To protect our spirit, we must love and honour said spirit.

I am so late to this party, that by the time you read this post that accompanies one of last Tuesday’s online segments, you’ll probably be getting this week’s as well.

C’est Le Vie.  Tis the life of an entrepreneur busy bad ass!

Okay let’s get to it.  Protecting not only your kid from social media and news is not only priority one for them, but hell, if you’re anything like me, limiting your time and exposure to all that stuff is becoming a priority for your own mental health as well.  Just yesterday while on Twitter I must have said to myself:  “I should just shut down my account.”  With every other post.

It seems that the news is determined to literally have not one shred of good news in it, like at all, ever.  It’s all doom and gloom with climate change, with Florida having the worst storm making landfall in forever, the Proud Boys, WHAT THE HELL NAME IS THAT ANYWAY???  And then there is Trump.  Every day that man IS saying or doing something so profoundly asinine that it’s hard to believe that they’re actually predicting he’ll get another term.

Lord help us all.

So here we are, I’m forty-nine and I cannot handle the news, so I choose to read inspirational quotes, watch videos about cute kids and animals.  And maybe that’s what your child needs as well.  Because as time marches on I’m beginning to fully grasp the mantra, that what we focus on we become.  If we watch, meditate, and talk about doom and gloom then how can our spirits soar, and be free?  How can we be creative, open and vibrant? And I personally would much rather be love, loving to myself, loving to those I don’t even know, and the world at large.  So it is my humble opinion that the best way to keep your child(ren) and yourself from becoming over loaded on bad news is to limit your exposure, only take in what you can process on a daily basis.  Don’t allow your spirit, or your kid(s) spirit to get bogged down with darkness, and the weight of the world.  Then teach, and walk in your daily life, in a way that honours other human beings around you, and our planet earth.  Because at the end of the day we cannot control how other people want decide to behave during their time here, but, we can teach our children how best to conduct themselves, by practicing what we preach, and doing the best we can each and every day to move through life with kindness and respect for all.  Today is the first day of the rest of life, meaning it’s never too late to make a U-turn, or turn the page in order to get more self love into your life, and the life of your child(ren).




  1. Have to agree about the news. When I open my computer and my News Feed comes up I choose things like “Fifth grader completes 50 5Ks in 50 days in honor of grandfather” or “Navy veteran finds, returns long-lost burial flag to Navy hero’s widow” or “Is your Dog Smart?” So I Kind of go by Don’t Worry-Be Happy. Don’t worry about the Trump crap and the other awful news. Be Happy for yourself and others and spread that happiness and laughter every day.

  2. I agree with you Shantelle ❤ I have given up on reading the newspaper, watching the news, it’s all bad news that in the end makes you feel bad. That’s not good so I don’t🌹 I social media I look to animals people that love life like I do. I read good books and walk with nature and watch funny shows. With good and wonderful people like you, Shantelle we stop and think about what’s going on in our weried wonderful world. Thank you so much Shantelle for sharing these wonderful amazing beautiful words. Just keepin coming ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤🌹🌺🌹

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