Did Ontario really just elect a man over his more competent female opponents?

What can I say today that I haven’t said in political posts about #45 in the past?  I can say that before yesterday I felt a deep disappointment in my American neighbors who not only saw fit to vote Ass Pimple into office, but who continued to support him long after the “make America great” mantra he spewed because he was going to “drain the swamp” fell by the wayside.

It now seems that I had misplaced faith in my fellow countrymen, believing that they would never, ever, vote back in a human that so closely resembled Trump by picking another Ford brother to govern over us.

And yet here we are.

A Ford brother, the one known to be a drug dealer in the past is now the head of the PC party for Ontario.  If we ever had a hope in getting rid of the crooked, dishonest Kathleen Wynne, a strong, intelligent, trustworthy leader needed to be voted in.  And yet somehow knowing this, many voted in the man with dead eyes to lead the party.


And who?  Who did this to us?

Some of you have messaged that now I must turn my eyes and vote NDP.  In theory this sounds logical, but unfortunately for me I am fiscally conservative.  I don’t agree with the Liberal and NDP’s notion that those above $150,000 combined household income should be giving 53.5% to their government.  I wouldn’t mind it so much if our healthcare system wasn’t an absolute mess.  I wouldn’t care if some of these parties actually had a policy for Welfare reform, meaning that people on welfare should be being educated and trained to actually, you know WORK for the free money they get every single month, year after year, after year.  Or if our roads were in great shape and I didn’t blow tires due to gigantic pot holes.  If the busted up sidewalk in front of my house where my property taxes are exorbitant, and I pay 53.5% tax, was not still a fucking mess FIVE YEARS after we built our house.  I have so many issues with how the Liberals and NDP party want to, and in fact do spend the money they take from us.  In fact, for those of you out there who believe for one second the increase in minimum wage was a good thing, take a look at your pay stubs.  In many cases a lot of these people have now been bumped up to the next tax bracket, meaning what?

Meaning the government now also takes more of your hard earned money.

Also, a lot of people who were barely getting by with a lower minimum wage could at least still afford their childcare, but guess what?  Not anymore.  Why not?  Well because now all the daycare facilities have had to start paying all their staff minimum wage, guess where that money is coming from?  Not from the profits of the childcare centres, hell no.  It’s coming from the very people who could barely afford the childcare in the first place.  The same thing with the cost of groceries, home items, women’s monthly products.  EVERYTHING.  Everything just got a whole lot more expensive which means the only people who are truly happy is the government.  Because they are now making all the extra tax all the way across the board.  So I’m sorry but you won’t see me vote for another Liberal government, actually never voted for this one because I saw the writing on the wall with their taxation plan.  Everybody loses but the government.  Most people saw a handsome face, something I also didn’t see, I saw a goof ball, and judging by his time in Indian, I’m not wrong.  NDP is far too socialist for me…unless they’re willing to take a hard line on bettering our healthcare, ensuring families in all income brackets can enjoy the fruits of their financial labours without handing out so much money to many who have never held a job in their lives.  Which leaves with with the Green Party, which is literally throwing my vote.  Something I’m loathe to do.  But it has gotten to the point in the world where we cannot simply vote for somebody because they are the leader of our party.

We saw how well this turned out for the US.

Nor should we vote for another party because they seem to be the “lesser of two evils.”  I firmly believe that we need to let all parties who we feel are in the wrong, and unworthy of our support know this by voting against them.  I truly never thought I would take this stand on a voting issue, since it’s always seemed to me like such a waste of your voice.  But now I see that telling all the other parties that you think their platform and their leaders aren’t you cup of tea really is the only way to change how, and who becomes head of a party.

So, if Doug Ford has truly won, as of right now Christine Elliott is still refusing to concede, I guess I’ve just become a member of the Green Party.  Because over my dead body am I going to be party to another incompetent, crooked, vile man “winning” over a superior female candidate (of which there were actually THREE running against him).  It might be alright with some women in America, but it’s not okay with this female Canadian.


  1. Not OK with this female Canadian too. i am so disappointed in the Ontario Conservative party.

  2. The huge volume of disappointment that I am feeling with Canadian politics right now is almost smothering. I am generally a liberal (we can still be friends, right?) BUT I cannot support the party at this time. In good conscience, I just cannot.

    I also cannot … and WILL NOT … support the shark-eyed Ford. That man is dead inside. He has only his ego and his bank account at “heart” (and I use the term “heart” very loosely) and anyone who thinks otherwise is willingly ignorant.

    For the first time, I am very unsure about what to do with my vote. It’s a terrible place to be, and I’m willing to bet that there are a lot of us out there in the same boat.

  3. Voting choices: Not voting doesn’t make a statement, it’s surrendering you voice. Vote swapping assumes two strangers will vote the way they tell each other they will, again surrendering your voice. My solution has always been to assess9 which candidate will do the least damage and if necessary, hold my nose.

  4. You might want to check out the SAM, “serve America movement” it is grass roots and trying to develop alternatives to the current craziness.

  5. it isn’t all right with a lot of us women in the US. I feel like it was forced on us. If there is anything that you can do to avoid this man getting any more power, do what you can. I think a lot of us down here were complacent figuring that there was no way that such a man could be elected. and like Ford. our Trump did not win the popular vote. That is still beyond me, that it can happen, THAT should be the determining factor More people vote for someone and they win, I must have missed something somewhere.

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