Why is nobody talking about the wildfires that still rage on in British Columbia anymore???

Summer wildfires

How is it already September???  I feel like I was just ringing in 2017 and now here we are, four months away from ringing in another year.  It’s wild.  Time is whizzing by.  I know I say this almost every single blog lately but honestly friends, what the hot hell is happening with the passing of time?  I mean I love September, but I just wish it was sandwiched somewhere in between May and July, not here where it is carrying the brunt of bad news. I wish another month symbolized the ending of summer because I love September so much; I wish it didn’t have the burden of being the nail in the coffin of something everybody loves.


I’ve been watching friends, who are in Toronto, Instagram posts and they’re already wearing fall jackets in the morning to walk their dogs.  What the hell.  I’m cooking at my Cali house, literally living in the 7th layer of hell, with temperatures hitting 117 degrees at certain spots in LA and my friends are wearing fall bomber jackets.  And #45 says there’s no global warming.  Right.

I mean look at British Columbia.  People are still displaced from their homes, animals/livestock have lost their lives, more than 491,000 hectares of land have burned.  That is a lot of land.  The conversion on that is that 491,000 hectares is the equivalent of 1,231 287.42 acres.  Take that in; and those are old numbers, from late July.  How is that possible?  Is that even something that BC can recover from?  I mean how many wild animals have lost their lives and their habitats??  I can’t even imagine the fallout of losing that much land.  Also friends, the fires are still going.  It has been on fire for five months.  FIVE MONTHS.

All that land.

All the wildlife lives lost.

All the people displaced and homes lost.  Yet the news is no longer covering it.  There are no fundraisers, no celebrities donating millions of dollars to help BC out.  There is no longer any mention of it.  I’m Canadian and I had no idea that BC was still on fire.  Which got me thinking; “what does it take to keep something ‘in the news’???”  Is it that there just isn’t enough space for anything but one catastrophe at a time combined with the daily shenanigans of #45?  I mean Ass Pimple provides enough news content on a number of platforms every single day, that I get that we can’t keep discussing the fact that we’re still on fire north of the border, especially now that North America is dealing with the flooding of Texas.

I love that.  I love how all of North America gets in on an American crises, but not even us Canadians get behind our own.  I’m ashamed that I didn’t even know that the beautiful British Columbia was still ablaze.  I feel like a terrible Canadian.  And I would say that maybe I didn’t know about the fires in BC because I’m currently in the States, but nah, I’ve only been here a couple of weeks, so the math doesn’t add up.  Even before coming here I thought the fires were under control.  But now that I know that they’re not, I think we all need to still be talking about BC and asking; “what can we do to help” as well as; “what do they need from us???”

I mean we’re only human, we can only have compassion for one group of people in need at a time, I suppose.  Add to the fact that as Canadians we like to fly under the radar and not bring too much attention to ourselves and voila, an ongoing natural disaster gets to play out in silence.  So count this blog as my attempt to bring some awareness back to the ongoing needs for the people in our own backyard.  If you’re looking for ways that you can help that won’t go through the Red Cross here are a few organizations that you can contact to donate to and support those still in need:

Food Banks BC – supporting food banks across BC

For the animals in need:  http://spca.bc.ca/     http://www.cdart.org/

And like I always say, if you can’t give with money, give of yourself through prayer for those afflicted.

Love, SB




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  1. I had no idea the BC fires were still raging!! My God!! Why has this not been reported? I live in the US and look to get “unbiased” news from the BBC; there’s been no mention of it! How tragic! I agree with you that the JACKASS feeds airwaves with his delusional, racist mouth and unpresidential antics. I’d like to help somehow. I DON’T like the Red Cross. Only a fraction of the monies donated actually filter down to those in need. Do you know of a reputable place to send donations? God help BC!

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