Today’s WWYDW are you a fan of gender neutral public restrooms?

I’ve had the sort of full/interesting week that has me pondering exactly which What Would You Do Wednesday scenario is my top pick.  Normally this is not my issue on Wednesday’s, usually I’m reaching to find an appropriate topic, but today, at the end of a rather long, busy day, as I sit down to write, I’m faced with too many options for you all.

What to do, what to do???

Since it’s been a good long while since the last time I offended anybody, I’m opting to stir the pot a little bit.  This WWYDW was inspired by the same woman who asked the “hmmm” about women who already have large breasts adding even more to their expansive chests.  Today’s WWYDW is something I’ve not yet found myself having to deal with, so I’m curious if any of you have, and if you have, how did you handle it?  Or, if you haven’t, what do you think about this new trend gender neutral bathrooms nonsense.  Are they okay in your mind, or not?  And what would you do if you found yourself face to face with a burly man sauntering into a communal gender neutral bathroom ready to drop some kids off at the pool, while you’re dying from menstrual cramps thanks to your organs being all smushed together, you’ve got wicked gas and you want to be free to pass your period gas in peace?  WWYD?

Would you:

a)  exit the bathroom, crossing your legs, and wait for him to be finished his man business so you can have the restroom in private?

b)  politely ask him to wait a few minutes and allow you to use the gender neutral multi stalled bathroom alone?

c)  look around and try to locate a handicapped private one person only toilet?

d)  do nothing, get in and get out as quickly as possible, all the while keeping your ear buds in so you don’t hear any body noises from the stall next door???

As always, I cannot wait to hear what you all have to say about this spicy little topic.  I’ll post my thoughts and feelings on this whole nonsense Thursday.





  1. Well, this brings up all sorts of issues. Personally, I don’t care to share with the boys. Soooo many situations unplanned for. What about if you have a child with you, a little girl, and you have to share the restroom with a strange man. Nope, not for me. Or a little boy and you’re in there with a group of women you don’t know. Hey. I’ve been in women’s locker rooms. They aren’t much better than the men. I don’t think I care to expose my children to this before they are really ready. Changing tables? Hmmmm, I can hear it now. And when it comes to that time of the month, and all the ensuing fun? Oh, forget that. I’d go look for anyplace else, other than having to share my space with a man I didn’t know. I work in a hospital where the bathrooms are unisex, however, they are single occupancy. Don’t really like that, either, but not much can be done. I guess these are things that go along with the equality for all philosophy, but I don’t think we should sacrifice privacy in the process. Just sayin’.

  2. In this gender neutral bathroom are there stalls that we can each be in to do our business? If yes, I have no problems at all with any gender being in there with me as long as there are stalls. Now if all the toilets are out in the open and just in a line, then I have a problem but with anyone else being in there with me.

    I guess from the options above I would have to go with C. I do need a stall to do my business, regardless if I am in a ladies-only bathroom or a gender neutral one.

  3. I should have added, the issue is more of privacy, there is very little in those flimsy, barely 6 ft tall board partition stalls, you feel self conscious about doing anything there wether they are mixed or not! But when you have to go you have to go 🙂

  4. In the Uk more and more toilets are genderless and to be honest I don’t see what the problem is, they are self contained cubicles often with their own hand washing basin , you get in , do your business, get out , in the corridor you may find a man or a woman waiting, so what? Beats having to queue for ages while men get in and out of their toilets, you never see men quewing in gendered toilets, only women …

  5. Have to go with d. get in and out quickly. Not fair to ask him to leave or wait. he has to go too. I have encountered this once in my travels. Strange to be washing my hands next to a guy, but as long as there are closed stalls and no urinals on the wall, I am OK with it. Rather not but when you gotta go, you gotta go.

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