We all know that the trash we throw out of our car windows, or take to the beach doesn’t walk itself to a trash bin, right???

Alright, I’m confident that I’m not the only person who feels this way.  But seriously, WTAF is with people who throw their shit out of their car windows.  And I’m not talking about banana peels, or apple cores, that the squirrels, raccoons, and seagulls will pick up and enjoy as a delicacy later.  I’m talking about people who open their car windows and throw out bottles, coffee cups and their lunch trash.

What the hell?

Who raised you?

And what year are you in even living in.

To bring you up to speed, it is 2017.  It might very well be the year that Ass Pimple is running America, denying climate change and Global Warming. But hell to the no it will not also become the year of recklessly polluting city streets and freeways.  We’re already the largest douche bags on the planet for, some reason, unknown to me being unable to take our trash with us after enjoying nature.  In fact, do you know that there is approximately 19 billion pounds of plastic floating around in our oceans???


That is an unimaginable amount of plastic.  Like what weighs NINETEEN BILLION POUNDS???  This is a serious question.  Is there anything at all that weighs that much?  Never mind a mass that is comprised of individual pieces of plastic simply floating around in the oceans.

My friends, what is wrong with some people?  We have some that could care less about strapping a bomb onto their bodies, killing as many innocent strangers in one fell swoop.  We have people stuffing dogs into suitcases and dumping them in ditches, or burying them alive.  We have a mother who forced her children into the trunk of her car so she could shop in Walmart without interruption.  And we have people who get all packed up, with coolers, provisions, and head off to the beach for a day of fun in the sun.  Clearly many of these people also feel no shame in walking away from that beach leaving their garbage to just be what?  Picked up the fish?  Carried off by the seagulls to one of the many trash bins provided along the boardwalks on their way back to their cars.


Some days I wish I was back in the 1800’s before industrialization.  Before we had cars and plastics and excess.  When the only thing people took to the ocean was a blanket, an umbrella and themselves.  Before there was the unrealistic expectation that some way, some how your trash was somebody else’s problem.  Listen I get it, even though we’re all encouraged to carry stainless steel water bottles, of which I have a few, we are human.  We sometimes forget them, and end up out longer than we expected to be gone without enough water to stay hydrated.  Which I’ve recently come to learn is a minimum of 3.5 liters every day.  And this is only if you’re not also working out.  But I digress, the point of my post is if you have to use a plastic water bottle recycle it.  Or, reuse it until the lid no longer works because the threads are so worn down.  Whatever you do with the OCCASIONAL plastic water bottle you must buy, don’t litter with it.  For the love of God, dispose of it properly.

If you’re a littering asshole.  Sorry Yannick, I know you’ve told me not to call people names on my blog, but seriously, it is 2017, we all know better now.  We all know that our litter doesn’t get picked up by some garbage fairy.  We all know that our planet is in crises, and that literally every little thing each and every one of us can do to help our planet deal with the stress and disrespect we show it, goes a very, very long way.  And for the way that trash is mismanaged by some countries due to a lack of how to process trash.  I’d say it is high time you find a solution to your infrastructure problems.  Seriously, it is 2017 people.  Figure this out.  If you won’t be responsible for yourself, then may I implore you do it for the future of your children.  And if you don’t like them enough to do it for them, how about your future grandchildren.  Please.  Our sea animals are begging you…


  1. I am so grateful to my Aunt Elenor for teaching me of the beauty and preciousness of nature, and to respect the Earth and try to take care of her to our best ability! She has been gone many years, but I have not forgotten, and still love her!

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