Do all of you who voted for #45 know what a terrible, catastrophic mistake you’ve made???

broken heart

The girls and I are staying spitting distance from Trump Tower where he still has a residence, even though everybody knows that every other US President as long as there has been a country has “walked away” from all that he owned prior to taking office.  Everybody knows that upholding the integrity of the office was greater than any other role they had ever performed prior to the ultimate job of President.

But not this guy.

Not #45.

He is defying and disobeying all the tradition, honor, and privilege that always been associated with being the President of the United States of America.

He is an abomination.

And don’t fucking come at me, you know who you are, with your propaganda messages trying to get me to see your side of this Republican Administration.

Did you see what took place in Charlottesville.

A white march.

Fuck that.

I am white, and there are a great many things that I’m not behind, that I don’t understand or get as a white person in this new world we live in.  But I can tell you this much for free, we, as white people should not be marching saying that our lives matter.

Our fucking lives have ALWAYS mattered.

We’re the ones who have taken from everybody else every single step of the way.  We don’t need  a march, we don’t need a parade, we just need to let everybody live and enjoy this one life as freely as we do.  That’s our role in this life.  To stop taking from others.  To stop acting like we deserve preferential treatment.  To just allow others the same rights and liberties that we automatically get to enjoy.

There is no reason or call for a bunch of fucking stupid white people with small minds to gang together and protest other peoples freedoms.  If anything we need to be marching to ensure that everybody who is a living breathing soul be gifted with the right to just live.

We are all God’s children.

We all deserve the right to enjoy this one life we’ve been gifted.

It’s profoundly amazing to me that people voted for #45.  I’m sitting here in New York City, I’ve walked past his “home” multiple times since being here and I just cannot fathom that there are people out there who follow me who did this to America and the world.  I just cannot beleive that somewhere in your head you thought this was what your country needed and that somehow this giant festering turd of a person was the best choice to lead your country.  You were wrong.  You were way, way, way wrong.  And do me a favour, instead of commenting back to me how offside I am and how I don’t know #45 the way you do, just stop following me.  Save your breath for somebody who cares about what you have to say about your choice in presidnet, because I’m not that person.

You crazy fucking white people are making me go all Kayne, and making me type in all caps…





I can’t even…my heart is literally broken at what #45 has given credence to…I cannot.


  1. I just remember one news commentator sometime spring 2016 , saying that “he is always amusing”!
    I was thinking, that’s NOT something I look for in a president. I never even liked him on his TV shows. Little did I know then that that idiot (I think of him as a buffoon) would actually be voted in! I can’t help but think that the rest of the world must be laughing at us.

  2. Well said. Still today can’t believe he is (not my) president and I am dumbfounded by how many people still defend and support him.

  3. Read this in paper today regarding Trump and North Korea. ‘The fate of the world rests in the hands of a thin-skinned, draft-dodging President, who treats nuclear Armageddon as if it was a celebrity spat on Twitter. God help us. ‘ How did it happen that he became President!!

  4. I think about what is going on in this world right now, and I honestly feel like I’ve fallen into a hole or something. Did we all just go back in time? Did we learn *nothing* from history? You #45 supporters … have you all lost your damn minds? I’m sickened by what’s going on, but I have to say this: all you marchers? Get ready. At some point, someone will determine that you aren’t smart enough. White enough. And then someone will be coming for you.

    Thank you for putting a voice to what I am feeling. That clapping sound you hear coming from the Danforth area is me.

  5. Like I said in the comment for your post dated 8/11/2017, we can thank everyone who voted for this asshole that thought that this guy was going to look out for them because he is a non-politician! WRONG! He is out for himself and his elitist brothers, period! We can thank all those, Millennials mostly, that voted for Jill Stein instead of either this JACKASS or Hillary, because you all effectively voted for this poor excuse of a human being by casting your vote to an Independant that didn’t have a snowball’s chance in HELL of getting elected.
    This Republican Administration is f’n amazing! They are sitting back and putting up with his inane comments to world leaders, to the media, that gets broadcast worldwide, and boasts about shit he has NO F’N CLUE ABOUT! Let me tell you, our military leaders are NOT happy with this guy and will buck any order to shoot and destroy using nuclear weaponry.
    Why in the HELL are these Republicans doing NOTHING but catering and kowtowing to his every word!! WTF is wrong with this GOVERNMENT?? Look at what’s happening in Charlottesville? This is a direct reflection of his disrespectful, condescending, delusional treatment of ANYONE, that’s not him or his daughter and son-in-law!
    I can say this, they are DESTROYING the Republican Party as they were once known. This young ones, hopefully, learned that voting for someone who doesn’t have a chance of winning, only gives us the worst possible candidate. Look at us now!

  6. Every morning, I wake up grateful for another day and all my blessings. Then I remember that the thug-in-chief is in our White House, and the depression and anger begin seeping into my consciousness. It takes me about an hour, and three cups of coffee, to recover, and recommit.
    Today, however, I’m not sure that will be possible, for a very long time. My heart hurts. I am struggling with the “turn the other cheek” mandate that I grew up with. My non-violent activism, a life-long affliction, doesn’t seem to be enough,
    I’ve marched, resisted, I went high when they went low, made hundreds of phone calls to elected official, with follow-up emails, signed petitions, participated in national polls, volunteered and served my party. The result seems to be that we are on the brink of nuclear war, have alienated our allies, and the Nazis and kkk are marching (and committing murder) in our streets,
    So to the 38% of Americans who still support the thug, fuck you!
    Thanks for giving me a safe place to say this, Shantelle.

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