You all know they haven’t figured out how to do brain transplants, right???

Listen, I think by now we’re all aware that the brain is the only part of the human body they haven’t figured out how to replace, replicate/transplant.  It is delicate, fragile, and really fucking important.  I’ve talked about my respect for the human brain, and how we must protect it in past blogs, the one about cyclists who don’t wear helmets.  I’m not going to take the time to go find that post, but it was one of the first, so probably in and around the July archives.  Anyway, back to the topic at hand.  I don’t get it.  Why would anybody not want to take every measure to protect the one thing on their body that cannot be easily repaired by modern medicine.  Like, what are they doing?  I can tell you one thing they’re definitely NOT doing; they’re not USING their brains.  Which got me thinking…maybe those people out there who don’t respect their brains in the first place, wouldn’t be that upset if they suffered a brain injury??

I would never wish this on anybody, since I’ve known a few people, close to me who have suffered brain injuries, two already in this calendar year.  None of the people I know sustained their near fatal brain injuries because they were riding a bike, or in the case of Yannick’s ENTIRE adult family, skiing and snowboarding this past week, without helmets on.  No, the people I know who’s lives have been forever altered, due to brain injuries were literally just living their lives, and will never be the same again.

The brain is important, and should be respected.  Why on earth a grown ass human, or in this case nine adults out of twenty of us were not wearing helmets is beyond me.  It is just flat fucked up.  Keep in mind, within the twenty of us, five of those were kids, which means the bulk of the “adults” were being dumb.  Dumb because Natasha Richardson, Liam Neeson’s wife died from hitting her head on a bunny hill.  If you’re not a skier, a bunny hill is literally flat.  It has the slightest pitch, if any at all, that you can physically learn to ski on.  It is meant for babies.  There is nobody going fast on a bunny hill, and most of the occupants of the hill are under three feet tall.  There is typically no danger here.  Not like the rest of the mountain, where there are black, double blacks and people in it to win it.  Then we have Sonny Bono, who died one week after Michael Kennedy died skiing without a helmet.  They both hit trees.  Here is the thing about heads and trees, if you hit one, it will always, always win.  You don’t stand a God damn chance in hell of surviving making contact with a tree with your skull.  In 1992 Tony Danza almost didn’t survive a ski accident.   Skiing is a dangerous sport that must be approached with respect, skill, and all the safety equipment you can wear while participating.  I don’t care how awesome you think you are, to me skiing without a helmet is like driving your car without your seat-belt on.  You might know what you’re doing at all times, but you can’t possibly know that every other driver on the road with you is paying attention, or not drunk driving.  You take precautions to protect yourself against others who might not be being as cautious as you when you drive a car, so why wouldn’t you do the same thing when skiing, or biking??  It makes no sense when people respond to my query as to why they don’t wear a helmet with this, or some version of this; “I know what I’m doing, I’ve been skiing a very long time.”  You know what?  I knew what I was doing too when my husband skied over the back of my skis causing me to come to an abrupt stop on the hill, falling backward and smashing the back of my head off the hard as rock icy mountain.  I, was wearing a helmet, because I always wear a helmet.  I had a severe headache for two days after.  It’s not you, it’s everybody else around you.

My personal favorite about adults who don’t wear helmets when cycling or skiing is that they participate in these sports while hanging out with their kids.  Which truly makes me go “hmmm.”  Let’s get this straight; you have your kids melon protected, but you’re totally cool with not protecting your own?  It’s so clever.  I mean if I were to ski into a tree, or get hit by a car, I would totally want my kid to bear witness to my brain being smashed in with blood everywhere, I would so want that to be the last thing my child ever saw of me.  It’s such a beautiful visual to leave a young child with for the rest of their lives.  Don’t you agree???




  1. I type this from my husband’s hospital bedside where he is recovering from multiple skull fractures and bleeding into the brain. He – as you say – was just living his life. Walking home from work, missed the curb and fell helplessly completely backwards onto cement. Luckily his recovery is going well and he’ll be pretty close to 100 % when he gets home. But if I could duct-tape a helmet to his head for the rest of his natural life, or wrap him in bubble wrap, you know I would! For the love of God and family PLEASE protect yourselves! If not for your own safety then at least for the sanity and emotional health of those who love you. Shantelle, I wish love and speedy recoveries to those close to you who are recovering xox.

  2. YES! I could not agree more with you. People need to really think about the long-term consequences of risking brain damage by not wearing helmets. Serious brain injuries cannot only kill you they can cause severe disruptions in your neuroactivity that can leave you with permanent disabilities–anything from the loss of the use of a limb to being in a complete vegetative state. What I think would be the worst possible injuring would be completely paralized but you are totally aware of the condition you are in.

    But I digress. Don’t these people know what they risk? Let alone the trauma to their families in case of death or severe injury, what about the cost of medical support for any injuries they have suffered? Most people cannot pay to keep a loved one on life support or for round the clock nursing care. That leaves the government to pay for that care which means you not only have a devastated family and friends, you are adding to the strain on an already over-burdened health care system JUST BECAUSE YOU DIDN’T WEAR A HELMET!

    My husband used to ride a motorcycle when he was younger. One day a woman ran a red light and plowed right into him. Witnesses said he flew high up in the air and crashed down, head first, on her windshield. They thought he was dead, but miraculously he managed to crawl to the side of the road and only had three small fractures in his right foot that was hit by the car.

    The helmet saved his life, plain and simple. That is the take away here–my husband survived being hit by a car going 45 miles and hour because he was wearing a helmet. If anyone wants to risk not only their bodies and lives as well as causing permanent trauma to their families, then they must not really care about their loved ones. Needlessly putting them through something like that is unconscionable.

  3. FYI: The bike helmet post is dated 6/26/16.
    I agree, I’ve never understood why people don’t want to wear helmets, or any other protective gear, especially when the products nowadays are designed to be effective and lighter than previously. I remember when the law was passed in the US requiring seat belts to be worn, everyone thought their personal freedoms were being violated! I can’t imagine that anyone, if they really thought about it, would WANT to go flying through a windshield at 50 mph. I wonder if it’s because some people cannot visualize what severe injuries would actually be like. I’ve never had any life-threatening injuries, but I don’t think I would enjoy the experience at all. So, I will protect myself as much as possible when doing dangerous activities. I do want to try zip-lining, though. Have any of you done that, and had a bad experience? I knew when bungee jumping started, I didn’t want to do that.
    Shantelle, I must tell you, that your musings are VERY addictive! And I love that you share your thoughts and life stories with US!

  4. Sooooo on the same page here (again….. actually we’re on the same page more often than not….. okay, back to my comment)! I really don’t get parents cycling with their kids in kidseats here in Denmark. 9 times out of 10, the picture will be: kid with helmet, parent without helmet. I applaud that you’re looking out for your kid, but you’re not looking out for your kid if something happens…. I wore my first bicycle-helmet in 1990, when I had had a very near miss: on my way to school, on my bike in January, just coming down a small hill, and tyen turning right. Bit of black ice at the bottom (also: 7.45 am in Denmark in January = no daylight), and I found myself on the ground, my head 2 inches from a granite kerbstone. I got teased throughout highschool for wearing a bicycle helmet, but I knew I had something to protect!
    Might add the following: my car won’t run if everyone isn’t wearing their seatbelts (standard rule since I was a kid), I don’t get on a horse without a helmet (No matter how calm/old/wellbehaved said equine is), and if you ever get me on a skislope, I will be protected up the wazoo – not because I think it’ll stop me having an accident, but because it’ll help me survive the fall I know I’ll have (again, and again, and again….). Because as the sign at my old riding-school said: Riding without a helmet is asking for a hole in your head!

  5. I certainly do. I suffered a severe concussion in 2012 when I caught my shoe in the gap of an uneven sidewalk and flew through the air until I hit a brick wall. Was out for 4 days. It can happen anywhere but to not protect your head while skiing etc. and to not teach your children about safety is foolish.
    Marion xo.

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