Why do some people believe only they can have opinions in life?

Those of you who follow me know how I feel about social media, I have a functioning love hate relationship with it.  I see how it emboldens people, myself included to share our opinions, thoughts, and lives, however some out there expect others to either fall in line with those thoughts, beliefs and ideals; or on the worst end of the spectrum some believe that they are “bigger, and louder” and therefore can sway others to STFU already.  To stop thinking their own thoughts, to stop trying to make essential change in our world.  I find the latter fascinating.  I never really understood people who have the notion that their opinion is the only right opinion, or that somehow they, because of who they are are entitled to one while others are not.

This happened to Yannick last night.  Granted, I get why some people, actually primarily women got their knickers in a knot.  The bulk of the people throwing a fit being women I don’t understand, but I’ll get to that later in the post; women who back Trump.  Like seriously what is that???

I do understand what people were upset about.  Last night, YB posted a photo on his Instagram of the Orange Buffoon tossing paper towels at a group of Puerto Rican people.  With his travel schedule, and shooting schedule he didn’t realize that this had been a thing.  While he googled it, and read articles on it, his rage mounted.  He, like so many of us could not believe that the unfortunate leader of the Free World, would behave in such a manner.  He, was stunned, disappointed, and spurred to say something; especially after the girls showed him Eminem’s powerful rap.  He called #45 a Douche.  And this is the reason why I think many of you lost your minds.  Name calling upset you.  Which is interesting since your President name calls ALL THE TIME.  LIKE ALL THE FUCKING TIME.  In fact I don’t think there is a tweet that the man has made where he’s not belittling somebody in some way.  Funny, how it’s okay for the man who is PRESIDENT, but not okay for an actor.


I mean I’m assuming that this is what upset, and spurred a few of you to “un-follow” or as a couple of you did, chastise him, and tell him that; “you should stick to what you’re good at, acting, and keep your opinions to yourself.”

Okay, that woman needs to sit down.

You have some nerve.  I mean what is that you, who’s name now escapes me, which is really too bad, does for a living?  Is it something where you also are meant to be a mute member of society.  Also, saying that we have no rights to American politics.  Are you fucking kidding me right now???  That ass, who sits in the Oval Office is trying to start a World War.  Take that in.  A WORLD WAR.  The last time I checked I am a human being on planet earth, which means I have every right to my opinion, as does my husband about what the maniac, who somehow became the President does.  Furthermore lady, who said we don’t have the right to insert ourselves into American politics; we hold Green Cards, we pay federal taxes, our youngest is an American who very well might marry an American, and therefore give us American grandchildren.  We have all the rights in the world to not only have our opinions, but to express them.  So why don’t you maybe keep your opinions of how YB should conduct himself to yourself.  And if you can’t, if it really upsets you that much, then please un-follow.  Go unite yourself with other like minded people.  Because here’s some information for all Trump supporters who follow him or me, to take in.

We’re not for #45.  For so many reasons; so many that it would put this post over 2000 words.

If we could vote, we never would have, not in a million years, have voted for him.

We don’t respect him simply because he holds the office of President.  How we were raised is we give others respect until they prove that they’re no longer worthy of it, and for us that was when he was a reality TV host.  Then all the allegations, and silencing of women who claimed sexual assault against him, taking way women’s rights, combined with his blatant abuse of middle class America, no thanks, the man isn’t for us.  And the cool thing about life, democracy, and the real free world.  Not respecting him, not liking him is our RIGHT; and just because you, for some unknown reason to God do; doesn’t mean we need to as well.

Because you see, we won’t be bullied by Trump supporters to think like you.  We won’t be swayed by the threats of losing a few followers to change our minds.  It is sad to me, and in fact my husband and I had words last night about how I thought he shouldn’t take down his post.  But, I’m the mouthy one of the two of us, and I speak freely about what I see and think about the state of our world.  Perhaps I do this because I don’t have as much to “lose” as Yannick feels he might; and I mean this strictly from a hiring position, not lose what people think about him personally.  Because let’s be frank, most of you like him because of the roles he plays on TV, not because of the man he is.  You don’t know the man he is.  You really don’t.  He could be a drunk.  He could be abusive.  He could have a sex addiction problem.  You don’t really know him, you just think you do; and that’s fine.  He’s doing a job, a job that you love to watch him do.  But just because you love what he does, doesn’t mean you get to tell him how to live his life outside of his TV persona.  That’s just insane.  In fact, it’s an awful lot like how #45 behaves; bullying people into doing as he wishes them to do.

Which is why I’m disappointed that my husband removed the post.  But that’s what I’m for.  I’m here to tell you, those of you who threatened, who were offended, who thought you would tell him a thing or two are not the reason why he took it down.  He took it down out of respect for his career, his future work and because deep down inside my husband is a good, kind man who doesn’t like to name call, unlike me.  So here goes, for YB, and for everybody else who cannot stomach the fact that that Douche is still the President of America, please go follow somebody else.

And to the young women who stopped following Yannick for whatever reason after the post, I pray, and hope that you unfollowed because you’re religious and don’t like swearing, or something like that.  I truly hope it had everything to do with a reason like that, rather than you support and back #45; because if it is the latter, after all we know about this man, I simply cannot begin to understand why you stand behind him.  But here’s the thing, I know well enough about how life works to never ever attempt to change your mind about that.  I happen to think your support of him is too bad, but hey, at the end of the day when this all shakes out; some of us will have been on the right side of history and others will not, and what the ramifications of the rabid supporters of his will be, only time will tell.



  1. I was too late to see Yannick’s post, but I could tell from the comments that I would be in total agreement with it. I can understand why he chose to take it down, but I am sorry that he did. Funny how respect for free speech exists among some people only when they are in agreement with the speaker. (I wish tRump would have the same care for his public image that YB does for his; then we wouldn’t be subject to his idiotic, off-the-cuff insults to decency.)

  2. YB had every right to express himself. You’re right, we don’t know him, we only think we do but because we’re pretty sure he’s the good man you say he is, his words carry clout and resonance. Most of us agree with him! Most of us say it! Why can’t he?? I’m sorry that our fellow humans either cannot or will not get it through their heads that #45 is not only hurting our beautiful country, but the world as a whole. I mean really! WTF!!! All I can say is I’m so sorry that my beloved country is representing so poorly and that one really good man felt compelled to delete a true statement. I’m sending prayers and wishes for a beautiful wedding and a joyous day for all of you!!❤️❤️Thank you for sharing your lives and opinions with your fans! You make us feel like we’re a part of your lives!!

  3. Kudos Shantelle and Yannick. This is the best thing I’ve read in a long time!

  4. So well said! And, even though it is sad, I can understand why Yannick took it down. But, I loved his “well that was fun” 😉 Please keep being the voice 🙂

  5. I, as an Australian citizen, was appalled and shocked when Trump was elected president. I could not believe America got it so wrong! I get embarrassed watching and observing his reprehensible antics on the news and social media. I, too, worry about the way he seems commited to make nuclear war a priority. I worry for my son and his future children, all generations globally. They deserve better.
    So proud that you have spoken out in this post. You have my heartfelt congratulations!
    Wishing all happiness to the Bisson Family. May Brianna and Craig’s impending nuptials bring you much joy and happiness.
    You did good!

  6. First, best wishes to you and your family this weekend. Wishing for sunshine and happiness for the bride and groom.

    Thank you for the laughs (and tears) your blog has to offer .

    As for people complaining about you and Mr. Bisson having opinions , they baffle me. They say they are patriots but don’t respect everyone’s right to free speech.

    You both keep on posting and writing about this administration, because the more people read, the more chances you have to change minds for our next election .

    Thank you!

  7. OMG OMG OMG This is just outrageous. So he can’t have an opinion because they think he is his character. He is so much more that that as of course you know. I wish he had left it up but I understand why he felt he may have to take it down. But believe me as far as those people who felt it was necessary to un-follow, he doesn’t need them and is better off with them gone, I am an American and believe me, I will name call #45 anytime I can,. And we all have that right. Especially with the ‘person’ we are dealing with. After all he IS a douche and he IS a moron. And very scary right now.
    At first it was YBs roles that drew me to him and you. But I wanted to know more and so dug deeper than twitter and instagram. (although I do enjoy keeping up with you on those) things like the Princess Challenge (only a Real Man would put on a princess Dress 🙂 , the work with the Artists for Peace and Justice in Haiti, your whole family dynamic of love., the beautiful young women you have both raised. your values, both of yours) how though in them.
    OK I am rambling But keep on speaking your mind. And if YB can’t name-call, you do it for him.
    As Always, thank you for sharing.

  8. As a sensible person I agree with your husband’s opinion of #45. I wonder how much of the reaction is due once again to the shock of “Murdoch” speaking in that manner?

  9. Bravo & well dId.. I left a message for YB after this mess in support of him, for all the reasons you say above. I am a life long Democrat but unlike 45 followers, I can deal with the here & now. I was angry at Carter’s handling of the hostages, upset with Club to.n for his womanizing & even disappointed with Obama, but not often. My point is I can see good & bad in whoever serves us. I don’t lose my mind When someone posts something about Obama( well, I will qualify that with saying only when it did not show him being lynched). I did not see this post but it does not seem as bad as a lynching. When was the outrage then. I suggest they back the #uck off & allow for other opinions. You may not be American but you have a unique view. You see this country outside but , I am guessing since you have an Cal. Home,, are here to see first hand. Let me say , since you have that home you pay taxes LIKE ANY AMERICAN on that home. YOU contribute to this economy so you should have your day anyway. I digress from my point though. Suffice it to say, I support you & your husband. Yes, I totally agree with your points but if I didn’t I would see you have every right to state them.

  10. Bravo.
    Was not able to post as it was deemed “too short” but it’s all that’s necessary, is the one word.

  11. Well I just want to applaud you! You tell em Shantelle! I cannot stand these die hard supporters of that JACKASS! I’m with YB in his posting of that video. Woo Hoo! I do understand his reasoning for taking it down. Because of my job, I cannot express a political opinion although quietly, most of us are like the millions, including you, who feel this guy is a disgrace. We all worry that his mouth will get us all killed. I hate the “do as I say, not as I do” way of being. Let’s hope and pray he’s outta here before anything traumatic happens.

  12. Poor Yannick. I’ve twittered much worse to #45 himself. This argument that people should stick to what they’re good at (football, acting, librarianship) only applies when the reader doesn’t like what is being said. I found that picture of Trump tossing paper towels at Puerto Ricans (not to mention his foul fake pronunciation of Puerto Rico) so revoltingly condescending and now he’s threatening to cut aid when they still have people starving and most have no power. Even my grandson who’s only 14 said Trump acted like Marie Antoinette telling the peasants to eat cake. I have to agree that the photo did make Yannick’s otherwise lovely Instragram feed a little less lovely. But I hope he pulled it down because he wanted to, not because people didn’t like it. I LOVED it! It’s typical that the Trumpistas who so vociferously denounce criticism of Trump used to scream “lock her up” and are completely silent on young black men getting shot at traffic stops and Puerto Ricans dying.

    If you don’t post this reply, I totally understand. But you and Yannick should know most fans think you have a perfect right to speak your minds because we fans sure don’t hold back. It’s a two way street.

    Now have a lovely, lovely, happy wedding weekend. A nicer bunch of peeps cannot be found. Dance, sing, be merry and welcome another generation of lovers to the clan.

  13. Now that you have that off your chest, can you please forget about (hard I know) Ass Pimple for a good long while and just feel the joy of your wonderful family event..many good wishes for a gorgeous, meaningful and blessed wedding for Brianna and Craig.

  14. Aw … yeah, I’m sorry that he took down the post, too. But, just as it was his prerogative to post it, it’s his prerogative to take it down. I totally get that. but you very clearly indicate what the real point is – where did that person get off saying something like he should “stick to what he knows”.

    As a resident of the frikkin PLANET, we ALL have a right to our opinion (loud or quiet) about what the world powers are up to. Sadly, especially right now as a lunatic is unravelling in the White House, we ALL better be sure of where we stand and I have no problem voicing my concerns as a Canadian. What the Toddler-In-Chief does impacts EVERYONE, not just his followers, not just those that voted for him, not just those stuck with him as their “leader” (and I use the word loosely).

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