To bait and catch a troll, it’s not an easy job, but somebody has to do it.

Something I’ve learned from being a mom is that if you have to wait in order to be proven right, it is always worth it.  No need to pressure anybody to come clean with a truth, no stress at finding out who did what to whom, and who started it.  Eventually, if you wait it out long enough the truth is revealed.

I feel the exact same way about our troll.  There is definitely a whole lot of activity going on, but the one thing that is going on for sure, is that this person that we’re dealing with is seriously mentally unwell.  And if I’m being honest, and if I put all the horrible, terrible, crazy offside things they’ve said; it breaks my heart.  In the past I’ve shared about my own struggles with depression, and bulimia; I have an idea of the impact of being and feeling mentally vulnerable and what it can do to one’s life.  But this person that we’re dealing with, doesn’t have mild depression, in my humble, non-medically trained opinion, it feels likes this is somebody with multiple personality disorder.  Which I cannot even imagine living with, or trying to cope with.  Especially in a world where the governments could give less than zero fucks about mental health and supporting people who are living with it.

But even though I have all the empathy in the world for people battling mental illnesses I do have this to say; where are their loved ones?  Like if you know somebody is as unwell as our troll is, who I must say is completely and utterly unhinged, where is the family?  Doesn’t anybody know that she seems so unsound that I’m not even sure that she should be living on her own, never mind be allowed a cellphone or a computer.  It is just so utterly shocking to me that I find myself feeling like I CAN’T EVEN about her and the entire situation.  The worst part about it all is all of you who keep messaging us saying; “when they go low, go high!”  And all the other genuinely kind, thoughtful helpful things you’ve recommended.  But trust me when I tell you this:  engaging her is all a part of the plan.  The detective working on this told us that we need to get as much crazy content from her as is humanly possible.  This is how they track them down.  So, I know you’re worried, I know it’s ugly and not fun for all of you, but sadly it tis the only way to catch a troll, is by giving them enough rope so that they eventually hang themselves.  Let’s just hope it doesn’t take all that much longer, since I do have a book to write, and she is taking up a considerable amount of time!!

But for now, I’m going to turn this bad boy off, grab a glass of water and head off to dream land.  Three nights in a row of party, party, party, with too much tequila and not nearly enough sleep has got this almost fifty year old babe WORN RIGHT OUT.

I hope you all had an awesome Sunday, and remember, if you read an off-side comment on mine, Yannick or any of the girls accounts, screen shot, report and block.  Because contrary to what we’ve all thought, apparently the best way to actually catch a troll, is to feed it.  Who knew???

We love you, thanks for you help and hopefully our troll will be moved to another bridge in the very near furture.




  1. All I can say is “Yikes!”

    I have to say, your ability to feel and express empathy as this is all playing out is indicative of your sense of humanity, and I applaud you.

    I believe, as I write this, the troll has been fed and has been apprehended … but in the case it has not, I wish you a speedy resolution to all of this. Nobody deserves to have to live with this kind of abuse.

  2. I read just a couple of the horrible things this person tweeted to you. I feared that they were threatening your life, under all of their hate speech. Then I wondered how any company can tolerate that kind of blatant outward hatred. Since in the corporate world, either private or public, we are all “schooled” to be tolerant, understanding, etc. How is it that this company, Instagram, and their parent company, Facebook, can allow this to continue to happen when so many people have reported them. So I got to talking to my IT colleagues about it. In our line of work, there are ALWAYS ways to catch this person. Everyone on social media leaves a trail. Whether it be a MAC address, and IP address or as simple as a phone number or email. There is information behind all of that, that will point to the culprit. There is software out there that companies use to follow a person of interest and triangulate their location. There is! Just think of GPS! I thought I was coming up with something new in this industry. I was wrong! It’s out there! So, I say to you Shantelle that they will be caught. It’s just a matter of logistics, time and a good investigator to apprehend them. So keep on the path you’ve been recommended to do. Keep them coming at you because it will eventually lead to them being exposed!

  3. Hope you had a good rest last night Shantelle. I am reporting and blocking like mad. Sending much love to you all❤

  4. So sorry you are going through all this. I will engage whenever I can and report. I know others are doing the same. Hopefully this will come to an end soon. I know everything us not ready out there but you have that nice writing porch at the cottage and you need to be able to focus, Can’t wait for the final product,
    Wishing you Sunshine and Roses

  5. So many people fantasize about life that they let it take over their reality. I’m sorry that your family is being trolled and wish you all well in this situation. Sometimes the person’s​ behavior has called for those around them remove their presence from them or they have given up trying to get or give help to the troller. I’m so sorry that this is happening to your family but you are a strong and Blessed family. Keeping all of you in my prayers.

  6. Hi Mrs. Bisson
    I now understand your strategi & will happily help out knowing you & Yannick got this under control. Agree with you, this is not a fun situation for anyone, including your Troll. I get so sad & angry reading thrugh comments & reporting. Hope it will be solved soon with enough evidence to bring back happy peaceful times for your lovely family & us fans too, becouse yes, we care, we worry and must of all keeps you in our hearts. Take good care & pls. give Mr. Bisson an exstra hug from us fans 💕

  7. I’m so glad you posted this because everything I’ve read says ignore them. I didn’t know you had a plan much less a detective. I’ve only recently read a few trolly posts. They strike me as repetitive, like she can’t think of any new slurs so she just repeats the old ones in full caps. There is some kind of mania going on here. So now I’ll report them when I see them. It probably offends us fans more on your behalf, but clearly you all can take care of yourselves. I do hope you find her and she gets the help she needs, not just a fine and slap on the wrist, but substantive and appropriate help. I fear there are millions of alienated people out there for whom trolling is their only emotional outlet.

  8. Wishing you the best of luck in tracking down the troll. Stay safe, ignore as much as you possibly can, and give yourselves plenty of time and space to react however much you need (do it privately as much as you can so there’s no question in anyone’s eyes that you didn’t do anything to exacerbate the situation). If necessary, get some private security for yourselves. Just… be…safe.

  9. I hope you can lure this sad, damaged troll out from under her bridge and toward some help.
    Stay strong. Don’t let her bite you. Trolls are always hungry especially for feelings and emotions and they are never satisfied.
    You have many friends and followers who will continue to report and block this troll’s behaviour.

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