What needs to happen to end senseless loss of life due to guns?

I can’t read anymore news.

I can’t watch another video.

I can’t go give blood.

I can’t stop weeping at random times.

And I can’t blog today…

What I can do is help in anyway that I am able so I have donated to Las Vegas gofundme.com, and I urge you to do the same.  I gave on behalf of all the lives lost in Las Vegas on Sunday night, within the 59 we have 3, confirmed Canadians.  People just going to a music festival, living life, believing they were free to do so…

But as long as there are guns, and leaders who don’t value life, but value greed, and money and their seats in government more than human life, there will be no real freedom.  Because from where I sit when we live our lives in fear; that maybe next time it will be the event I’m attending where a madman opens fire, then I’m sorry, but that’s not being free.

I can help those who still haven’t heard from loved ones who were in attendance to prayerfully find them by posting this number:  Monday night Las Vegas police changed the phone number people should call when looking to report missing loved ones to 1-800-536-9488.

For my American followers who can vote, who can make the change that your great country needs, so I urge you to vote against the senators and congress people who think the gun laws are fine the way they are next time you go cast your ballot.


As Miley Cyrus and Adam Sandler sang Dido’s moving song last night on Jimmy Fallon

“There’s no love without freedom, there’s no freedom without love…”

Love isn’t weapons of mass destruction.  Love isn’t taking medical away from the poor, the old, and children.  Love isn’t sitting up high, not really fazed because you don’t know anybody who lost their lives in a senseless act of gun violence.  Turning a blind eye to all these things is the opposite of love, and those who say it isn’t the time to talk politics lack empathy.  Gun violence is directly linked to politics.  And so, this Canadian woman, mother, wife, daughter, and lover of people will continue to talk about the gun issue in the country I also call home.


  1. I found myself crying again this morning just watching the sacrifices made by so many strangers to help those injured and possibly dying in the concert park in Las Vegas, I just can’t understand what motivates a person to take lives indiscriminately. People just enjoying an evening of fun. and I know there are actually responsible gun owners out there, But then there is someone like this who only wants to inflict harm, OK Here I go again with tears for the lost and for the selfless heroes. The sun losing his dad who was protecting a stranger. The wife losing her husband who was protecting her, The gun laws are not fine when this continues to happen. I don’t know the answer but I truly hope that there are those who do. I can go to gofundme but I so want to do more.

  2. Love isn’t voting to let mentally ill individuals purchase guns. Semi-automatic weapons have no place in the hands of the average citizen. And concern (though not associated with the gun issue) isn’t standing in a crowd of people who have lost everything, and lob rolls of paper towels at them. Love having you and your family here, but outside of your careers, can’t imagine — at the moment — why you would ever want to move here permanently. We are on a very slippery slope at the moment, and the ending doesn’t look pretty.

  3. Mrs. Bisson,
    Unless you are advocating for the confiscation of all guns in the US, what is your proposed legislative solution? BTW, confiscation will only remove guns held by people who already obey all US gun laws not the criminals who never have and never will. Maybe Murdoch can invent a new gadget to detect current/future intent to use a gun for some criminal purpose…but then again, what about knives, baseball bats, and anything else that can be used for violence? Just some food for thought….

  4. Bravo and we’ll said. We here need to rally to get our political officials and that person who is President to make some changes in gun laws. There is no need for an automatic weapon or a semi machine gun. Now they want to give a pass on silencers. Can you imagine how many more would have died had they not heard the shots and run?

  5. Thank you for posting the link to the list of government officials that won’t support gun laws in the US.
    I’m slowly losing hope.

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