Welcome to my inaugural WHAT WOULD YOU DO WEDNESDAY!

I think I want to start a new trend for my blog.  I’m thinking I’d like to post a:  WHAT WOULD YOU DO WEDNESDAY blog every single Wednesday?  I’ll start with this one and see how it is received.

First What Would You Do Wednesday question scenario is:

We were out to dinner Monday night, at let’s call it a mid-upscale restaurant.  I was in my clothes that I flew in, which was a cozy sweatshirt, nice dark wash jeans with some of my fave, yet super snazzy sneakers.  Not normally how I would dress to go to dinner at this place, but I was already what my family calls “altitude drunk” and didn’t think to pull some nicer clothes out of the suitcase in our SUV.  The good news is they didn’t send me home when I arrived at the restaurant in my flying state, even though some people go to this place in a suit jacket, I wasn’t asked to leave in my get up, it’s that sort of place.  Mid-upscale.  Now, let’s say you’re seated at your table enjoying a cocktail, settling in.  The table directly beside you has two kids at it.  One is probably fourteen, and the other is most likely eleven.  The eleven year old pulls out an iPad while waiting for desert to arrive and turns it on, not only lighting up the beautiful, dimly lite room with the blue light of his device, but also with the volume up quite high.  The parents are cozy on the banquette side by side chatting, the sister is looking at the device with her younger brother.  The four of them are quite happy.  Content, enjoying dinner in their private dining room.

What do you do?

a)  Call over the manager and ask them to deal with the inappropriate behavior of your dining neighbors?

b)  Ask the parents to have the child turn off their device?

c)  Ask the child directly to turn of his device?

d)  Say nothing and be upset about the disruption to your lovely, somewhat expensive meal out?

I really want to know what you would do, you share your answer with me either via my Twitter, or let me know here on the comment page!  This could be fun.  I hope lots of you participate!  Cannot wait to hear what you all would have done.

Now, let’s hope I remember to keep doing this every single Wednesday.  Fingers crossed!


  1. One commenter writes “there is no guarantee of peace and quiet in a public place”. This makes me go hmmm. I feel we should be able to expect, depending on the venue, peace and quiet. At a stadium, a night club, or disco, no. But in a nice, quiet restaurant, in a theater, I do expect it. I was just thinking on the way to work this morning, why would anyone want to live in a crummy society, where people are only concerned about themselves? When with minimal effort, people can actually be nice and kind to each other, and enjoy life together?

  2. I️ would ask the kid if he minded turning down the volume put my sunglasses on if it got ugly call manager

  3. I would probably do d) because I hate confrontation but the “brave” person lurking inside me would like to do a) and discreetly tell the manager and have them deal with it. I wouldn’t say anything to the parents or kids because if they are already letting the kids behave like that I’m sure they would take offense to my request and make me look like the unreasonable one.

  4. Call over a manager/waiter to ask them to ask the other diners to turn down the volume and brightness. Other than that, you really have no right to ask anybody else to put up their belongings. You are not guaranteed peace and quiet in a public place.

  5. I would call the manager over. Sounds like a higher end restaurant nit mickey d’s so the parents should have asked their children to leave the electronics in the car and explain why.

  6. I would call the manager over and ask him to take care of it. If he/she refused then I’d go to the parents. I am not afraid of confrontation but would take the nice approach first before I get attitude.

  7. Well I guess I would go with A. I’m not much on confrontation so I would let the manager handle it. I always had to when I was manager.
    My husband says I’m the crabbiest old lady in the world, but I’m so sick of ill manner people and their children.
    Just MHO

  8. I hate, avoid, shy away from confrontation. So, I would most likely do d) Say nothing and be upset about the disruption to your lovely, somewhat expensive meal out. And if for some reason, I was feeling a little more bold (which would probably take a good amount of alcohol), I would do a) Call over the manager and ask them to deal with the inappropriate behavior of your dining neighbors.

    I was at the cafeteria at work having lunch one day and a guy in my line of sight was on his cell phone with his torch on, shining directly in my eyes. Instead of getting up and talking to my co-worker, I adjusted how I sat so it wasn’t directly in my eyes and then fumed inwardly. People who take control, are direct, and are not afraid of confrontation have a skill that I wish I had and should work on acquiring.

  9. I would pull my earbuds out of my pocket, go over to the kid and ask him to use them, and to turn his screen down a bit. I realize not everyone has earbuds in their pocket or purse, but a lot of people do.

  10. B ask the parents first, then go to management and ask. Really the parents should be doing it and also teaching manners to their children – something that most younger parents are not passing on to their children.

  11. Ms. S.,

    I’d ask the parents of us could turn it down, but I’m an old coach that doesn’t have much of a filter when it comes to parents and kids disrespect.

  12. Good question. I think I would ask the server to politely suggest to the diners at the offending table that the volume and light from the device might be disruptive to other patrons. That might be a non confrontational way to rescue your peaceful evening.

  13. I think the waiter should have been called over and asked to speak with these childrens parents. If the boy would have had earphones in it wouldn’t have been so bad, but having the volume up in the scenerio you described is actually quite rude.

  14. Tried to put this on Twitter but, even with the new 280 characters, I ran out of letters. I would definitely have the manager take care of the issue. Asking the parents would do nothing because they obviously don’t care how disturbing their children are. Asking their child would be equally ineffective since they are not only thoughtless but clueless. And this could lead to conflict with the parents. Doing nothing will make you angrier and angrier and would ruin your night out and your meal. Not only would you not enjoy your dinner, it will shoot your stress level Waaaay which is soo unhealthy. The manager has the power to say stop or leave and hopefully he will do just that.
    Thanks for WWYDW. Can’t wait for future scenarios

  15. Until a few years ago I would have sat and stewed about it but now I approach the parents and explain how disruptive it is to other diners and ask them to tell their children to turn off the device. Generally embarrasses the parents enough that it usually works!

  16. Sorry abt the typos. Must proof before hitting send. “Morning got” etc should be “might get”

    Or just delete the comment. I don’t mind.

  17. You have a handicap named Yannick. Anything you do reflects on him and he’s so well known, it would be hard not to assume if you didn’t handle it carefully, it would get around. I’d go the polite route and ask to have the volume lowered. Forget turning it off. Simple things are best. Although the passive aggressive route of whispering to your server to ask the manager etc morning got get action, it puts the poor manager in the spot of alienating one set of customers or the other. I’d just politely ask. Bet that would do it.

  18. Mmmm…

    In the past I would have put up with this type of situation. It only takes one person, one family to spoil a nice evening out for a couple or family… I would seek out the manager and ask them to speak to them.

  19. The other family were going to be having dessert, as you described. This means they won’t be there much longer. You’re only having cocktails, so it seems you’ll be there much longer. Wouldn’t do a thing if it was me. I’d know soon they’d be going = no fuss and problem (as perceived) is gone.
    If however, the family were going to be there for the full length of a dinner, matching mine, I’d go and speak to the manager and then leave it with the manager to have the waiter maybe go and suggest restaurant policy is to create a quiet atmosphere and request the iPad is turned off.

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