I’ve got no computer tech game, and King Street without cars is dumb.

Is anybody else embarrassed by how computer illiterate they are??  Or is it just me.

I honestly cannot believe how something that you know, 10 year olds can operate, such as posting videos to their YouTube channels I find so challenging?  Like seriously, what is wrong with my brain.  It really shakes my confidence to the core.  It seems like it is such a straightforward simple thing to do:  Make a video, post video to existing YouTube channel.  But somehow it is not.  I had to wait until Craig and Brianna came over for dinner so that Craig could save the day.  Which he so effortlessly and gallantly did; “just like that” no stress, no freaking out, just figured out why our video was posting to the wrong YouTube account.

If it weren’t for him being so clever at figuring all that out, combined with Dominique who uploaded it iMovie, then edited it, she even added music, animation, and titles; she’s a genius; I would still be attached to my laptop trying to sort that out.  But she did the tough bit, and as it turns out my portion of our project is the easiest part of the entire process.  Show up and talk.  Hand over the video to her so that she can do all the crafty, techy stuff, and then I’m meant to simply post the video to my already existing YouTube channel, Shantelle Bisson, which I hope you’re all subscribed to, because the first video EVER of our new YouTube “show” Talk That Talk is NOW LIVE.  Our first hot topic is Sending Nudes, and D*#k pics…are they a YES or are they a NO.  Watch to find out which one of us thinks what’s okay and what isn’t. Fingers crossed that I remember all that Craig taught me so that posting next week isn’t so challenging.  Tech Gods help me please.

In closing I just want to say that there is a second thing that is causing me to hmmm all over the place today, and that is how is it that the our city council here in Toronto have seen one of their brilliant schemes and dreams finally come to fruition.  King Street is officially closed to the driving public.  WOW.  WOW.  WOW.  Good one guys.  I for one can assure you that I will never set foot west of Avenue/University Road again.  Well at least I won’t be seen there for the next twelve months while they circle jerk themselves into traffic chaos with this pilot project.

For the life of me I don’t understand why they simply didn’t make Queen Street a one way East bound and King Street a one way running West???  Why, oh why they thought closing a major downtown artery, that is the hub of our financial and theatre district was a good idea I will never, ever understand.

Best of luck to all the people who now have no choice but to get caught up in that extra downtown traffic gridlock five days a week while they go into work to make money to pay their bills and live their lives.  I guess one thing is for sure they’ll all be spending a whole lot more of their lives in their cars, idling, creating emissions, and polluting the planet.  Such a well thought out idea city planners, bravo one and all.  Insert eye roll here.

So the TTC riders are for it, the shop owners are not.  The cyclists are for it, but the drivers are not.  Taxis are allowed to drive on King Street between 10pm-5am but Uber drivers are not.  I swear, I hope I’m wrong but I predict a lot of independent restaurant owners and shop owners are going to be going out of business during this pilot project.  Because TTC riders are going from point A-point B, as are cyclists; are COMMUTING they’re not jumping off to go have lunch, dinner, shop or go to the theater.  I guess only time will tell what the actual fall out of this attempt to expedite TTC travel while fucking with every single driver on the road as they do it.

May the traffic Gods be with all of you who must be downtown to earn your livings.  Buckle up, you’re all in for a much longer daily commute my friends, which I for one, am so sorry about.

You can read about the stupidity here:


  1. Mrs. Bisson,
    Believe it or not, we are facing the same thing here in Omaha, NE. Local politicians want to spend at least $200 million US on a “street car system” to move people over a 5-6 mile route from downtown convention center to the university medical complex along side/or replacing the most heavily traveled street in/out of our downtown. The stated rationale, “we need the street car system to attract and retain young millennials.” The real rationale, the engineering/construction/development businesses want access, via eminent domain, to 2 city blocks either side of the line to redevelop at greatly reduced cost with taxpayers taking all the financial risk. Those companies and their officers are the largest donors to our Mayor and city council folks. Might be the same thing operating in your city. BTW, our existing city bus service loses over $30 million per year which comes directly from local taxpayers. The new street car system is projected to cost at least $10 million/year to operate.

  2. I am with you on being computer Challenged for sure. I have just recently gotten in to working with Twitter (Thanks to a wonderful Canadian couple) But I needed my ‘little’ brother. Mind you he is Not 10 but he has been a Computer Systems Developer for about 40 years and he is living with us. ‘Computer questions’ are only one of the many reasons I am glad to have him here. He had to help me figure out how to get my picture on my Twitter profile and we are still working on the banner picture, And I still haven’t entered anything about me.
    I expect that if my next trip to Toronto is in the next year or so, I won’t be driving in the city. Thanks for the update. It really does make you go hmmm like what was the though process on choosing this method.
    Can’t wait to check out your channel. I will do that when I get home from work tonight. (I use my lunch hour to keep up with the Bissons 🙂 Hopefully IU won’t need my brother to help me get to it. I have been searching YouTube a lot so I think I will be OK.
    Happy Monday

  3. No it is not just you. I work on a computer all day, pay bills via the web, proficient in Word, Excel and Outlook, but cannot figure out about posting a picture to Instragram! I take a photo, write a great caption, hit post to Instragram and wait for it to appear, and wait, and wait….. search and follow the directions and maybe a day later it appears! I feel your pain.

  4. Wow! Even Philly, which totally screwed most local businesses during both the DNC and Pope visit isn’t that stupid! I swear you have to be a freakin moron to hold a position with govt whether local, City, State or federal. You cannot possess common sense! Geez, it’s world wide!!! We’re all in trouble!

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