Ten seasons, number 1 show in the country, sold in 110, millions of fans but no nomination. Not once???

How is that after ten seasons, 150 episodes, airing in more than 110 countries, being the lead actor of, what is consistently the number one Canadian series, with thirty four years in the industry but Yannick Bisson has never received a best actor nomination, truly makes me go “hmmm.”

And before anybody sends me a note  saying how dare I be pissy when so many other, also worthy, talented actors are rejoicing at their own nominations, save it.  I’m not married to them.  I’m also not taking anything away from them.  This is not what this post is about at all.  Rather, this post is addressing the elephant in the room, as to why Yannick, never, ever gets nominated for a best actor award, ever.  Guys, he’s been at this for almost thirty five years.  Does the academy, and the jury, which for your information is made up of his peers, really, truly believe that Yannick has not done one performance in close to thirty five years worthy of a nod?  I’m not even saying a WIN.  I’m just talking about a NOD.  Just going through the motions of giving the illusion that you think he’s doing good work.  The fact that all of you really believe that over ten years, one hundred and fifty hours of television, for Murdoch ALONE, you can’t find ONE SCENE to nominate him for?  Is well, quite frankly bullshit.   And before you say I don’t know the process of the voting.  I have news for you.  I sat on one of the panels for the CSA one time, so I have an idea of who sits in the room deciding who is even getting nominated.  The reason I only sat on it once, was because I didn’t agree with the process of how the nominations are handed down, so instead of being a hypocrite, I not only refused any further invites to sit on one of these nomination juries, I also stopped being a member of the academy.

The problem with my husband’s work on Murdoch, which I will have you know is damn hard work, is that he makes it look so easy.  But I have news for you, as a recovering actress, let me share some tricks of the trade with you.  The easiest thing to do in a scene, when faced with a conflict, is to lose your mind.  It’s so easy to blow up, scream, and cry.  What is difficult, is to maintain your composure.  It’s not in human nature to handle a difficult situation with a level head.  For a man like Yannick, who is a tequila drinking, dirty joke loving, throw himself down a mountain on either a bike, or skis, sort of man, to play a buttoned up, tightly wound, unemotional character is WORK.  Yannick IS ACTING.  But because it doesn’t look like he is, I guess that means he isn’t, which means he cannot be nominated???

I wish we had Leo’s phone number, I’d like to know how he got through all those years of being underappreciated, and overlooked.  I know one thing for sure, my man, truly doesn’t care.  He believes a nomination would be bad luck for both his career, and his hit series, so he doesn’t even want it.  But I care.  I care because I know how loyal he is to his country.  I care because I know how hard he works on his show.  I care because I know how different William Murdoch is from Yannick Bisson.

They couldn’t be more different.  Trust me when I say, Yannick Bisson IS acting, even if you don’t think he is.  Maybe you just think he is doing it badly?  And if that’s the case then I suggest you get the box sets of the first nine seasons and watch them through, then message me and tell me if there isn’t one scene, not ONE, that was worthy of a nod.

In the spirit of full disclosure, here is the thing that bothers me the most about the whole damn thing.  So many Canadians get on a plane to work in a America, but get all sorts of Canadian accolades.  Stars on the walk of fame, even though they don’t give any of their tax dollars into the Canadian system, many of them don’t even film in Canada anymore.  Nor have they raised their families in Canada, or give any of their time, or heart to local charities.  Yet they get awards, and accolades galore.  Then you have a Canadian actor, who goes to Ottawa on behalf of his union, looks after kids in need in his city through his charitable work, mentors young actors as not only a lead actor, but an executive producer and director, who is so wonderful and gracious that most of his original key crew still work with him.  AND, although his industry, his peers, the academy doesn’t want to acknowledge him, or even thank him for his years of devotion, they all want to know if he wouldn’t mind signing a photo for somebody they know who just loves him in Murdoch.

Go figure.

**photo by @thekittyholland**


  1. Really it is a shame that Yannick hasn’t ever been nominated for an award for Murdoch Mysteries. It boggles the mind. Each year I check to see whether he, or indeed anyone in the Murdoch family, has been nominated but to my chagrin most often not, except for costumes and original music. I have a theory as to why this might be. Murdoch appeals to an older demographic, it doesn’t have the urban vibe that is so popular with younger audiences.
    I’m a fan, a viewer, and don’t really know anything about the ins and outs of the nomination criteria or process so I can’t really judge whether they’re fair and open to scrutiny. I hope they are. If not, it’s up to those within the industry to speak up, to step up and demand clarity and fairness.
    On another point, I do get annoyed when actors who were born in Canada, but have chosen to live and work outside of Canada, come back here for a project and are feted like the golden calf. As you so rightfully said, they don’t pay taxes here, they don’t support our culture or our communities. Their involvement with anything Canadian is mostly lip-service. It’s quite galling really.

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  3. Playing a restrained, buttoned down character really is hard. It’s always easier and more fun to chew the scenery. It’s disgraceful that he hasn’t even gotten a nod, but at least his fans, of which I am one, appreciate his artistry and hard work. And considering that I’ve made three trips to Canada in the last year and a half solely because of yannick and Murdoch Mysteries, I think the tourist industry should also give him an award!

  4. It’s disappointing. There have definitely been scenes from ‘Murdoch Mysteries’ that instantly after watching them, I think “he should/better get a nomination for that”. Other actors (lead, recurring or guest) as well; I’m so surprised that Hélène is nominated *only* for the special and not for generally, and I’ve been quite appreciating Lachlan’s acting lately, to name a couple. But as your post -naturally- is about Yannick, I’ll cut down some of the mass length of mine by focusing on him, too -he’s always this Fan’s Choice, anyway ; )

    Usually what get me the most are the intense scenes….What I like about those is, in fact, how they show how emotional Murdoch is. Not so outwardly of course but that kind of intense “just below the surface” emotion which I’ve thought for a long time now is no less “strong” than outright shouting or breaking down. In fact, with that being the norm or sometimes it feels like the only recognized form of emotion, I find it more real and even enlightening. I’ll admit to quite a few times when Murdoch’s reactions, at a surface level, seem off. But when I take the time to actually think them over or even attempt to put myself there (mirroring his expressions, for example) I get it, and it actually feels so right. For lack of a better way to put that.
    It’s just like you said. It’s *easy* to express an emotion in a large way. It’s kind of the default place your mind goes with intense scenes. To convey that same (or better) level of emotion through controlled expression takes thought.

    Keeping on expression…As a person who makes Murdoch Mysteries fan videos -among others- and more recently has been adding content to enhance a friend’s MM reviews, I get to playing scenes over and over while I’m adjusting their timing in the video, even frame-by-frame when working out a cut, and it tends to get me to see and appreciate the nuances of the actors’ performances; none more so than Yannick’s. I see it a bit just watching like a normal person; certain intonations/straight comedic timing of his making me burst out with a laugh, or brief moments where Murdoch is expressing with no dialogue usually make me take notice. But it’s in playing these scenes over again that I really get that “Wow!” feeling. Blown away. And it has happened a *lot*. Way more than once I’ve just remarked to the air: “He is so good!” or “He is such a good actor!” and it’s from the *nuances*. Those types of things that I feel like you can’t teach/direct, they just seem to authentically come from him. Watching things as far back as High Tide I see it.

    I feel like there’s a fine blend of instinct and the man really knowing his craft.

    What’s more, and something I agree kind of is the point of acting, is he disappears into his characters. And I don’t mean that how you were mentioning; not seeing his own personality. Obviously I don’t know him well enough to say that accurately. But I mean like how there are some actors where you see them in different roles, but you could say they’re “pretty much like themselves” as in, their current character seems like their previous ones and you’re seeing the actor doing another role. Not so in the majority of what I’ve seen of Yannick’s. I’m not “seeing him in another role” I’m *seeing the role*. And the interesting thing is, Yannick is the only actor I’ve come to know a little about who he is as himself. I’ve seen him on location, I’ve seen him in Murdoch’s attire but not being Murdoch at the time. So you’d think some of that “I’m seeing the character” would wear off since I’ve met him, but it doesn’t. I can go back and watch series I watched before I knew hardly anything about him, and I still see the character. Not “Yannick as [ ]”. A couple of the things he’s in that I’ve yet to see, such as ‘Nothing Really Matters’, I want to see purely to check out the great stuff he’s capable of.

    I still remember the…?radio personality? who commented (a few years back) that Yannick was the most wooden actor on TV at the time (I reacted probably a little *too* gung ho in response on Twitter and Facebook, though I still remember the exact tonality -and butchering of Yannick’s name- when the guy said it and it still bemuses me) and I think it’s this culture with all the other media showing us emotion = losing it that is doing a disservice to the “quiet” stand-outs.
    It’s always the quiet ones. ; )
    Murdoch, fittingly, is a character/performance that you need to reflect on to fully appreciate. Maybe that’s just lost too in this “instant” world.

    This has been a ramble. I considered saying nothing, or saying something later (when maybe my thoughts would be more concise/coherent), but I felt like I had to get something down, now.
    I hope it’s been follow-able!

    Yannick is such an understated actor.
    I first said that about him when I attempted to actually write a coherent answer to “why are you nominating this person?” with CWoF -and actually succeeded! And I hope my, and others’ nominations succeed in getting this True Canadian Star his place on our country’s Walk Of Fame. Whatever question there is for the CSAs, there should be *none* about him getting that place!

    All that being said, I can get behind Yannick’s CSA superstitions (though they’ve still got me curious). I feel like often it’s the under-recognized who are the best/have the most interesting legacies, and maybe there’s some correlation there.

  5. That is the reason why I’m constantly voting for him for the Fan’s Choice Award. We did it last year, hopefully we can do it again this year for him.

  6. Hi Shantelle,
    I agree. Yannick is as talented an actor as he is handsome … and I think he’s ridiculously handsome! I mean, MM has thousands of photos on facebook, and the man doesn’t take a bad picture. Not one!
    So, back to acting, I know Yannick works very hard at his art: the little nuances of expression, timing, posture, voice, etc. And I appreciate your openness and approachability, your family loyalty, and your thoughtful sharing of ideas with your readers. That’s hard work too!
    Please give a hug to each of your precious dogs!
    Warmest regards,

  7. I saw Yannick in “High Tide” so have a good idea of the energy and getgo that he’s capable of. Yes, he is a fantastic actor and his fans know it.

  8. Love Love Love Murdoch Mysteries, and Love you husband’s talent! My grandchildren love him in Napkin man lol. This country can be very unappreciative of their born talent that stay on Canadian soil.

  9. I agree. The best show and best person on Canadian TV should not be ignored.

  10. Its Called being CANADIAN. . . I get the feeling Yannick believes having the respect and admiration of not only most Canadians but worldwide Fans comes ahead of any award no matter how justified.

  11. The Canadian Walk of Fame fiasco really makes my blood boil. I know some of the winners were born in Canada but the fact that they no longer live here should have disqualified them to start with. We have so many great actors/trices so much more deserving, top of my list being Yannick’s because of all the reasons you’ve mentioned, that never seem to make the short list.😡 I want him to get the Order of Canada and will continue to nominate him as long as it takes.

  12. Tried to express myself through tweets and failed miserably. To me this is bigger than 140 characters can express (no matter how well chosen).

    Yannick’s face is so familiar to me this post shocked me. I had to go to Wikipedia to refresh my memory on all his work over the years that has entertained me. So many films and series but without doubt Murdoch Mysteries and Napkin Man are my all time favorites.

    Seems weird that a single woman with no kids would watch Napkin Man but Yannick’s acting and the writing are outstanding – teaching children all the best values without preaching. It’s sweet and sensitive and in my mind, truly Canada at it’s best.

    As for Murdoch Mysteries – I was hooked after the first episode. I never miss the current season’s episodes and I still watch the re-runs whenever I can. I know how they end but watching something educational that espouses the best in Canadian values seems a better use of my time than watching the “reality TV” that isn’t my reality or any of the options overflowing with gratuitous sex, violence or fake news.

    Thanks to your post I checked out the Academy’s 2017 Nomination list. Most of my favorite shows are missing or only nominated for Best Direction, Photography, etc.

    Jonny Harris & Still Standing are amazing, yet only a few nominations (in some odd categories).

    Rick Mercer and RMR barely get mentioned – another never miss show for me. The show has me celebrating the never-ending list of amazing things Canada is and does – and he has me hooked on politics (and mourning the insanity of it all).

    This is Us barely gets a nod and it’s one of the most incredible shows I’ve ever seen. Anyone who has seen it is blown away by the unique presentation style (which at first had me scratching my head and then I fell in love with) and the characters we’ve all fallen in love with.

    The fact that Murdoch Mysteries (the regular show) is not considered in any of the big categories and only Merry Murdoch is there for a few astounds me. Each and every week the main characters captivate many like me. For years we all waited with baited breath as to how Murdoch and Julia would ever get it together, hoped for Higgins to find “the right one” – all while learning (by accident) about history . . . (that’s my favorite part).

    Educating while entertaining – what a novel concept! Thankfully there are many like me who can’t wait for the next episode, no matter what those yahoos at the Academy think.

    While I’m no actor and am surely not qualified to “rate” Yannick’s performances – as a lay person who is a very down-to-earth and honest person, I think it would be incredibly hard to play such a complex character as Murdoch. Playing a buffoon or someone with who is more ‘average person” I assume would be much easier.

    Murdoch seems so conflicted for most of the show’s history. How his religious beliefs and intrinsic values are challenged with the new, ever-changing progressive world is not something easily lived, much less portrayed. Yannick the person seems so open, caring and sweet in real life and I imagine playing a button-down, rather repressed man for what, eight years, had to be a huge challenge. Now that’s acting!

    I’m thrilled that his character finally gets to “let go” to a certain extent now (him and the dogs was priceless!) The episode had me grinning from ear to ear! (Can you tell I’m a dog lover?)

    All I know is that this Canadian is thrilled when I get to see Yannick perform because he seems to exude all that is good about Canada. Maybe that’s the problem? Yannick seems to choose roles where he’s the good guy (more often than not).

    Are good values and ethics out of fashion with the Academy? Perhaps. All I know is that Yannick’s performances ensure that I’ll be watching, along with all his other fans.

    Based on who I think he might be in real life, the awards probably don’t matter a whole lot to him but this Canadian certainly believes that Yannick, the show and his fellow cast members certainly deserve them.

    So that’s my two cents – oh wait, guess it has to be five cents since they turfed the penny! 😉

  13. It is unbelievable, especially because his greatest skill may be in allowing others to look brilliant around him! And there are so many scenes I can think of off the top of my head that are surely worthy of recognition. He has a great attitude about being overlooked – but he still should be recognized!

  14. Yes, yes, yes. I’m an American fan of the show and of your wonderful husband. He’s a treasure, and when we all move to Canada to escape the hell hole the US is about to become, even more of us will come to appreciate him.

  15. Well that’s a shit load of stupid!!
    How and the hell is that possible? With all the crap on tv these days on a multitude of stations, one of the few, and I mean very few, quality programs to not run away with all the accolades, is just unbelievable! How can his costar get a nod and not him? She’s not there by herself? The James Gilles episodes themselves should have gotten him the award. His range of emotions, was stellar. His acting so real; it was captivating! Let alone 3 more seasons of it!
    I heard that in Hollywood, Oscar winners were basically lobbied on billboards for votes. I know Julia Roberts lobbied long and hard for Denzel when he finally got his Oscar. Is that what’s happening in Canada? Is that why you no longer sit on that panel?
    What a bunch of crap!
    Well, if Yannick doesn’t want it for superstitious reasons then maybe he’s right. Maybe he’s got some intuition about it. I don’t want that show to end! It’s too good and we need good quality programming where the gore is at a storybook level. Unlike the shredding of humans and animals we see all over the TV these days. And they call that quality programming! HA! Again I say, what a shit load of stupid!!!

  16. I am in agreement with you, Shantelle (even though I am NOT married to him!). I have not yet seen all the films/shows he has acted in, but according to what I have seen, he is a very fine actor, and deserving of many awards and accolades! When I read on Twitter “not 1 nomination”, my jaw literally dropped. And he has devoted many years, as you say, to his craft. I am so glad that he chose to stay in acting (although, I wouldn’t mind him remodeling my house; I’m sure he’s just as good at that!). I am looking forward to seeing “A Year by the Sea”, as well as the Aurora Teagarden movies he plays in. Viva le Yannick Bisson!

  17. First – that photo is aces.

    Second – in addition to being quite a fine actor, Yannick is a great director with true vision (and I remember the day he came in to my office to join the DGC and we were thrilled to have him!)

    Third – I think you nailed it. He does make it look too damn easy and that gives the decision makers a way out. He’s grown SO much in that role. He was great in the earlier seasons, obviously, but you can see the growth if you start there, not to mention all the other work he’s done!

    I’m glad to know he doesn’t care, but as a wife of an artist (my husband is a writer) it is extremely difficult to see their talents go unrecognized. I stand there with you.

  18. I share your frustration and am confused o by the fact that your husband hasn’t been nominated for an award. However, I am confused by the the Emmy and Oscar awards here in the US, too. The Emmys especially confuse me and I think it is absurd that the same shows and actors receive the same awards year after year when you know darned good and well that there are other shows and actors who are just as worthy.

    Since I have no idea how nominees are chosen or voted for I will take your word for the fact that the system is rigged in some way. That is the only thing that explains the repeat nominations and the winners who are chosen.

    I can say this: your husband has done a marvelous job of acting to keep his real personality off the screen for ten years. Yannick Bisson has thoroughly convinced me that William Murdoch is, by and large, a stick in the mud who would never hurl himself down a mountainside on a bike, tell a dirty joke, or drink tequila. Don’t get me wrong, I love William, but I cannot see the man enjoying any of these things.

    To my mind that qualifies as great acting. That he doesn’t care about receiving awards for his hard work is just another reason to admire him as an actor and a person.


  19. let me just say, that on behalf of all the fans that know and love your husband as Murdoch, and one or two of his other characters, I for one would give him an extra special award for being outstanding in his field. And I`m sure there would be a lot more would agree with me. He`s number one in my book, and many more of his fans wouldn’t fail to agree. Although I know its not a tangible hold in your hand trophy. I hope he`s proud of the affection and esteem in which he`s held. A sincere and heartfelt thank you from me, and I`m sure from so many others. But your right to be disgruntled on his behalf. Who wouldn’t be.

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