What’s really in the new healthcare plan? Will regular people ever get the straight scoop???

Today was a strange day…Quebec is receiving so much rain that the Military is being called in.  Ontario is getting so much that they’ve threatened to have to close down a freeway that runs parallel to a river.  They’re calling for snow in Toronto for Saturday, the and last time we were in South Carolina, two years ago, it was so hot, humid, and tropical that we would have preferred to be naked in order to be comfortable.  This year we should have brought our fall lightweight parkas to stay warm.  The world is in a very strange state, and I for one am growing increasingly uncomfortable with what is happening around me.  Normally I don’t get too caught up in weather patterns, as I feel that the earth has it’s cycles, and we need to trust that all is as it should be.  Not saying I don’t agree that there is climate change, or that our blatant disrespect of the planet hasn’t caused damage, I’m just saying that, in order to sleep at night, I allow myself to also believe that the planet is larger than us, and has it’s own cycles.

I also feel weird because even though I know what is waiting for me when I get back to LA, with regards to Mack, it is quite amazing what distance from a painful situation can do for one’s soul.  Being at home with him every single day breaks my heart, watching him lay on his bed, struggling to stand when he needs to, hand feeding him, watching him do the splits with his hind legs, and panting out of control once we get to his side to assist him to stand.  Thankful for our love, support and assistance, but clearly distressed and confused by what is happening to him.  Being away from him feels good, it makes me think that I have three dogs waiting at home for me for my return, all healthy, and in good spirits.

Unfortunately this is the illusion of distance.  It’s also a blessing, for this weekend.  We’ve been able to be fully present, and joyful participants in the wedding festivities of our friends daughter’s wedding.  We’re able to not be wet blankets who’s four legged kid just died.  And even though, being away from Mack is providing a buffer, and allowing us to feel like “it’s all good”, there seems to be, in our current political climate always something just looming in the background to shake up the peace of my soul.

These are strange times indeed, and wondering which news outlet to hang one’s hat on is becoming more and more difficult.

Where is the truth?  Who is telling the most accurate version of what the truth might be?  CNN?  Fox??  New York Times??  Who?  What is the actual truth about what is going on in America.  Today I read that unemployment in America is the lowest it has been in a decade?  Is this true?  I listened to a Senator from Nashville say that the new healthcare plan will bring affordable health care to EVEN MORE Americans than Obama’s plan did?  But, I also read an article that said women will no longer be covered for having children because being able to get pregnant is a preexisting condition??  According the nymag.com, being a rape survivor needing treatment to deal with surviving a rape, postpartum depression, domestic violence would now fall under preexisting conditions?  Really??? How?

I don’t know about any of you, but I’m upside down.  I’m distressed by the America I see while under this Republican Administration.  Everybody seems to be confused.  Nobody really knows what is truth, and what is smoke and mirrors.

I will say this though, whatever is really in this healthcare plan must be something that isn’t all that good for poor, uneducated, American’s.  Because if it was good for those who really have need for it, there’s no way a bunch of stinking rich white men would be smiling the way they are in the photo attached to this post.  I’m just saying…


  1. The fact is, that no one tells the truth in our current administration. Don’t get me wrong, every administration has done their share of lying, whether it be here in the US or Canada, UK, France, etc. But this one is so, “in your face” corrupt that it’s unbelievable! The truth? I don’t even think it exists anymore. Our news media is slanted, one way or the other, so you only get “their” side of the story. But let’s be realistic, as my Mother always said, “there’s three sides to every story, his side, their side and the truth”. Finding the truth anymore is like mining for gold. You have to dig and explore and find the truth in between all the rhetoric. Its exhausting to say the least, and disheartening all the time, for me anyway. I turn away from the news, mainly because I can’t stand liars, never could, and that’s all I hear. Lying bullshit!
    Healthcare: If healthcare, for Americans, is supposed to aide us in being able to afford it, for all of us, they why don’t the members of our Government have it also? They don’t! They have their own healthcare that none of us get. I contend, that if they had to “sign up” for the shit they are putting out there for all Americans, it would be a very different healthcare plan! But they continue to pass forth the “do as I say, and not as I do”, crap. Now, there’s talk of “deprogramming” gay people! For me that is frightening! This is a real threat to my community, my friends, and possibly the young ones in my family, who don’t know who they are yet. What this teaches the young is, that some people are better than others. If you’re not white, straight and gainfully employed. The others are sick, twisted, lazy and can be discriminated against, even lose jobs because of it. I’ve lived this fear for most of my life, yet for the last several administrations, especially the last one, I had a brief respite of relief. Now? It’s gone.
    The America my grandparent came to only a century ago, is no longer. I so wish they had kept going north from New York and picked Cananda instead.

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