How many people upset with players taking a knee, really understand why they’re doing it?

Sports aren’t really my thing.  I don’t know stats, I don’t know which player makes what money, and my life certainly does not revolve around games.  I’ve never hosted a championship party, tailgated, or honestly really give a flying f*#k about who wins what.  Unless it is the Olympic Gold Medal in hockey, or figure skating.  I care very much about who wins those.  But little else about any other sport.

Why am I rambling on and sharing this, if I care so little about sports?  I’m letting you know these things so you can understand that I’m not an NFL fan.  I don’t know how many teams are in the league, or how many players on a team.  When I cheered professionally for two seasons, here in Toronto, I did it for a couple of reasons:  1) I was early 20’s and had just had my second baby and wanted to get back in shape 2) I needed to be paid to get in shape since we didn’t have enough money for me to pay to get in shape.  It was a perfect fit.  To this day I still have no idea what I was cheering about, or for, but I had a great time!

Lately the NFL, and the NBA have been getting a heap of attention from #45, all of it negative.  The guys in the NFL have taken to not standing during the national anthem.  This is seen, by many as utter disrespect for the flag, for the country and the people who served, and died protecting her.


All this coming from a “leader” who NEVER served.

All this coming from people who, as Chrissy Teigen cleverly pointed out, definitely don’t stand, hand over heart in their homes while the anthem plays before every single game.

All this coming from #45 on a Sunday, another Sunday where he’s dragging some organization that has nothing to do with his office.  Remember the Emmy tweets?  I mean is it just mean or does this man have the gift of deflecting?  Deflecting from what is really happening behind his administration??  I mean he’s still being investigated about Russia.  He’s still failing at coming up with that new and better plan to replace Obamacare.  He’s still in trouble over a great many things; yet like clockwork the weekend rings in another outrageous set of tweets to kick off the week distracting everybody who doesn’t back him with nonsense to focus on.  I don’t like the man, but I have to say this; it’s pretty crafty, and personally I think it’s why he’s managed to hold on to the Presidency for as long as he has, all this smoke and mirrors distracting from all the real issues.  Of which there are many.

As far as the NFL, well I’ll say this.  I find it ironic that we have a group of men, and owners, who for the most part support sexism and misogyny being elevated to role of “heroes” for some.  I mean we’ve all heard the stories of domestic abuse that runs rampant through the league, it’s not new information.  I don’t condone the owners who have turned a blind eye to players who have been not only suspected of this behaviour, or respect them because they feel vindicated by having their teams where pink socks and cleats during breast cancer month.  I could write an entire blog about what’s wrong with the NFL on these matters, we’re not talking about these issues.  We’re talking about a sport comprised of predominantly black men making their voices heard.  They have the platform, and as wealthy African American men who could act like they don’t know, or care about what’s happening to other black men and women would be much worse than them using their influence, and create dialogue, that will prayerfully not only draw attention to the problem, but change.

Innocent people are losing their lives at an alarming rate, we should all be appalled by this, and we should support and agree with the fact that something has to be said, done, to make it stop.  So I completely support, as I’ve tweeted the reason behind why they’re “taking the knee” I mean as long as we have white cops walking up to the windows of cars and saying shit like:  “Oh you’re lucky you’re white or I might have shot you” they need to “take the knee.”  The flag represents freedom for ALL, not just white people.  The flag represents the right to be who you are, and live your life in peace because others died for you to have that right.  And this stands for all Americans, not just the white ones.  Until cops, government, and other citizens are in line with this thinking; that people, regardless of colour, race or religion are all worthy of the same God given privileges we white people have, then I say “take the knee.”

Jesus, be like the Steelers and don’t even come out for the national anthem.  I mean why bother if the song doesn’t mean the same thing to everybody, if we’re picking and choosing what freedom actually is then we need to check ourselves.  For those white people who are demanding that a race that isn’t being treated like Americans on American soil respect the country then I say you who feel that way need to have a serious come to Jesus moment with yourselves.  Because, in my humble opinion if these athletes taking a knee offends you, instead of moves you to tears, moves you to tears because they shouldn’t even have to be doing this in the year 2017, then you need to check your heart and ask yourself why you’re more offended by them not standing during a song than you are that they have to do it in the first place.


  1. Brava!! An excellent, pointed summary of this sad state of affairs. I’ve had this argument with family – it is not about “patriotism”, it’s about RACIAL INJUSTICE! And as one of your previous commenters mentioned, when you have white privilege (as me and my family do), you have to watch for the injustice and then it’s your responsibility to fight against it.

    The Toddler-In-Chief knows nothing of this because he’s an incompetent racist moron who has absolutely no knowledge of – or interest in – anyone else’s issues. He’s no kind of an example.

    By the way, I’m quite sure that all those people who are complaining about this are also careful to not be in line for beer when the anthem is being played …

  2. Bravo! I could not agree more! I was just telling a friend the exact thing not an hour before I read this. Great minds,eh? I am reminded of the 1968 Olympics and the athletes who raised the gloves fist( yes, I’m that old). They wanted peaceful protest and in the end had their medals rescinded & found their lives in ruins. Why are we so afraid of what we promise to protect? In that vein, why aren’t we protecting Puerto Rico instead of tweeting about their national debt? Instead of worrying about whose taking a knee let’s start trying to lend a hand. Isn’t that what the flag stands for?

  3. I do follow and L-O-V-E it. NFL, CFL, College, Arena, doesn’t matter. I love football! Did I ever play it, yes! Flag football, for all of 2 series when the chick I was lined up against shoved me in the face and my teeth slammed together. I decided there and then that I liked having teeth, called for a replacement, grabbed my stuff and walked off the field! It’s a brutal game no matter what form it is. Now these guys taking a knee to protest the inequality in the US; I’m behind them! They are bringing attention to the constant discrimination our people of color have to endure daily. While this JACKASS fans the flame of ignorance and utter stupidity. I wholly support them. Discrimination based on skin color is simply ludicrous! And we have the biggest moron on the planet distracting the attention from his screw ups and corruption tweeting inane shit! Unbelievable!!

  4. One of the blessings of priviledge is you don’t know you have it. That’s why people don’t get what black NFL players are protesting. Trump is using his “Southern Strategy” again, when as with the Confederate flag and monuments, he pretended not to know what the big deal was all about and made it about patriotism instead of inequality. As a young girl, first job out of college, I had to have sexism pointed out to me because I had never in my life experienced it. My family treats women as equals, with the same expectations for girl and boy children. So my first run-ins with groping, disrespecting, etc. left me speechless. A friend took me in tow and pointed out the need for women’s liberation and the equal rights amendment.

    So I get why white people don’t “get it” when it comes to “take a knee”. But once it’s explained, there is no excuse for not understanding it and supporting them by taking a knee ourselves. If you could find a black person that matched your gender, age, educational attainment, would you trade places? Probably not because you know their skin determines their residence, their job, their salary, their kids’ schools and they would be undoubtedly less desireable than what you have.

    So if you wouldn’t trade places, TAKE A KNEE.

  5. It is distressing when people are more concerned about the symbols–our flag and anthem–than they are about the IDEALS they are supposed to represent. My father was a WWII vet, so I’m very pro-military. But I’m equally pro-freedom and civil rights! Until everyone enjoys those IDEALS in reality, I defend their right to protest.

  6. 45’s antics over NFL, white supremacy, North Korea and a host of other things is nothing more than an attempt to influence those who think like he does. And it is working. We, the thinking majority, are giving him FAR too much air time and face time when in the grand scheme of things, his opinions don’t matter – he has no influence over the NFL unless he executive orders all male, black players off every team. Does that advance the country? NO.

    My concern here is how a system that has been celebrated around the world as the #1 democratic country in the world, the best at everything (more or less) the super power, etc. has NO WAY of ousting this man for his lack of political ability to pass a simply health care plan. He has attempted three times to push a legislative change through to law, and he has failed three times. So, obviously he is an ineffective leader. Joe Clark was removed from the Prime Ministers office for less. So how can the U.S. government NOT remove this man from office? HOW????

    Forget impeachment, forget his tweets, forget everything else, he is NOT leading his party or his country effectively. He is unstable and can’t focus on anything, including the sentence he said five minutes ago.

    Let his political track record show how ineffective he is. Forget his antics – he is fooling only the fools. Deflecting is the least of his ridiculousness. He is NOT doing his job and therefore he needs to go already.

  7. Of all the people who are complaining about atheletes taking a knee, Trump pisses me off the most, he has more important matters to look after than being a whiney little f*#k. He’s hardly done anything, or mentioned all the people suffering in Peurto Rico. He’s making crazy statements which only seem to be meant to egg that other fool in N.Korea on. The world is in a sad state, it isn’t looking good…

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