Two things, in my opinion, that Toronto could do without in September. Fashion Week, and TIFF.

formal party yawning and being bored

Every year two things happen during the month of September in Toronto whether we want them to or not.

Fashion Week



Neither are particularly exciting because neither of them are very well executed.  Let me rephrase that.  TIFF is AMAZING if you’re Hollywood famous, and well organized.  But Fashion Week is a bust.  For starters, it is called Fashion Week, yet it is only two days long.  Last night we went to the opening party, and tomorrow night we will go to the closing party.  We didn’t get invited to, nor could we go had we been invited to any of the shows because hi; WORK during the day.  So I have to be satisfied with watching the shows online, or having the key designer shows sent to me later.  It is not well advertised either, so I’m not even sure how other people even know it’s happening.  In a nutshell it is a hot mess, and it needs some help.  Last night I suggested to one of the people involved with it that since it is actually only 48 hours why not have some fun with that.  You know brand it something like this:  ALL THE OTHER CITIES NEED A WEEK TO GET IT DONE, IN TORONTO WE DO FASHION IN 48 HOURS

You know sexy it up.  Sell it like it’s a good thing that it’s only forty eight hours long, rather than the alternative, that there’s not enough money, interest or designers to go around to make it last an entire week.  Which is what it looks like.

You’re showing your cards Toronto and that’s never a good thing.

So if come next year Toronto Fashion Week runs with my 48 hour idea, then they’re going to have to hook me up with some compensation for the re-branding of it.  I mean this branding shit ain’t cheap friends.

Anyway the way we do any of these parties is we walk in, twirl through the room and walk right back out, more interested in feeding ourselves than standing around starting at people and being stared at.  That’s just all too creepy for me.  Yuck.  I hate it so much.  Just thinking about having to do it every single night this week sends a shiver down my spine.  At least I’ll be with my girl Natasha, she’s the best person to stomp through these parties with.

Which brings me to TIFF.  Ah TIFF.  The Toronto International Film Festival which is really now just ten days of the American big name stars swooping into our city, closing down all the hot spots that just two days ago any and all Torontonians could get a table at.  They host their big LA parties, at the best spots in town, and the funny thing is most of the people at the parties aren’t even in the entertainment industry, which always makes me go “hmmm.”  Like where did you get the ticket to this party?  Why are you here?

So many questions.

Also the super fun thing when you do happen to get invited to a real movie party where a HUGE STAR is going to be, is to people watch.  Cuz people lose their minds over famous people.  Like wow.  The vibe inside one of these parties is “electric” people cannot wait to see the famous person.  Every body is trying to act casual like they don’t care that they’re at this party where somebody uber famous is going to be, but they’re all watching the door.  Then they arrive.  Entourage in tow.  And then they do this.  Every single star I’ve ever been at a party where they are walks in the front door, all the non-industry people gawk, take awkward photos of them walking by, the famous person does a pass of the room, everybody thinks they’ve gone to sit in some private VIP room.

They haven’t.  They’ve already gone out the back door before you can even hit share on your Instagram post.

It’s so weird.  TIFF is weird if your name isn’t Matt Damon, and you’re not the lead in one of the films screening.

I remember a few years back Yannick was in a film that was premiering at TIFF.  It was an American film that Yannick had a good size role in.  But the American producers didn’t invite Yannick to walk the carpet, or to any of the press junkets, they invited him to nothing.  In fact, we had to sit in the nosebleed section while the US talent sat front and center, and got to do a Q & A.  It was mortifying.  It was so shocking that Yannick has sworn off any and all TIFF events since.  That is until now.  Now we do things that matter, like any and all Artists for Peace and Justice events.  There is the Producers Ball in support of APJ on Friday, and then the Gala on Sunday.  We will go to these events, and that is it, that is all.  We have decided to turn this no longer about Canadians making Canadian films, or small independent studios getting their stories made and told on the movie screens of the Toronto International Film Festival into a time of making a difference in the world around us.

Thank God for APJ and them saving TIFF for YB and me, until they came along it was always a time for us; “to get out of dodge.”  Now it’s about getting some of this big American stars to help bring awareness to the great work APJ is doing for so many people in need in Haiti.  And these my friends are the best sort of parties to attend.



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  1. Yes I have always thought that TIFF was supposed to be about Canadian and independent films rather than like just about every other film festival in the world. Hope you both enjoy the APJ events and raise lots of money.
    On a selfish note TIFF always interferes with my birthday planning so maybe I’m just jealous 😄😄!!!

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