It’s been a while since I’ve given you a whole lot of “hmmms…”

After a few “heavy/emotional” posts I thought I’d opt for one of my whole whack of things that make me go “hmmm” for a Monday.  Since many people don’t particularly enjoy Monday’s I figured it might help to lighten the mood.

First up, it has been raining a good amount here in “sunny” California and I can’t help but wonder, when I’ve had a sighting of the rare bird sitting on an electrical wire while being pummeled by rain.  How the hell do birds stand the cold rain dumping down on them hour after hour, and in the case of the current wintery weather in LA, day after day?  I for one can barely keep the chill from my bones running from the car to my front door during a rain storm, never mind, God forbid a bit of rain gets on a piece of my clothing that is staying on my body for an indefinite period of time after being soaked by the wet weather.  How do these little critters stand it???

Speaking of birds and their apparent inability to feel cold, the other night at dinner, keep in mind it was NIGHT as in sun down, no light on the ocean, when I noticed a seagull bobbing in the ocean.  Happily just hanging out in the frigid Pacific ocean long after sunset, and without a friend in sight.  Yannick enlightened me, once again to the fact that it’s the construction of a birds feather that allows them to be in waters that we wouldn’t dream of dipping a toe in, never mind submerging the lower half of our bodies in for hours on end.  Regardless of the science of their feathers it’s still going to be a what the hell from me.

Dogs.  You know I can never do one of these without bringing up dogs.  So here you go, the token new discovery I’ve made about dogs.  Kohl, as you know is a savage.  A raging lunatic with other dogs.  Slowly Yannick has been trying to introduce him to the idea of playing with our two neighbor dogs, one is a half female Pit, and the other a male half Pit.  Both are beautiful, lovely, friendly, sweet dogs.  Both, combined, I’m confident could kick Kohl’s black out murderous ass, and yet they don’t.  They had a very lovely play date not long ago, so Yannick opted to try it again.  Seems like Kohl only has a one time play nice chip in him, because he ended up taking issue with the female not wanting to share HER ball with him.  She gave him a little growl and a shove, and he responded by grabbing her by her head and trying to shake the ball loose.  Of course Yannick gave him hell, as he should have done…but what got me going “hmmm” about the issue is that every single week, at least once a week, our boys spend an evening with Bindi, Barb and Rick’s Norwich Terrier.  Now, it is more probable that Kohl could crush Bindi the twelve pound terrier faster than a fifty-five pound half Pit bull.  But do you think he would dare try?  Hell no!  That twelve pound terrier tells him what’s what and has even nipped him on the nose a time or two when she’s decided he still wasn’t getting her message loud and clear.  What gives here?  Large killer dog?  Kohl’s all in to take on.  Small squeaky toy dog, and he’s as submissive as can be???

Finally, I cannot say this enough.  How is it people get behind the wheel of a car if they are afraid to operate said motor vehicle without keeping to, not only the flow of traffic, but the style of road they’re traveling along.  As you know we live off a very windy two lane canyon, and at least once every single day there is somebody blue knuckle clutching their steering wheel as they travel through it ten to fifteen miles below the speed limit…HELLO FOLKS.  There are TWO OTHER canyons that take you from the PCH to the 101, one of them is four lanes wide, maybe you wanna try traveling the road MOST traveled when you’re operating your car if you’re more of a Nervous Nelly and less of a Mario Andretti.  Just saying.

Whew.  That feels much better!  Happy Monday friends.




  1. The picture I have in my mind of all of those dogs having a playdate has just gotten me through this Monday afternoon.

    Thank you for that!

  2. A few of my favorite things include these all over the place wonderments you share on occasion.

  3. The dogs: it’s a dominance issue. Little Bindi is confident and not afraid to show it. Kohl is not confident around other dogs. This is when it’s time to bring in an expert. Not because you and your husband aren’t capable of handling your dog, but rather an expert is able to approach the training without the emotion of an owner. Plus, a trainer is able to introduce training concepts in a more accurate manner, adjust as needed, and keep your dog in a safer state of mind. I’ve had to do this and it feels a bit of a cop out at first, until you see the results.

    I’ll never understand how birds do what they do in rain, biology be damned. When I see hummingbirds sitting in the pouring rain, my mind is blown! They’re teeny tiny, no match for the force of giant raindrops! They normally have to eat every few minutes, yet they sit there for hours not eating! But, also, I am in awe of birds, especially hummingbirds, because they’re actually fierce parents and will fight off hawks trying to raid their nests. I’ve seen it too many times for it to be a fluke.

  4. Bindi is a terrier which answers you question! Had an Airedale and learned terriers rule all no matter size of the dog!! You can never figure out the thoughts of the dog.
    Regarding driver – Alberta has the worst drivers for speed limits, appropriate lanes and using turn signals. Learned quickly many years ago after moving here from Ontario!!

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