It’s sad to go back in time and read posts of mine that were filled with hope and faith because Trump wasn’t President.

Stop weapon of mass destruction sign

Since I’m enjoying a lovely pre-wedding, pre-last year of university mother daughter trip with my daughters I’ve decided instead of taking time each and every day writing new posts, I’m going to go back through my archives and pull out ones that now have a completely different meaning, in present day.  The ones that are front runners are the blogs I wrote leading up to the US election in November 2016.  Back before the reality of the honor of becoming the next US President was bestowed upon quite possibly the most ill suited human being for the role that the world has ever seen I mused about the probability of a terrible business man, who was only good as the host of a reality competition show becoming President.

Now here we are.  With him huffing and puffing and threatening to dump “fire and fury” on a known arch enemy.  Look I get what you’re saying about NK having been a thorn in the side of the entire world for ever, but really, really, must we stoke and fan the flame of nuclear war?  I would prefer not.  But sadly this current “leader” disagrees.  Prayerfully by the end of this month there will still be a planet to live on the way these two childish leaders are behaving.  And if not all the people aiding in the increase of sales of bomb shelters and bunkers will be the only folks remaining.

For those of you who haven’t been reading me since the “beginning” this is a post from August 25th, 2016.  What a wonderful world it was when we were still living with the hope that Trump wouldn’t be sitting in the White House, as President.

On November 8th, America will elect a new President. That person, who will serve for four years could very well be, Donald Trump, and that goes beyond my usual hmmm, it is a definite I CAN’T EVEN. How did this happen? How did we get here, three months out, and he could very well win??? I feel like we’re all watching the longest running episode of Ashton Kutcher’s punk’d, ever.

I had no issue with Donald Trump, while watching him on The Apprentice. I have no issue with him when I see video clips of his ridiculous comb over, bobbing in the wind. I don’t even have any real issue with his weird obsession with his eldest daughter. To each his own I say. He’s a character. He makes for great TV. But that’s it. That’s all.

I’m not American, but I have a problem with the notion that he could possibly run a country, and have access to nuclear codes. I also have a problem with him running his mouth, and causing so much division in a country already fractured. He is not presidential, plain and simple. I picture him sitting at a table with all the other world leaders, yelling his opinions, based solely on emotion, and no fact. Gauche.

I can’t imagine him walking through natural disaster zones, wrapping his arms around people who have lost so much. I can’t imagine him ever speaking above a dull roar, or offering a thoughtful, kind word to somebody in need.

He just isn’t presidential.

Especially since he will be following in the footsteps of a POTUS and FLOTUS who were the epitome of what one thinks a President, and First Lady of the U.S.A should be. Not a single personal scandal. Not a misstep, the entire eight years.

And then there’s Donald. Brash. Boarish. Bully. With not one minute spent in public service. Not one day serving his Country at all. Ever. And, there are the sons. Who go out into the wild and slaughter innocent, majestic creatures for sport. I say it’s to compensate for small dicks. I’m not a blood and gore sort of gal, stopped watching horror films a long, long time ago. But I for one would love to see them go “hand to hand” with one of their kills…it would last 2.5 seconds. I would also like somebody to film it, so the world could witness them crying like babies. Definitely not the quality of human beings who’s father should be “running” America, in my opinion.

A business man who has lost millions, stolen millions, and who, as some journalists have discovered when doing the math; “if he had only invested the money his father left him, he would be wealthier than he is post all his business dealings.” Now, I’m a risk taker, so I’ll give him this one. Perhaps he thought; “nothing ventured, nothing gained.” If so, then that is noble, and there are aspects to running a country where you need to be able to stomach the risks, as you set out to make something better than it is. But, I don’t get the impression that any of the big ideas that Trump has in regards to America will make it all better, never mind “greater” than she currently is.

And then there is Hilary. Well…it’s hard to believe that she too could be President. I feel for my second home, and all my loving, kind, wonderful friends I’ve made over the years. You’re in a sticky situation at the moment, sort of damned if you do, damned if you don’t. Now you can relate to how I’ve felt whenever it comes to election time in Canada; always voting for the lesser of two evils.

Best of luck to you, and the rest of the world. We’re all watching.


  1. Hillary was way more qualified and far from the lesser of two evils, in my opinion. I’m trying to keep political things lighter these days–can’t do 4 or 8 years of hand-wringing–so here goes. Stephen Colbert commented the other evening that President Obama is simultaneously hotter and cooler than Trump! Knowing how Trump hates that Obama is so much more popular, please tweet, post and share this comment with like-minded friends. It will drive Trump wild!

  2. He’s gonna kill us all! That’s what I said upon his election, that’s what I still say now. If someone, Congress, doesn’t remove him (invoke the 25th Amendment), due his incompetency, collusion, lying and delusional statements, eg. “the attendance at the inauguration was the largest in Presidential history”, then they all should be voted out from now until everyone of them is gone.
    I hope all you people that voted him in, thinking that a non-politician would do more to help the “common American” , sees what horror you have unleashed upon us all! Be proud of what you’ve done! Be proud of the position that you put the rest of us in now! You don’t f#@% with nuclear missiles. You don’t even bring it up, for crying out loud! So you millennials that DIDN’T vote for either him or Hillary, in fact, voted for him! Thank you and may God help us all!

  3. You have such a grasp of the situation down here. (I am American and embarrassed for outrageous actions of of our current leader,) REALLY ??threaten nuclear devastation in a Twitter??!! WTAF. This is just outrageous. I fear for our country and the world with 2 CHILDREN going back and forth with the ominous power to destroy.. Somebody needs to rein him in, but I am not sure who can actually do it. and that’s scary,
    Keep your writing coming. I love what you say and how you express it,
    Thank You

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