Shouldn’t an online community be as safe as a real one???

There are a great many things that amaze me, but not much that surprises me.  However, lately I have been completely bowled over by how one mentally unhinged person knows so much about hiding in plain sight.  I suppose it’s because I do not operate from that place of wanting to spread as much hatred, ugliness, and general upset into the world that has me completely daft about how to do that.  I’m the polar opposite of all that, and although I’m not perfect, I’m far from it, I think thoughts I ought not to think and I say things about others (to myself) while frustrated that are not kind.  But to intentionally set about every single day of my life spewing the worst of my thoughts upon people I don’t know.  Well, I simply cannot imagine it.  I also cannot imagine how hurt our one troll must be in order to glean some sort of sick, twisted satisfaction by doing so.

It so makes me go “hmmm.”

I have spent the last month in reflection about her, wondering what in the hell could have happened to her that has made her into this person that she is?  And, is she this way with anybody else, or are we, the Bisson clan, the one time she has obsessed and harassed strangers on the internet?  The piece that actually fascinates me is:  WHERE DID SHE COME FROM?  Like how did she find us, and why US?  I mean, we’re soooooo NOT famous.  We’re barely scratching the surface of our own industry.  I couldn’t get acting jobs to save my life after I hit twenty-five, our girls who all had a passion for it could barely get anybody in this town to give them/me auditions, let alone hire us.  It has always seemed to us over here that the Toronto industry and the casting people who ran, save for a few, and you know who you are, were determined to keep the women in our clan down.  It felt as if they believed that one working Bisson in the Canadian industry was enough.  I mean hell, the Academy of Canadian Television and Film won’t even nominate him for a best actor award, not vote him in to WIN one, they won’t even give the guy an actual NOD, nor will our actors union.  And forget the Canadian Walk of Fame giving him a star…for some reason his thirty five years of acting, and his incredible body of work on Murdoch Mysteries is still not quite good enough for them to acknowledge.  But, I digress, this post isn’t about that.  This is about me pondering why an online community is not as safe as our real life ones?

So rather than focus on all that, we choose to focus our gratitude on enjoying the blessings of all that Yannick’s career has gifted us.  Not fame, or accolades, or more work for me, but instead a legion of amazing fans/friends the world over.  The freedom to have lovely houses in three of our favourites places to be in the world, and the blessing of travel.  I mean what greater outcomes can one ask for from their work?  Isn’t this what doing a good job is really all about, the simple pleasures and freedoms that are provided to you in great abundance as your thanks?  I think so.  It certainly isn’t an open invitation for abuse from strangers, that’s for damn sure.  And yet in some unwell people’s mind it is exactly that.  I mean I read the news, I refused to read the actual posts, about the horrific things that were being said to and about Leslie Jones on her social media right after Ghost Busters came out.  Then there is the blatant disrespect some people have toward the union and the sanctity of the marriage between Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds, and these are just a couple of people, but I know the list goes on and on and on.  Which is when, for me the responsibility to eliminate such behaviour on the internet falls upon the shoulders of the companies who are prospering from having us on their platforms.

Twitter seems to have learned their lesson post Leslie Jones, and others, thank God.  Instagram, however seems to give less than zero fucks about community safety.  Which has this woman thinking a great many thoughts about how to get around Instagram but still build a brand, and share our lives with like minded people out in the world…things that make me go “hmmm…” Because my friends, we all know this one thing to be true:  “Where there is a will there is a way.”




  1. I’m just so damn happy that neither of you is letting all of this troll business get you down. It cannot be an easy stance to take, but if anyone is up to the task …

    More power to you!

  2. It is such a shame that you and your family have had to endure such negative hate from this person. Hopefully it has come to an end. I love your honesty in the way you write and share family milestones. Your caring compassion for people is amazing. Hang in there and know that many people are supporting you and your family and think very highly of you all. 💐💜

  3. None of us are perfect, but we don’t go after others with such vile words and thoughts. I do wonder why she locked onto you all. A family full of love who share that love with so many others. Who support causes for sick children and people who need to rebuild their lives as in Haiti. I just don’t understand how she can spew such hateful thoughts. Once uncovered I hope she finds a different path in her life that doesn’t include being hateful to good people.
    I can’t believe you say you are “sooo not famous” and just “scratching the surface” Yannick’s body of work is amazing from Hockey Night to MM and yes MM has a terrific team, but He is the reason the show is in its 12th season, How can they Not recognize that?! I mean it is the #1 show in Canada!! AND plays in over 100 countries OMG. AND you and your girls are gorgeous AND talented. You have been great in everything I have seen. Mikaela was so fun in the Murdoch Appreciation Society. I am happy that the work has afforded you the simple pleasures and freedoms to live a wonderful life for yourselves and others
    I hope the issues with Instagram work out, because I do so love the pictures and the stories and ‘talking’ with other fans. I wish all the Bissons a Troll-free life filled with Love, Happiness, and Laughter
    So happy to be a part of TeamBisson fans.

  4. I’m not on Instagram, but have read a few comments by that person on Twitter and although it’s an assumption it is a woman – is there actual proof? I just wanted to throw that question out there and see what you may think about this. It’s sometimes true without response the aggressive written vitriol they will lose their bluster and the ‘attacks’ will often diminish. In this case it seems not – worrisome for sure for you, Shantelle, for Yannick and even your daughters and son-in-law. As you mention, hopefully, somehow the person’s identity can be discovered and ‘something’ done along the lines of legal action, as it’s certainly including defamation, slander, threatening comments. Sometimes, it’s not the targets of such behaviour who have to charge the person, but often it will be the police instead – leaving you totally out of the legal charges and subsequent court case if it goes that far. After all, the proof is in the words online. Hopefully, aside from just complaining to Twitter, Instagram, you have consulted a lawyer and as well, spoken to the police. It could be dealt with quietly too, so there is not a shred of publicity about this reaching the newspapers, etc., so you & Yannick would be the anonymous complainant. Okay? About the lack of Canadian recognition of Yannick’s career – I’d love to see a lot of Canadians contact the Walk Of Fame online website to suggest Yannick. With the process, it would have to be individual nominations. I doubt a petition would be accepted but if enough people offered the nomination for Yannick over and over again, it could be effective. Although as you say, his many years, his long and varied acting in Canada, should have been recognized years ago – I agree.. So, maybe soon those who have the decision making powers will finally acknowledge Yannick’s talent and dedication to being a Canadian actor in Canada and he will be recognized as he should. It’s certainly deserved.

  5. Shantelle please forgive the misspelled words 💚💚💚💚 love you all ❤❤❤❤

  6. Shantelle❤ I don’t know why that this girl has crossed Yannick’s path and your family. There are crazy people out in this World that have nothing better to spew horrific words to people they don’t know. This girl needs help before she goes something really really terrible. I think that it is monstrous that Instagram is doing nothing to stop her. Why don’t they cancel her account. I have faith that things will get resolved & this girl will be stopped. All I want is for you family to be SAFE,HAPPY AND LOVED BY EVERYONE WHO IS IN YOUR LIVES AND US YOUR FANS. The BISSON ATE REALLY REALLY GOOD AND KIND PEOPLE. So leave them alone Troll and go back under your Bridge. Love you all

  7. I am so sorry you have been having to deal with this. I did not realize the extent until I went onto Instragram last evening and read some of the comments. I was appalled, horrified, disgusted. No one should have to deal with that bullying and I don’t understand the energy being put into it when the energy could be put into doing something so positive. I reported what I saw and I hope that little bit does help. Also hoping from your post and Yannick’s today that the troll has been caught and you will not have to deal with her any more.

    As for Yannick’s career…I completely agree. I do not understand why he does not get more accolades, more recognition. His acting is excellent and deserves to be recognized with a star on the walk of fame, awards, etc. Wonder what us fans can do to help.

    I saw you in the two episodes of Murdoch and thought you were marvelous as well. Don’t understand why you have been overlooked. Although, your skill with a pen is beyond a doubt where I think you should put your energies. Your wit, biting edge, intelligence really comes out on the page.

    I really hope your troll can get the help she obviously needs and will not change her focus from your clan to someone else when she is either caught or loses interest. She really does need help.

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