I love you fierce Wonder Women! Happy International Women’s Day!!

Happy International Women’s Day!!!

What a year we’ve had.  I’ve always loved being female.  Even when I’m spinning twenty plates and I look over at my husband, feet up, bike magazine in hand, and feel envious that he wakes up, goes to work, comes home from work, and repeats five days a week, while it seems like I work twelve hour days seven days a week.  I’d still rather be me.  My life is very much like the old saying; “a woman’s work is never done.”  Maybe it’s because I’m not content simply to be a wife, and run our household, YB often says; “you bring this pain upon yourself.”  If I didn’t have all the ambition in my heart to be more, do more, from my writing to my charity work, I too might have more time to sit and flip through magazines.  But would I be content?

The answer is no.  I would not be.  Nor would I ever in a million years, or one hundred lifetimes want to be a man.  I love being a woman.  I’m thankful every single day that I am one.  I’m grateful that I have been blessed with the body that grows the child, carries it, and births it.  I feel like a superhero every single day that I’m alive.  As women we’re remarkable creatures, and I for one love being a part of this powerful tribe, and I love the fact that I brought three phenomenal women into the world and added to the bad ass crew!

It’s also incredible to witness the powerful movements that have started this past year.  I never thought in my lifetime that we would see something like #MeToo or #TimesUp.  I hadn’t imagined that there would be any consequence, ever, for men who behaved in this way as a habit, never mind that we would see them removed from their positions on high.  We’re finally being heard, really heard, from young to old our stories about how some men, in positions of authority, have used that power to abuse, manipulate, and take advantage of us is having real ramifications.  The patriarchal norm of our society was not only challenged this year, but it has been toppled.  I pray that the bravery of the women in North America will be felt globally, and women who live in countries and cultures were women are treated as if they are disposable will find encouragement from our progress, unite, and find their own voices and with that, their freedom.

Wherever you find yourself in your female journey I hope that you have a tribe that you feel supported by, and that you also support.  I pray that you’re solid in the knowing that you are magic, and without you the world cannot, and would not continue to be.  I hope that you know how incredibly valuable you are, and if there is anything within yourself that is causing you to doubt your awesomeness that you are working on overcoming that.  Because you are a woman, you are the center of life, you are life, and in you all things are possible.

I love you fierce Wonder Women, charge on to the greatness that is inside of you!




  1. Loved what you shared today Shantelle. I love being a woman too. We have so much to offer to the world and those around us. I only wish I had realised when I was younger that what I had to give out was special and unique because it was from me. The struggle to be like other women I admired was so strong and trying to be like them exhausting.

  2. Woo Hoo! So well put! Let’s face it, even in instances where we’re held back, we find a way to get what we want. We are smarter than the average bear, so to speak! Look at what’s happened here in America and North America as you so well put. We are a force to contend with and it is now that we are showing our numbers! Let’s face it, the world is run by women. We may not get the “face time”, but we are all in the background pulling the strings, running the shows! Let’s hope more women will rise to positions of power and start to straighten out the mess made by our male counterparts in Government.

  3. Thank you yet again for your powerful words. Love the graphic including some of us with a little extra girth.😄 My personal tribe is very small but we do love and support each other. I am proud that my daughter has become an amazingly strong woman. I am amazed that you can do all that you do. There may be some men who could do all of it, but Not so sure. My life as a woman has been a great journey and I have loved sharing most of my life with my husband
    ther are countries that make women less than 2nd cass citizens and I too hope that they can gain some strength with what has been happening in North America

  4. Great blog today, Shantelle! I, too, enjoy really my womanhood and am very proud of my only daughter. I enjoy stories about your daughters, but wonder why we seem to know more about Brianna and Mikaela than we do about Domenique. Could you write more about her?


  5. I spent the morning working with a team of high powered women on an important project. I don’t mean we all had high power jobs, 3 of us did, but the other 2 had valuable input as well. Then I saw it was international women’s day and reflected that this meeting was congenial. We listened, we appreciated each other’s ideas, we disagreed politely, we didn’t talk over each other, the experts didn’t pull rank. Lo and behold, by the end of the meeting we’d reached consensus on every issue on the table. Women are awesome.

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