Time for another: What Would You Do Wednesday!

Well I did it, I managed to remember that I said I would do a What Would You Do Wednesday on Wednesday’s and here I am!

The life predicament I would like to present to you today is this:

With all the sexual assault allegations that are being brought to light by so many women, and some men, it is stunning to me how many of these things were taking place “in the light of day.”  The fact that so many people were complicit in the behaviour of the offenders is mind blowing.  For example I’m reading about how many of Roy Moore’s colleagues knew that he; “dated young girls.”  Ummmm, it’s not called “DATING” when they are under the age of consent folks, that is called predatory pedophilia.  It is wrong.  It is illegal, and you all owed the young girls the duty of speaking up, and protecting them.  Even in the case of Harvey Weinstein I’ve read how his assistants would co-ordinate getting the actresses to his place.  Unbelievable.  Aiding and abetting the sexual attacks of so many women.  I wonder how these people are all sleeping at night these days; now that it is all coming to light??

The bottom line is that the math works out like this (and this is conservative math I’m doing here):  For every sexual assault that takes place in a work environment there are three people who know it is happening:  1)  The Victim  2)  The Offender and 3)  a Witness.  This can either be a co-worker who is a friend of one of the two parties involved, or it can simply be somebody who sees the entire thing go down.  Either way people always know.  Which is amazing to me, if three people know then why does it get to stay under cover FOR SO LONG???  It truly makes me go “hmmm.”

So, with this in mind I ask you:

What Would You Do if you knew that somebody was sexually harassing other people in your workplace, or worse sexually assaulted somebody.

Would you:

a) take the bull by the horns and confront the offender and tell them that you know what they’re up to and that it needs to stop of you’ll contact the authorities?

b)  contact the authorities directly without giving the offender a chance to “take a break” from their sexual misconduct until the buzz dies down?

c)  speak to the co-worker who is being harassed/assaulted offer to get them help, support, or offer to assist them in filing a report?

d)  do nothing since it’s really none of your business and they’re both adults, if the person being harassed/assaulted doesn’t do anything about it, then the other co-workers actions must not be that serious or inappropriate???

I cannot wait to hear your feedback, on today’s What Would You Do Wednesday!


  1. It would depend on HOW I knew. If I was a direct witness to a specific situation, where I had no doubt of intent, I would like to think that I would try to stop it, and not let it continue. Because that would send a very clear message to both victim and perpetrator (and hopefully anyone else in the vicinity).
    If I hadn’t been a direct witness, or the situation was unclear/murky, then I would go to the victim. Because what if what I thought I saw wasn’t the way this person saw it? And really, it wouldn’t be my case to try, but I would certainly be there for support in any way I could.

  2. Sadly A Very Timely Topic – Thank youi
    a) Don’t think so An animal like that has no conscience and you could be putting yourself in harms way.
    b) I believe this would put the victim in a place where she/he would have to come out or deny it,
    c) IMO This would be the best course forward. Let them know you know what is going on and are there to help. Encourage them to go to HR (not always helpful depending on the company) or the authorities and offer to go with them. Make sure they know you have their back.
    d) NO – This is why we are in the situation we are seeing this every day from years ago,.

  3. I would do B. We have clear guidelines at work that outline how to handle these situations.

  4. I’m stuck between a & b. I’d do a) if I knew the attacker and they knew me, even at a distance. I’d do b) if I didn’t know them or felt they were a threat to either myself or the victim. Either way, I could not do nothing. It is my duty as a fellow human being to help those in need. We are all on this planet together and are ultimately of one race.

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