When did a reservation, or an appointment time become just a suggested time???

Things that make me go “hmmm.”

Reservations.  Why do restaurants take them if they’re not going to honor them???  Of my last few meals out at restaurants that required resos, two had their own idea of what having a reservation actually meant.  One sat us one hour past our given time, the other, thirty minutes past it.  Keep in mind both establishments have a strict if you’re fifteen minutes late they will give your table away policy.  I wonder if the policy clock starts ticking from you being late past the time they tell you your reservation is, or if it begins after they fail to meet your reservation time???  I mean because if it were the latter, there is a lot I could with an extra hour in my day with the time they left me standing at the front door of their establishment.  You know what I’m saying??

Appointment times.  Why would the company who was changing my tire tell me to be there at 1pm for the tire change, when they didn’t take my car in until 1:45pm???

Don’t even get me started with doctor/dentist or vet appointments.

Seriously, what are the appointment times for?  Are they simply suggested appointment times?  Do any of these appointments ever, ever start on time???  I can’t say that I’ve ever experienced one of these professions adhering to my scheduled time.  But, God forbid I show up late, a firestorm of shame will rained down upon you, and then after that, there will still be a wait a minimum of thirty minutes.  Or, the worse case scenario happens; sick and tired of being made to wait the thirty to sixty minutes to get in for your appointment time, you decide to use that time that they’re always late to run on extra errand, so when you show up late, guess what happens???  You know what happens?  That is the ONE DAY the doctor/dentist or vet is actually running on schedule.  And then, if you have bad luck like me, they tell you that they can no longer see YOU, or it will put the rest of their day out.

Really?  Really?  Really???  The one time we, the put out patient/customer decides to run late, they’re on time and now they can’t see us cuz it will make the rest of their day become out of whack??  What about all the days and times their running late has upset our entire schedule, where is our recourse?  It’s not like we can say to them; “fine, you can’t be my doctor/dentist/vet anymore.”

That never happens.  Like never ever.

iPhone batteries.  Why is it the iPhone 6S that I got about eighteen months ago has a battery that used to last half the day with regular use, but now that the iPhone 7 is out, all of a sudden while the damn thing literally just sits in the cup holder of my car, the battery goes from 100% charge down to 41% within two hours???  What’s up with that?  I’m talking to you Apple, and your devious methods to force consumerism.

In closing, the thing that it is truly causing me much confusion these days is our bulldog Duke.  As you know he is now living his life in a crate when we go out, and at night while we sleep, because if you follow Yannick you saw the footage of him peeing on the kitchen island.  We’ve eliminated all the excuses we could give him, the rats are dead, and the house is secure meaning no more rats will be going in through any of the entry points they had at their disposal, and he’s crated.  So knowing this you would think that the peeing in the house would have stopped.

That would be great if it were true.  But it sadly is not.  This morning Yannick left to go workout at 8am, I happily took the opportunity to sleep in.  When I got downstairs at 8:45am Duke had peed on one of the gold leather poufs we have on the floor for extra seating, and the kitchen island.  Along with the crating, and the lack of rats to defend us against, the vet called us back with his test results.  His urine is clean, so as some of you suggested, and I listened, it is not a bladder or urinary tract infection.  For some strange reason, our well trained, housebroken, never done this before in his entire life bulldog has taken to regularly peeing in our home.  So the question becomes what to do with him now???

Hmmm, hmmm, hmmm…



  1. I understand the frustration about a pet peeing. I have a cat named Sophie. For the first few years, she happily used her litter box. Then she started to pee out the front of her litter box. I tried everything: different litter, different boxes, more boxes, covered boxes, not covered boxes. I took her to the vet and got her tested for bladder or kidney infections. Eventually, I had to accept she wasn’t going to stop but she is a part of my family. I can’t give her away (she is my girl), I can’t put her down. I am now making the puppy pee pad companies a small fortune as I have those pads placed in front of the litter boxes and replace twice daily. I am lucky as she has stuck to peeing in front of the litter box and not on my furniture and house fixtures. I wonder for Duke if a doggie diaper would help? Not fun diapering a dog (have tried that once with my brother’s dog….not fun) but would help to reduce the clean-up of pee.

    Best of luck!!

  2. I know exactly how you feel. Why do we have to be at the hospital for 06:00 along with at least 30 other people if the hospital doesn’t open until 07:00? My sister, who cannot stand for any length of time, had to wait standing up because of a lack of seating, only to find out that her eye operation wouldn’t happen until after lunch. Hmmm no wonder some people lost their cool and took it out on the receptionist.
    To be fair, my Dr. is getting much better at seeing her patients almost on time, only 15 mi. late last time.
    What more can you do to stop Duke from urinating inside your house? I am a very curious person so I will keep looking for an answer. My x husband has been training dogs for years, I will try and find out if he has any suggestions. Hang in there XX

  3. love your rant and couldn’t agree more with appointments; I use to teach golf and dreaded having to run late because a student was late as it really did upset the apple cart…unfortunately when a student was late I could never say “see ya” . and invariable tried to balance everyone. I would add a buffer just to be safe … as for the peeing… if it is all of a sudden it may be just an attention ploy… perhaps he would rather be going with his humans???

  4. Recently arrived extremely early at an eye doctor appointment, made a comment explaining I knew was early. Female assistant said “if you’re early you’re on time, if you’re on time you’re late” to which I replied that I wished that was how doctors did it. She had no comeback, of course. Guess that’s how most service providers think of their customers with appointments, but certainly doesn’t apply to them.

  5. I fully make sure that I know I will have an hour wait at my to doc but she is both me and homeopathic so worth it.

    As for Duke glad it’s not an urinary issue. Is he still on meds from surgery? Steroids can cause issues. Hopefully it get solved soon

  6. There are various issues here. A restaurant that doesn’t seat you within 15 minutes OR has a VERY good reason (and a complementary drink while you wait) is a restaurant that can wave goodbye to me and my money. (And, NO, the sentence ‘We’re very busy tonight’ is NOT good enough) I understand that some guests don’t get that someone else will be using the table after them – but that is the job of the waiter to explain, and steer. And hour is incredibly rude, and needs to be addressed (Trip Advisor or another rating service should do the trick).

    As to what happens at the doctor’s/dentist’s/vet’s that is a different issue, simply because we are talking live creatures in a situation where not everything can be planned. Things come up during examinations, that may mean extra tests, more palpitation, more explanations – all of which take time. So I always take those appointments as guideline-times, and bring a book/some knitting for the wait. Was waiting recently at my doctor’s (in the mornings they have a mixture of appointed times and walk-ins), and a lady came in with a sick toddler, and my doctor was just about to call me (we had eye-contact) when she looked over at the floppy child with the ‘fever-eyes’, and she made the sort of priority-call that I applaud: get the sickest person out of the way, and let me wait 10 minutes. Not a problem in my book. I tend to make doctor’s/dentist appointments on my days off, and try not to pack in too much on those anyway (I work every other weekend, so get days off mid-week instead, which makes this easier than for most), so was in no hurry.

    Regarding Duke: HMMMMM! I’d say he’s still telling you something. He might not be smelling rats or be in pain, but there might be a dynamic that has changed for him, and he’s protesting, Duke-style. It could be a reaction to your mood over the past week, it could be your having visitors, it could be sheer obstinacy! I’d say the caging is a good solution at present, because he doesn’t seem to get the programme at present….

  7. We generally have four dogs at a time, different breeds and ages, and have found that as they age they tend to do more inappropriate peeing. And we have yet to have a dog that rings a bell when it wants to go out, although our two retrievers currently bark and stand at the top of the stairs. For our current bad boy, 15 year old cocker Teddy (aka Mr. Peebody), we do leave him out supervised for up to an hour and then he has to go out to the pen or fenced in yard to do his business, or go back into his crate (which he’ll gladly do for a treat). Unfortunately, coyotes have just started hanging around our yard so leaving him outside unsupervised even with the retrievers isn’t possible any more but worked for about 14 years. But he seems less annoyed being in the crate now that we moved it in the kitchen away from the other dogs and near the food. I noticed his inappropriate peeing got better after my sister had all the wood floors worked on last summer, so maybe your fellow is smelling previous markings (his, his buddies, any other dogs who lived there). There may be a pet clean-up company that could come in and get out the odors he can smell but you can’t. And then, I guess, call Cesar or a dog behaviorist. The shows I see, mostly about cats (and believe me that would be even worse), seem to show that more play and exercise and some space changes seem to help with many pet problems. Is something new stressing him out? Isn’t one of your other dogs ill? Is there an aggressive dog nearby? Could this be some sort of jockeying for dominance? One final thought: would doggie diapers be a possibility or paper training (I knew someone who trained her dog to pee in the tub)? But it sounds more like marking than incontinence.

  8. Wow! I don’t know what to tell you about Duke. That’s baffeling! I did think you had a rat again but you say you don’t. Shantelle, it may seem cruel but if Yannick let him out of the crate when he got up, and Duke did this after he left and while you were sleeping, I would suggest putting him back in the crate until someone is with him all the time OR keep him in the crate and only take him out to do his business, then back in. You do call him on the peeing don’t you? They know what they’ve done, believe me! That’s what I’d do. I couldn’t tolerate that for long.
    I had a situation with my dog Stella after 5 years of perfect behavior she suddenly took to scratching up our doors, bench, rocker and windows and then tried to let herself out by trying to open the doors. There were teeth gouges in both the round door knobs. She almost made it out when we got home. I was stunned!! The damage over a period of a couple of months was terrible. So, she went outside, on Invisible Fence. A collar with a transmitter/receiver and a line buried in the ground. When she’d get near the line by 2 feet it would beep loud; any closer and she got zapped. Like a hand buzzer. ( I held it in my hand to feel what she would feel). Problem solved! But to this day we still have teeth marks and gouges that couldn’t be repaired cleanly. She’s gone now after 15 1/2 years, but the damage in some cases remains.

  9. Doctors running late, i can understand. Maybe even the vets as they have a duty of care to all their patients and wouldn’t want anyone not receiving proper health care. If you are sick, you wait however long it takes. No excuses for anyone else.

  10. Be late? How could we possibly think that’s okay? Worse yet is our placing such an ungodly strain on the world of the “professional” (whether a service such as a restaurant, or the person who provides us with our medical care). As an ordinary person, how could I possibly think my time is as important as theirs?! Well no, I don’t get to bill enough in a day to completely pay off all my student loans. Sitting here in your office doesn’t help.
    Give me a freakin’ break! As I struggle to pay my bills and not lose my house, have a little compassion! Swapping out appointments won’t kill anyone.

    (Although if you are a restaurant, consider an addendum to your menu…. No loitering!)

    [BTW Shantelle, you have inspired me to do something my grandson has been asking me to do for the last few years….I’m going to try writing a blog.]

  11. Duke’s peeing could be marking territory. I assume Mack is/was the alpha dog. Duke is taking/has taken his place and is now reminding everyone the house is his. You could put him in a belly band, you’ll need a few by the sounds of it as it would need changing regularly. You can find them on sale at pet stores and also all over the internet – usually cheaper.

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