Because if we’re not thankful for our bad days, then we’re really just large babies, aren’t we?

Happy thanksgiving to all my lovelies in America!!  I neglected to hit post on this yesterday so it is one day late…please forgive me xo

I was thrown for a loop by a beloved family member on Sunday evening, and if I were to tell you that I had an awesome upbeat, productive week while trying to process it, I’d be lying.  I had a painful, and extremely difficult week trying to understand a) why the conversation was started in the first place and b) the shock of now knowing that she had these thoughts bouncing around inside her head.

To be completely honest with you I wanted to crawl under a rock and have a giant pity party, and although I did shed many confused tears, I refused to buy into it being truth.  I was hell bent and determined that she, or any other family members who might share her “idea” of the chain of events of my sexual assaults had nothing at all to do with me, and everything to do with them.  I decided instead to rise above.  And as difficult as that was some hours, it was the best thing for me.

So today, on the American day of giving thanks, I want to share that I’m beyond thankful for the love of my family that I’ve made.  The family that I gave life to with my incredible husband, and to the family that I’ve added through the beautiful souls I call friends.  This week they carried me when I felt as though I couldn’t walk, and that my friends is what family is all about.

My wish for all of you on this Thanksgiving Day/Weekend is that each and every one of you has your circle that surrounds you and shelters you from the storm when you’re too weak/vulnerable to do it for yourself.  I also pray that when these days come to you, as they most certainly will, that you accept them with grace, and allow yourselves to process, breathe and live through them.  Because if we throw a giant fit, and ask the victim questions of “why me” then we’re just large brats who only want the good that life has to offer us, aren’t we?

Blessings and love to you all,




  1. Many times I have felt sorry for myself for a very short moment, wished I could have had a tantrum, thrown things or yelled & screamed but it’s not what I do. Instead, I picked myself up and moved on, it was the only thing to do. Thank for sharing your struggle xx

  2. That’s awful when some closest to you are the ones saying or doing things that cut the deepest and/or cause such turmoil (esp.) after what you’ve already endured. My heart goes out to you for the difficult week and I’m truly glad you have the “family you’ve made”; great (on you) for “doing for you” and rising above the ignorance.

    Leading [Lady 😉 ]

    Pleased to “know” you, Shantelle.

  3. (There were a lot of hearts in my first comment – don’t transfer, apparently..)

  4. Your feelings are completely justified. All families have members with different opinions and attitudes . You can love family members who have attitudes that conflict with yours. The important thing, however, is to maintain the power of your convictions. Incidentally, I support your efforts to increase awareness of sexual abuse.

  5. Sorry you had to put up with this shit. Yes, why would this even be a topic of conversation? I sent you a picture of my granddaughter Vivian in one of her daily costumes. She’s a fierce little thing, going to be Hell on wheels as an adult. I’m looking forward to that;-). Anyway, hope you had a good laugh. Hope you and yours and a great thanksgiving. Now, for all those leftovers…

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