Slow jaywalkers, non stop sign stopping drivers and line jumpers, people that make me go hmmm…

Okay, I can’t even with OmaSteak, thanks so much for naming one of pieces of farming equipment, or what you called a manure spreader after me, I’m so honoured.  I’ve always known that you were a mansplaining misogynist hiding behind fake “good manners” by insisting on addressing every single comment with Mrs. Bisson.  Insert eye-roll here.  And now you’ve also gone and called me a Twit.  How lovely of you.  Charming.  Anyway I invite you to stay off my blog, and I insist that you refrain from commenting since you clearly don’t want to be here.  This is the final thing I will ever say to you; you can try and call me out for living freely on my stolen land with my homes all you want, I’m not the one who thinks the current US administration is handling this situation right at all.  I’m not the one that thinks no illegals should be allowed citizenship to any country.  I’m well aware of my roots, I’m first generation Canadian from a German and Romanian mother, with a father of Irish and Scottish decent.  Which is why I humbly say that everybody deserves the right at a better life on this stolen land.  EVERY SINGLE HUMAN FROM ALL RACES deserves to live freely and wholly.  You disagree, which is why I suggested that you check your privilege.

But, that’s enough of that and enough of him.  Chapter closed.  C’est fini!

So let’s lighten the mood shall we!!

What IS with people who jaywalk but do not have the ability to hustle their booties across the road??  And why do they always seem to do it when the light is green in my favour, AND meters away from a legal crossing zone???  Are they trying to get hit by a car and claim personal injury???  What are they doing??? Hmmm…

Like I’m sorry but crossing streets these days is dangerous and serious business with all the distracted drivers out there, do it properly, get your hustle on and get across that street!

I cannot for the life of me even understand the people who do NOT stop at stop signs, because they want to be in front of people, but then they drive under the speed limit once they’ve “pulled their move”?  Excuse you, but why did you not just wait your turn?  You gave the illusion that you were in some sort of rush.  But I guess what you’re really just trying to show everybody is you’re an entitled, self absorbed individual.  Mystery solved!

Another thing that is sort of in keeping with the stop sign jumpers, was another driver I came in contact with today that blew right through a crosswalk.  All because he didn’t want to have to let anybody merge in front of them.  Yup almost took out a dad and his young son just so he could get to the red light first.  Why?

Why are some humans the way they are???  I truly don’t get it.

Also, people who jump lines at stores, I get that I did have a shopping cart overflowing of household goods for the cottage, which we’re moving into this Saturday, YAY, cannot WAIT.  So I appreciate that my five hundred items are not fun to end up behind when you have three.  But how about you ask a person before you just jump in front of them and act like you didn’t see them there?  I mean I’m the sort of person that if I see a customer with significantly less than I’m purchasing when there is only one cashier on, I invite them to go in front of me.  But this woman gave me no chance to be polite and generous, she just took what she wanted, and jumped right in there and when I mentioned to her that I was already in line and in fact next she nervously replied with; “well they closed the cash that I was in line for and told me to go to the next cashier, because she was closing…”  nervous laugh, shifty eyes.

I smiled and said; “I’m sure she wasn’t suggesting that you come to the next cash line and just jump to the front of it, I’m pretty sure she was telling you that her line was closed and that you should go to the next one behind whoever was already in line waiting…”

Shifts from one foot to the other, nervous snickering…

“Don’t worry about it, I’ve got plenty of time and lots of stuff, go ahead and cash out.”

But really, when have you ever walked up to a cash register when the staff has put up their closed sign and you took it as your personal invitation to go jump to the front of whichever line you first came upon???  I’ve NEVER done that when I’ve had the misfortune of sashaying up to a checkout that was closing just as I got there.  I do what most decent world citizens do and take my ass to the back of whatever line I’m hoping is going to go faster.  But I suppose some people don’t, and that my friends makes me go “hmmm, hmmm, hmmm.”




  1. Over a year ago, if somebody cut in line I would just sigh and give the person the Evil Eye. But today at the young age of 49, I have less patience for Ill-mannered people and would have probably said something I would regret later….or….maybe not!

  2. More and more people have me going hmmmm….I am failing to understand society nowadays.

    Pleased you have closed the chapater on OmaSteak. To keep going at you on your own blog and calling you names is rude, uncalled for, and childish. If he does not like what you are writing about, stop reading YOUR blog. Start your own blog dude where you can publish whatever dribble you so desire.

    Once again, I don’t understand people.

  3. I agree with you Shantelle. In this day and age some people feel they are intitled
    I am getting off track🌷 I am so glad that you put that Ombasteak in his place. What would he feel if his children where taken away. We are all in this World and everyone deserves a good clean life with food water and light.
    Now about jaywalking
    Don’t do it 💚💚💚
    The women that cut in front need to learn some manners. 💚⚘⚘⚘

  4. Shantelle I very much enjoy your writing. You make me smile, you make me laugh, you make me angry (with you), you make me cry and always, ALWAYS you encourage me to join you in your hmmmmmmm. Many times I’ve offered to let people go first when they’ve shown up with an item or two behind my more than an item or two cart. Seems that many times there’s no acknowledgment made by the other direction – come on give us a smile if you can’t manage a thank you or other snippet of civic chatter ! That’d be a nice reply.
    I live year round in ‘cottage’ country – on a slightly bigger Great Lake than yours but size doesn’t matter – it’s about the vibe and the potential to quiet your mind and your soul – gosh I hope you love it now that you’re going to be there. (I know you love to shop and I’m pretty sure all your check out line stuff won’t be in the city … share some of that action closer to the cottage and I bet you’ll get to know some fabulous folks and discover some hidden gems in your cottage locale. Have fun. So happy this project is moving on to it’s next stage – moving in.

  5. I always have to wonder, how much the same we, people, are in our instinct, living anywhere in the world.
    There is just the same peppery mood here on the streets among the transport groups as car drivers, motorcyclists, cyclists and pedestrians.
    My husband drives his car every day between our home and his workplace in the capital; I usually walk on foot or bike to work and everywhere, although I have a driving licence, too. What a great show is when we both are sitting together in the car! Each of us is protecting his own group and scolding the other’s – of course, we make a joke from it, but it is also easier to feel the other’s situation, so the positions are approaching by the end if, there’s no other way, we are scolding the others together.
    Anyway, we just would have to pay attention to each other and accept that he wants to get ahead in the same way we do, either on the streets or in the stores.
    I am just unable to take such an innocent human stupidity seriously (life is too short to be nervous), until it doesn’t cause physical or mental pain to anyone, I am entertained by the creativity of them. Just keep calm and have fun of it. XD

  6. I often find myself speechless over some people’s behaviour these days. Instead I do a lot of sighing🙄

  7. Oh, for crying out loud!

    Followed by: Right!?!

    Followed by: BUSTED!!!!!

    Not going to get into the first, but number two really gets my goat, too. You’re literally 10 meters from a legal crossing (with lights and everything) but THIS is where you are crossing?!?! We have a couple of places in the town where I live, where this happens, and it’s not just adults, it’s adults with kids in tow, which pisses me off big time: you are teaching your child to do something dangerous, instead of showing them the smart, safe way to behave!

    The third ting is just such poor behaviour, and SHOULD be called out! Pretending you didn’t see the person lugging the full cart, and then putting the blame on a cashier is beyond the pale. I’m with you, I will let people in front if I’m buying the whole shop, and they have 5 things (actually tried the other day: I was in line at the bakery section of a local supermarket, and a 7-8 year old boy got in line behind me. I told him he could go in front of me, but the darling boy apparently didn’t understand me, and instead did a circuit, and went back into line behind me).

    Have a great time moving into the cabin!

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