There’s no more gas in my tank today, friends.

Well this is has been a day for the history books.  After traveling for nine hours, finishing the first pass on my non-fiction book, and completing my first article that will be PUBLISHED, I also had the joy of cleaning dog urine up off the floor.  It took three turns to get it all up, not sure if it’s just because it had been there so long, or that there was simply so much of it that made it such a multi stage task.  After that I washed all three dogs, because they smelled as if they had rolled around in the urine, then I washed their beds, because what came first?  Do they smell like pee cuz they rolled in it, or did they get some urine on their paws, then sleep on their beds, so now that makes them smell like pee?  Hmmm, hmmm, hmmm???  While I was at it, I noticed they had been let up on the white couch while I was away, so stripped that and threw all the pillow covers, seat cover and all in the wash.  Just for fun, in the middle of all that, I carried on in my attempt to source my surprise for YB.  It’s not going well, but I have great faith in myself that I will prevail and the surprise will be located in time for when I want to surprise him.  Please baby Jesus, let it be so.

On top of all that, my dad was supposed to have a knee replacement yesterday but he was running a fever, so they sent him home, not sure when he’ll get it done now.  My poor dad can barely walk both his knees are so bad, bone on bone, with bone fragments sheered off and floating BEHIND the knee.  Seriously.  He really needs to get these new knees, it’s not a good thing he’s got going on, let me tell you.  Then, one of our daughters had a single vehicle accident yesterday, no injuries, unless you count her car?  Blessed.  Thank the universe.  Then my younger brother called me today to inform me that our mother was in a car accident, her car is a write off, but she somehow managed to get away with only a fractured foot.  Small miracles.  But, seriously, what the hell is in the water???  Within my family, there have been three car accidents in as many weeks.  It’s enough already, my nerves are worn thin.  It might have more to do with the fact that I’ve almost been up for twenty four straight hours that has me feeling so stunned with regards to the start of my week, I can’t be sure.  What I am entirely sure of, is that right now I’m sitting here, fighting to stay awake so I can see my daughter, who we saw only three times during the first ten days that we were here in January, and she lives in our house.  I also have probable cause to believe that the rat that used to live OUTSIDE our house, has, thanks to the rain, which is a friggin blessing, moved INSIDE my house.  Well not my house, yet, but in the ducts of my house.  The reason I believe this to be true is because when I arrived home today, not only was there dog pee flooding the dining room floor, but, the floor grate for the dining room heating vent, had been savagely pulled out of the floor, all the dark stain pretty much clawed, or chewed off it, and it was half way across the house.  Then just now while I was cooking dinner, all three boys were huddled over the heat register in the kitchen.  Duke muscled the other two out of the way, and began pulling at the grate with his paw, while they all snorted, and sniffed incessantly.  They wanted whatever was IN that duct.  Man, I really hope it isn’t a rat freeloading in my ducts.  I’m not in the mood to handle something like this while YB is out of town.  I mean, come on, moving a rat out of my house?  Really?  Go live in the garage with the bikes and shit.  Leave the house to me, the girls and the boys.  We aren’t fans of rats.  Is anybody really a fan of rats???

Anyway, I know I promised to give you my explanation as to why Yannick and I used spanking as a form of discipline on today’s post, but with all that I’ve dealt with already today, combined with finishing my non-fiction book, I’m all out of words for the day.  I will get a good night sleep, regroup and give you; “the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help me God” tomorrow.

Blessings to all,





  1. The way you write stuff, you’re so funny! I couldn’t keep from laughing, even though what you are experiencing is anything but funny. I particularly like the part where you want the rodent to live “out in the garage with the bikes and shit”. I think it is good to keep a sense of humor, although it can be VERY hard at times. When I have “a urine” situation, I say to myself(out loud), “this isn’t what I wanted to be doing right at this moment”, although I can’t figure out how that really helps. I guess it keeps me from screaming.
    Wow. I thought I was having a not so good month. I sincerely hope everything works out well and quickly, and that your honey will be back soon!
    PS I just love your midnight concerts. You guys are the cutest couple I know(well, sorta know)!

  2. Might I suggest: Take bottle of wine (colour and grape to be determined by you), take your biggest wineglass, open wine, pour as much as you deem proper (albeit you can always bring the bottle), sit in chair/sofa/on bed, down the glass at the speed you prefere, take a deep breath, let shoulders descend. Repeat as many times as you need to. Sleep well.

    Tomorrow: call exterminator, explain your rodent-worries, and get someone to deal with it, before Mr. B needs to do any more DIY.

    Woohoooo on book and article, good luck on catching Miss B, praying for a quick recovery for your parents.

  3. Woo Girl, you’ve had your hands full! Seems like the boys were left alone too long and couldn’t hold it. Been there, had that happen! It’s worse when, at 5 AM you walk into the kitchen barefooted, half asleep and step into a pile of poop! Had that happen too many times with my German Shepherd. She was a special child!!
    As far as the rat is concerned. Sounds like you need a trap, or an exterminator to catch the little rodent. You will have to figure out how he got INTO the house in the first place after you’ve gotten rid of him. But the exterminator should be able to find it, if he’s any good. (Can you hear him running around the ducts?)
    I recently had bats in my attic in NJ. Yup, bats! I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t have 1 or 2, I had a freggin colony of 15 to 20 little brown bats. I found out that bat poop or guano is highly toxic to humans and I had 2 tenants living just below it. Actually, they had access to the attic from their apartment. So I had to warn them NOT TO OPEN THE DOOR TO THE ATTIC, for their own safety, while the exterminator was trying to shoo them out. You see, they are protected! That’s a whole other story. Anyway, you couldn’t kill them. So they had to put a “one-way bat door” on one of the “width of a pencil” openings they were coming in at. After they left for the evening to go fly around and eat bugs, they couldn’t get back in, so they’d go elsewhere. That’s how they got rid of them. Afterward, I had to have a hazmat team come in and sanitize the attic, to the tune of $3,000!!!
    That’s the first time I didn’t have to clean up after an animal. $3,000 was pricey, but I paid in gladly. They did a good job, no more bats, all the openings were sealed and my attic is sparkling clean. (First time ever).
    So Shantelle, call an Exterminator. You don’t want the boys to tangle with it and get bitten. God knows, you’ve had enough of an issue with their health.
    Good luck!

  4. Suggestion: Tomorrow, do call an exterminator to come and check for THE RAT. As awful it is to say, the truth is: where there may be one rat, there could be more and/or babies to be. Something to consider too is to cover up the grate where the dogs were attracted to. God forbid the rat runs around in your home, you’re not home and chaos ensues in THE CHASE.
    Hope to hear an update.
    PS Seem to remember being spanked not too much but a swat for being ‘bad’ about something (maybe having a temper tantrum) when very young. Never really misbehaved much as a child perhaps because of that, or knew behaving well meant life was better. So, not critical of spanking as long as it’s not done with the parent angry, frightening the child and spanking done viciously or cruelly.

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