Today’s WWYDW, what to do with a troll???

Today’s What Would You Do Wednesday, I believe is something that we all have dealt with, and are dealing with more and more in our daily lives.  Shitty people who know they’re shitty but seem to glean some sort of satisfaction from being utterly gross and shitty out in the world.  The truly fascinating thing is that it is extremely rare to meet one of these people out in the wild.  Most often we only know them by fake screen names, eggs as their profile photos and false email addresses so that one can’t even write back to them and ask them; “what the actual hot hell is wrong with you?  Did nobody love you as a child, or ever?”

These are the questions that come to mind whenever I encounter a troll on the internet.

I’m so not that person who would bother with somebody who irks me.  Like seriously, if I don’t like you and I think you’re the absolute worst person ever on the planet then guess what I’m going to do with you.  Nothing.  I will have nothing to do with you and I will do and say nothing to or about you, ever.  I’ve got no time for that bullshit, nor do I have any energy for it.  And if I’m being brutally honest, if you’re such an awful arrogant, brutal person I’m confident me telling you that I think so will have less than zero effect on you and your personality.

Which brings me to the topic for today; let’s say you absolutely cannot stand somebody “famous” that you’re intentionally following, and seeking out on social media do you:

a)  write comments on their blog to tell them that you think they suck?

b)  never, ever, read another thing they write because you think they suck so bad, and you know that your life is too valuable to spend any time reading their drivel and paying further attention to them?

c)  go out in the world get some fresh air, get some vitamin D, maybe make some real life friends and step away from your keyboard?

d)  do nothing, continue living in your clearly unhappy life and subjecting yourself to the pain, misery and anguish of following a “famous plastic” person you hate?

But in all seriousness…if you found yourself dealing with a troll on the internet how would you handle them, would you;

a) respond by re-posting and calling them out, ala Chrissy Teigen

b) confront them personal via DM/email

c)  block and report them

d) or ignore them, give them zero power/satisfaction and know that eventually all trolls go back under the bridge.

Anyway, there are so many things that make me go “hmmm” in this life, and one of them is I wonder, how would you all handle a troll??  I can’t wait to hear your responses!


  1. Have to agree with some of the others in poll one I would do B and C. never read another thing , block, mute or whatever it takes and then go get some fresh air to cleanse my brain. 🙂
    As many have said, these people ( and I use that term loosely) are looking for attention so D would be my answer in the second poll. Ignore and never look for them again,

  2. Fortunately have not yet had a troll but when I do think I will most likely ignore them. Why give them the satisfaction of responding!! However since it has not actually happened and knowing how upset I get when you and Mr. B and the family get trolled don’t know uf I could hold myself back! ❤

  3. Mostly “c” on responding to the first question. But as it applies to Trump, then “a” all the way. He deserves every nasty comment that comes his way!

  4. Ok this is a 2-part answer. First, it’s: b) with the caveat that I wouldn’t waste my time after I first discovered they’re a jackass. Second it’s: a) followed by d) because again I wouldn’t waste my time knowing they’re a jackass. Sorta the way I feel about the leader of my country. There is so much negativity on social media that I’m glad my employers frown upon being active in it. I don’t know how you and others can stand that kind of negative vibe being thrown at you. Just know that I like your blog and check in daily to see what runs through your mind on current affairs.

  5. Trolls crave attention so I’d ignore them. Eventually you hope they’ll get tired of the silence and find someone else to virtually stalk. Responding just legitimated their insanity.1

  6. I had this happen to me and i used “block and report.” I tried ignoring him for a bit but he was so relentless and I started to fear it would effect my job. I also thought for awhile that it would make ME look bad,like people would believe him, but then folks started defending me and telling him to shut up. That made me feel better, but I keep him blocked because I can’t monitor things 24/7. I also found out where he lives, other side of the state, so I don’t fear running into him.
    Good luck, whatever you decide. I will keep reading and supporting you!

  7. Ugh! These posts of yours remind me of why I have failed to do social media. I DO NOT understand why people feel the need to follow and comment to someone they don’t like or agree with. I enjoy your posts, and I’m constantly amazed by some of the whackos–yes, whackos–who feel the need to call you out. I would ignore them–they aren’t worth a breath, even though they seem to need approbation from someone they disagree with. Having said “ignore,” however, I also think you should block them. Who needs that negative energy in their life, even as you try to ignore it. Hang in!

  8. For poll one, I would do B and C.

    For the second poll, I would love to do A like Chrissy Teigen but I am not usually that quick on the cutting replies. I would probably end up doing C or D.

  9. I think D is the best solution. After all, they are attention seekers. Blocking them won’t do any good. They just come back with another fake account. It might be very hard not to respond but ignoring them would pack the most punch.

  10. Sometimes I’ll ‘mute’ someone after replying to their verbal aggression which wasn’t appropriate or warranted. That way they don’t know their probably again aggressive next reply won’t reach my timeline. Or will choose to block them and sometimes will leave a comment to them regarding my reason for blocking them. Or if truly vile, just block them. Occasionally, if someone is attacked and RT’s the verbal abusive comment, I’ll go and block them myself out of principle and to support the person receiving the aggressive comment.
    So, my answer is: c. If the person is of the level needing reporting – hateful, racists or threatening – will report them also.

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