What’s with all the mail magazines, USPS???

Californian’s are friendly, I’ve already established this fact with you.

The ocean is stunning, healing, and magnificent.

Living in the Santa Monica mountains is like a dream. I truly have no real complaints about the place, and feel super blessed to have a home here.

The weather is good for the soul, but seriously, this State really could use more rain. Although, I have to say, I’m not sure what they were thinking when they plopped the hub of the U.S film industry out here in the 20’s, in the DESERT.

“If you build it, they will come.”

And man, never has that saying been more true, than when spoken about LA.

They came alright, by the tens of millions. Shit, even if they had put “HOLLYWOOD” in Alaska, those in the arts, wanting to hone, and display their craft, STILL would have gone. But no, you put it in the DESERT, and now, a place that naturally has lower than average precipitation is struggling to meet its water needs. Why they don’t look into desalinization, is beyond me. Hell, the 350 acre island Mikaela and I visited in Antigua, had already figured that out, the entire island used their water from a system that did that. I mean, it’s not as if the Pacific isn’t rising at a rapid rate, and threatening homes by the tens of thousands…

But I digress. This isn’t even what this damn post is supposed to be about.

No, today what is seriously making me “go hmmm” is who the hell were the people who owned my home before me, and why do they receive SOOOOOO MANY MAGAZINES. I don’t know if she had a serious online shopping addiction, or if that’s just how the postal system works in California. If you have a home address, they will find you, and they will mail you unsolicited information about all the shit you don’t have, that they’re willing to sell you. I’ve never, in all my life seen such an amount of junk mail. But not just junk mail, offers of ALL KINDS. Even to our daughters. Credit card applications out the ass, like HELLO CHASE BANK. I have credit cards. If I wanted to do business with you, I would be doing business with you. I know where to find you, stop sending me your applications weekly.

Also, American Express. HI. I’M ALREADY A CARD HOLDER. So stop with the solicitation. Even my own bank doesn’t know that I’m a customer, and solicits me through my mailbox, dozens of times a month.

Then there are the lawyers who want to help with our wills, our estate planning, such nice guys. Thanks, but I have that handled. Or the insurance companies who know when my home policy is coming up, due. Really?? How do you know that? Where is that registered, and why? Then, my personal favorite; the people who want to let me know that they can better our mortgage rate, but when we call them, we find out that we’re not actually eligible, because you know, we’re not a CITIZEN. So, I go through the exercise of giving them our address, and politely ask them to stop sending us letters three times a week, and, they don’t. The offers keep right on coming.

All of this nonsense pisses me off. Trees have been cut down for this? I mean come on Cali. You drive more electric/hybrid cars probably all other states combined, I can’t back this up since I don’t know for sure, but I would bet on it. Also you don’t eat GMO, you love the animals so much you have a huge Vegan population, an abundance of restaurants who cater to these convictions. But you don’t mind junk mail, by like literally, hundreds of pounds each, and every week.

I can’t even. I don’t understand. It doesn’t add up.

Dear USPS,

Please look my name up in your computer system, and that of my husband, and two daughters. When you find us, please remove us from your junk mail, magazine, general mailbox filler, list. We don’t want it, and we don’t want any more trees to be cut down because you continue to send all this shit to not only us, but the old owners too. They’re gone. They’ve moved on, stop filling our recycling bin with the carcasses of trees we probably once loved.

I thank you.
Shantelle Bisson

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