Today’s WWYDW, you’re at a restaurant and one of your fave performers is at the table beside you, WWYD?

Hey Danielle, friend of Erica, I’m so happy that you read my post about people being cruel to you, and how it has nothing to do with you and everything to do with them.  I’m also ecstatic to hear you have decided to do as I suggested and become an inspiration/role model to any, and all people like you.  You’re going to KILL IT.  I’m incredibly proud of your decision, and I’m in your corner.  Message me your Instagram so that I can be sure to not only follow you, but support you on your “bad ass/love yourself first” F*&K the haters, journey.

Go girl.

And now, on to today’s What Would You Do Wednesday scenario.

Picture this, you’ve just finished a killer workout and are having breakfast at a charming restaurant in LA when you casually look around, taking in the room because it is your first time there, and you spot an Oscar winning actress that you LOVE.  One that you completely adore, not only as a performer, but as a human being.  Then a week later, you’re at your absolute favorite dinner spot, celebrating your thirtieth first date anniversary with your husband, when in walks one of the most successful female recording artists of all times.  Your daughters are obsessed with her, getting a photo of her would make you the coolest mom EVER.  What do you do in both these situations?

Do you,

a)  try to sneak a photo of them (this has happened to Yannick more times than I can count, and I can assure you, it’s never that sneaky…)

b)  attempt to catch their eye so you can smile, nod, any gesture really, to let them know you think they’re the cat’s meow?

c)  wait for a natural break in their conversation with their table mates, walk up to them so you can meet them, and get a legitimate photo of them/with them?

d)  mind your business and let it be enough that you were breathing the same air as them, if even for half an hour?

I know what I did in both situations, and I cannot wait to hear WWYDW!  As always, I’ll reveal my choice tomorrow!  Happy Hump Day friends!


  1. If I could afford it, I would send a bottle of really good champagne to their table for them, with a note thanking them for the joy they’ve given you (or some equivalent). If they are as classy as you describe, they will at least wave to you, and perhaps later in the evening walk over and say thank you. If they don’t even acknowledge you, then you’ve learned they aren’t as classy as you thought!

  2. I’m cheating a little because I’ve already read your next blog … ha! … but I would do (and have done) a version of B with an option for C if it worked out. I don’t know that I’d *try* to make eye contact, but depending on the situation sometimes it’s just inevitable. Sometimes, too, some eye contact can lead to an opening for a “hello”, and that’s always nice, too. Also, if it’s an industry event, I have ZERO problem going up to someone to say hello because we are all there for the same purpose. I’ve done it many times. Because of my personality being what it is, I have often “used my powers for good instead of evil” and taken the opportunity to introduce someone else who is too shy to say anything on their own (but again, only at an industry function).

  3. Can we have another choice? I like smiling but without catching their eye. If they look up and around and happen to glance your way, smile to let them know you admire them. Otherwise don’t interrupt them. They deserve down time too. Yannick knows what it feels like, you’ve blogged about it. Hope no one interrupted your romantic dinner 😉

  4. I am a little late to WWYDW. I would do option D. I have been in this situation before with my favourite band from when I was a teenager. It was enough for me that I was breathing the same air as them and would have a story after that I got to see them. I did not feel like I wanted to invade their person space/time.

  5. Would do none of the suggestions but would write a short note, give it to my server and have that delivered to the singer/actor’s table. Have the server indicate where I am. Then after the note is read, see if there is any welcome. If ignored, would definitely respect their privacy.

  6. I’m not good at sneaky in any form. And I hate to intrude when they are on their personal time. So this is a tough one. But, I know I would regret the moment if I let it pass since it would be probably my only chance so I guess I would do C and pray I wouldn’t be rebuffed and embarrassed.

  7. I would go with C and introduce yourself. you may admire them but you both are stars. They are no better than either of you. Introduce yourself and tell them how much you admire their work and tell them you would love to get a picture with them if it isn’t too much trouble.
    That’s what I would do if I was ever lucky enough to be ‘in the same air’ as you two 😄😄

  8. All suggestions are possible. Keeping in mind that everyone is out for dinner with friends, I would probably not interrupt their meal because I would not enjoy anyone interrupting mine for a casual photo. However if some connection is really important perhaps the waiting staff could deliver a handwritten note from you to them signed, of course, asking for a convenient time for autograph or picture etc.
    Curious to learn what you did.

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