a finished object that you have created yourself, I wish you both well with your Cottage renovation, I`m very jealous

  5. God works in strange ways, that’s for sure! We all don’t realize that when we put out to the “universe”, a desire, even if they are little fleeting thoughts or wishes of the same vain, we always get an answer, one way or another. It’s good that YB is happy, that the boys are happy and that you too can unwind and let all the shit of the last couple of years, go. It’s healthy, and that’s obviously what you all have needed. You’re going to have a whirlwind of events coming soon. Another chapter in your lives will manifest itself in October, so this change you’ve made is good for all of you. Enjoy it! No matter what you “should” have done. What you have done is good for all your souls and that’s all that matters!

  6. I have read your story about the cottage and it is wonderful, I’m am a pleased to hear you have found comfort and peace in the country side.
    I’m a most devoted fan of Yannick from the US and I hope he stays with Murdoch Mysteries for a long time, but I can understand his Lv for the outdoors and his tinkering he deserves the best of both worlds and so do you.
    Yours truly

  7. Happy for you both. Please tell Yannick about my dad, who was a British butcher by trade. He immigrated to Canada with my mom and me and continued working as a butcher at a huge Western department store, Woodwards. Within a few months of arriving in Vancouver, he purchased property, 80 by 120 ft. for less than $300.00 (which now is worth prob. close to 1 million) and with the help of male cousins built a two story house; the outside out of those grey patio bricks. It took maybe 5 months to finish it and we moved in once the first floor was finished. That house is still there, different appearance as the grey bricks are now stuccoed, but the house was so very well made. Then in the late 1960’s, with a store transfer, my folks moved up to the interior where over the next 25 years, my dad built (in his weekends off and evenings) not one, not two, not three but four more homes. The last one was when he was 70. He was always so happy hammering, mixing cement from scratch, painting, etc. His last house was at Paul Lake, higher up from the lake edge (as he said so the view was better) and he built a huge deck. His later years, until he was nearly 91, he enjoyed the house, the deck with peace and quiet along with the visiting birds and animals, once a big brown bear. I even have his well used hammer and have written an essay about it. This is the link:
    and is the 3rd essay down the page.
    So, Yannick’s joy of creating new spaces for his family to enjoy may be a huge part of the motivation. To be physically busy and see such improvement in your new investment will be something you both can share. Why don’t you go out and do some of the clearing too, Shantelle. You may enjoy the endeavour too.

  8. Happy for you both. Enjoy that little piece of paradise. Sometimes doing things that help keep your sanity is worth more than a sound financial decision.

  9. Ah! A cottage loves you for what you are and can itself be loved in the same way. You give. It gives. A nice equation.

  10. Wait. No running water? No well? That won’t be cheap. However, sometimes spur of the moment is just what you need. You don’t have to go high end. And it will be a terrific destresser for you both. It’s a smart move. Being practical all the time really stinks.

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