Today’s WWYDW; how far would you go to help somebody with mental health issues?

In keeping with the discussion of mental health, and what our governments could do to really begin making a change in the lives of people who need it most.  Today’s What Would You Do Wednesday will focus on how would you handle it if in your life somebody close to you was struggling with severe mental health issues, and needed help?

We’ve been fortunate as a family to always have coverage so that when, any one of us felt like the load of life was getting to be too much, and we didn’t have tools to cope with it we had coverage to ensure that we could utilize private care.  The importance of this incredible gift, and privilege is not lost on me.  I’m deeply aware of how fortunate I, my girls, my husband, and my marriage are to have had access to getting help when we needed it.  But this is not the case for too many people who desperately need it.  Which brings me to today’s WWYDW.

If you were close to somebody who displayed signs of mental health issues that looked like were out of their coping abilities, but they didn’t have the means to get help would you;

a)  try to be a support to them personally??

b)  dip into your own pockets and pay for the help they need, since you’re not a licensed or educated therapist?

c)  start a go fund me page to collect money from friends and family of the person in need, so they have a shot at healing, and living a healthy life?

d)  nothing, because at the end of the day therapy is expensive, and people with severe mental health issues can’t be helped.

I’ve encountered people over the years who had a need for support with their mental health wellness, and have always done everything I could.  So I’m curious to hear if you too have been in this place before, and if yes how did you help?




  1. Late as i am, i would have to say A.
    I have been there, done that, wrote the musical and have the t-shirt.

    I am also trained in counseling. While my degree was in writing, i have one course to go to complete my counseling degree. I have also worked on the crisis line here.

    Having been caught in the system i can understand the feelings of what it is like to be looked down on and degraded because of the need for mental health assistance. Our society seems to think receiving mental health care makes a person “less than.” The irony there is the number of vocal critics who have themselves taken advantage of this help.

    Reach out. If you feel ill-equipped to help, look to a local crisis line for recommendations. Give a hand (or shoulder to cry on) to someone who needs it. Just by letting the person in need know that you care can make a world of difference to them.

  2. A little late with my answer here. I can’t imagine anyone going with d. People have to reach out to those in need. I would so my best to urge and help them to find professional help, I could not help them except for being there. If they needed monetary support,my own pockets aren’t very deep after losing my job to a service center overseas 🙁 If I knew enough of their family and friends I would try the Go Fund Me route. First of all we need to reach out to these people in trouble and let them know they are not alone

  3. This hits home as I lost my first husband to suicide. He was a military officer, and he believed that if he sought treatment, he would lose his job. (NOT true!) I had no idea what to do, but as I had just given birth to our son, I briefly thought about telling my doc *I* had his symptoms, getting medicine, and giving it to him. I knew that was a ridiculous idea, but I was desperate. Shortly before he died, I had made a better plan. I was going to tell our neighbors he had really bad food poisoning and take him to the ER where I would commit him against his will. I never got that chance. He took his life as I was grocery shopping with our kids. To this day, I am grateful they were distracted by tv.

    I made sure my kids knew it IS OKAY to get help. There is no shame in it. I sought immediate treatment for PTSD, and I know it works!

    My story has a happy ending. I am remarried to the greatest guy in the world. He loves my kids as his own. Still, I wonder what would have happened if I had known where to get help for my late husband.

  4. We have a psychologist in the family. She’s our go to person to fit a therapist with a person who is struggling. The problem comes when the struggling person, over whom you have no legal control, refuses. We lean in n them, offer to pay, do interventions but to no avail. This person will do what he wants and ultimately the outcome will be tragic. And there is nothing we can do.

  5. Hi! You have posed a most interesting question that has given me great food for thought. A recent tragic incident here in LA has added to your question of what would I do. For myself I have used counselling when tackling an unfaithful mate and health issues. I realized I needed help and wasn’t afraid to ask for it and receive it. I’m an African-American woman living in a community that believes that God is the answer to all problems and prayer will solve everything. It’s shameful to ask for help because prayer will fix it. He or she is just going through a phase and will grow out of it. Or the problem will just disappear in time. Or it let’s not talk about it. This young man had a history of emotional issues since early childhood and whatever assistance he was getting just wasn’t working. He got his hands on a gun, shot his grandmother 7 times, kidnapped his girlfriend, running gun battle with the police and caused the death of an innocent woman. Relatives said that they should have called someone but weren’t sure who. As for myself, having worked with Developmentally Disabled teens and adults, I would fight like hell to get someone the help they need. I would call, write, scream and yell till I found help for someone that needed it. That’s my nature. If need be I would go back to school and get my license to help that person. I know that I would not give up. There might not be a cure but there would be hope.

  6. A & B and I’ve done both. When Mike and I were both working we helped whoever in the family and one person who was not, but in need of help we helped. Now it would be tougher, but I guess we would have to scrape it together and do what need to be done.
    Since I personally have been in & out of therapy since 1994 I know what a great blessing it can be to get professional help. I probably wouldn’t be here today without it or without the great support of my husband.

  7. Happy Happy Wednesday Shantelle💗 Mental Illness has been part of my family since I can remember. I lost my younger brother to mental Illness many years ago. I came from a very close knit family and we all tried to help him. He had a several good doctors that tried to help him but he would try to kill himself time after time. We lost contact with him and today I have not seen him for 43 years.
    So what would I do💚 I would try to get help for any person that needed it. 1. check out community Resourses and private one.
    2. Try to get him to his doctor or find him one.
    3 Be there for support and just listen to him.
    I would do all I could because I would hate to lose someone else to medical illness. I losted my sweet sweet little brother.
    I know that you can help but some don’t want to be helped.
    I still wonder what ever happened him. Mental illness is a terrible disease. 💚⚘💚⚘💚⚘💚⚘💚⚘💚

  8. As I live in Denmark, healthcare (including mental healthcare) is free. So I can stick with A – because there is always a need for support from the nearest and dearest.

    But if it was the difference between treatment or no treatment, I would do my best to help financially. I don’t think I would go the Go Fund Me route, simply because mental disease carries such stigmata with it – would my friend/family member want it out in the general public? But if I could gather on a more private basis from people in the know, then I would.

  9. I would do a and c since I live paycheck to paycheck for the most part. I would try to help them however I could. A go fund me page is a brilliant idea. This way there is hope they can get the help they need. I’ve participated in several of these for acquaintances and friends battling cancer. It’s bad enough to have the stress of the disease then have the added stress of how in the hell they can pay for what insurance doesn’t cover.

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