What is it about Kohl that makes him so unpredictable???

I find it unsettling, and disappointing to say the least that after all these years of living together Kohl still randomly attacks Duke.  It is completely out of the blue and totally unprovoked on Duke’s part.  Which is saying a lot since Duke is a bit of a dick.  He’s definitely known to steal toys literally out of Kohl’s mouth, even though he doesn’t want them.  Yet, even though he does this time and time again, that’s not when Kohl goes for his throat.

Which has me going “hmmm” on the timing for when Kohl does finally take issue with Duke and try to murder him.  Like he did last night.

Nothing was happening, Yannick and I arrived home from dinner with friends, it was about 9pm.  I had finished giving the boys their medication, there was no trace of meat anywhere on the floor, or their faces.  A fair amount of time had passed since I had given it to them anyway, when Kohl lost his mind and grabbed Duke between his ears and stood on him, flattening him to the ground.  Thankfully Yannick was literally right there and the moment Kohl gave the attack growl and latched on to Duke, sorry for those who might be faint of heart, he did what he needed to do to get him off Duke quickly, which was getting his foot under Kohl’s jaw and pushing Kohl off.

He released immediately and “came to” scurrying away in shame.

It’s literally as if we’re dealing with two totally different dogs.  So much so that we’ve labeled that guy: “BLACK OUT KOHL.”  Because he loses all sense of reality, and completely forgets his training, his manners and his hierarchy in the pack.  Poor Duke is left dumbfounded, shaking, and in the case of last night’s episode, something new, with tufts of fur falling off him due to his nerves being shot, I assume.

I can’t make heads of tails of this boy Kohl.  On the one hand he is the sweetest most loving boy.  Loyal to everybody who he knows to be what he would consider part of his “pack.”  His excitement when those he knows come to visit him is that of a pup.  He cuddles, kisses, sings, and wiggles with absolute joy.  He won’t fight back when Duke legitimately fucks with him and steals babies, as I said, right out of his mouth, but he does, all too often attack completely out of the blue.

The most unsettling part about all of this, is the very real worry about what would happen to Duke if this took place while we were out?  If there was nobody here to break it up and get Kohl off of Duke, is it possible that we might come home to the same bloody scene that Jessica Biel did many years ago when one of her Pit bull rescues killed the other one?

The thought terrifies me.  So, in order to ensure this doesn’t happen I think the best plan of action is to always put Duke in his crate while we’re gone from the house, not because he’s naughty, although he does still pee in the house whenever he feels like it…twice last week in fact…but for his own safety.  As for Kohl, I guess it’s off to the vet for him.  Perhaps removing his man bits will take some of this aggression out of him.

Here’s hoping.

PHOTO CREDIT:  @thekittyholland


  1. Hi Shantelle. Neutering Kohl is a great idea. Duke should be too, if he isn’t already. 2 males with testosterone under one roof is bound to cause issues. I would also recommend a visit with Kohl to a veterinary behaviourist. Hope you can get to the root of the problem. Good luck!

  2. Wow! I thought that behavior was handled with the trainer! I had a incident with my dog Stella, a mixed breed and her buddy a friend’s dog who was also a mixed breed. One day her buddy just attacked her! Out of no where. We, both owners, were shocked! Yet in the sunlight we could see that Stella’s skin was red underneath her fur on her snout. After a visit to our Vet, we found that she had Mange. Once she was cured he was fine with her. So I wonder, is Duke sick and you don’t know it? He did just have a procedure, didn’t he? You might want to take him to the Vet’s for a follow up check up. Good luck with both your boys!

  3. Poor Duke, and poor Kohl! Sounds like something takes him over, and I would agree it might be his hormones getting the better of him. We ladies all know how OUR hormones can make us act/react…. (and as a person whose thyroid has issues, I can tell you that those hormones don’t help either).
    Hope it helps (but remember the effect won’t be immediate – it can take a while to flush out the old stuff from his system).

  4. We live in Australia and had major problems with our Kelpie cross border collie. He attacked our other dog randomly as well as birds. He was exercised regularly. We found by desexing him and uping his food rations he has changed so much. Consistent personality and stoped attacking. He still is a great guard dog.

  5. He’s showing off to you. Doubt it happens when they’re home by themselves but when you get home he needs to show you he’s got everything under control (including pushing the other dog around). It would be interesting if you set up a vidcam to film his behaviour when nobody is at home. Cutting off his nuts may not change his behaviour, although it may reduce his aggression.

  6. Could it be because you had just come home and Kohl was jealous? Is he a one man dog? He might be protecting Yannick. Could you muzzle Kohl if you’re not going to be away too long? He’d need water, but so would Duke being confined to his crate unless he can have a bowl on there. It is concerning. What does the vet say?

  7. I checked with my daughter who is a board certified Veterinary Neurology Technologist, She works with the medical neurological issues, but I thought i would ask her opinion. Her answer was -Aggression can be caused a number of factors and she wasn’t comfortable saying that neutering would eliminate aggression, but she was confident that neutering and the elimination of the influence of testosterone will help immensely and perhaps along with some training.
    Hope you can work it out. he is such a sweetheart most of the time. I know you don’t want to crate Duke but that may be the best at the moment when you are gone,
    Best wishes with this issue

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