What’s with me and mosquitoes obsession with me???

I don’t know about you, and how mosquitoes feel about you. But they’re 1000% obsessed with me.

4:30 this morning, I’m laying in bed scratching myself raw. I tried everything, making little x’s in the centre of the bite, for the record that does NOT work. Never has, which makes me wonder why I even bother trying it. I know for a fact that it doesn’t work. As I’m marking them, I’m counting them, because honestly, I must know how many bites have I accumulated in the forty-eight hours since the rain stopped.

The answer is 36.

On my legs alone.

That’s a lot for one body. The math is almost one bite per hour, and I have news for you, they’re still coming. I hear them buzzing all around me, but try to find them and eliminate them. That’s impossible. Half the time the buzzing stops, so I assume they’ve gone away, only to end up with a fresh bite.

Don’t suggest I use bug spray, because I will not. I don’t put flea and tick chemicals on my dogs, I don’t buy GMO, pesticide laden food, I’m not about to cover myself in deet to be “more comfortable.” It’s not going to happen.

I’m thinking about making a garlic concoction and rubbing it on myself…but am worried I’ll offend the other guests with my stink.

One of the therapist/coaches here suggest rubbing the bites with lemon, fresh lemon. I’ve been doing that, and it does work, so bonus. The existing bites have stopped itching, but what can I do to keep new ones from happening??

There are eight guests here, myself included, none of them have a single bite. So it makes a girl “go hmmm” what is it about me that makes mosquitoes dig me and my blood so much???

Oh, and for the record I checked with the same massage therapist about Zika and whether they have any reported cases of it here, in Costa Rica. Great news. They do. Now as she puts it, “only in the city, none here” hopefully mosquitoes don’t like the idea of a little jungle holiday, or this city girl might just be in trouble…

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  1. Stumbled across your blog. My son & his father are magnets for mosquitos too. Living in TX that is almost a year round problem. It’s also a huge burden when your son’s father is a closet hypochondriac. I mean the man cancelled a PAID trip to Colombia when news of Zika broke out. Can you believe it?! Personally I would’ve been lathered up in vaseline, swathed in mosquito netting AND had those electrical deterrent gadgets before even thinking of canceling said trip. Let ’em fight their way thru that for a bite!!! That’s just me. But I digress from what I wanted to tell you. I see you abhor chemical stuff — which can be an inconvenience — since most natural stuff isn’t as effective. You might want to try the bug repellent by Chagrin Valley Soap & Salve Company. They’re awesome!!! A lot of their stuff is vegan and more importantly, they use no chemicals whatsoever. The founder is a cancer survivor and she made it a mission to provide safe products for people. Everything is natural. I’ve had good success with it. They also have a pets line. Maybe it’ll help you in the future.


    Have a great day!

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