Dear Sleepless in Quebec,

Oh, do I ever feel for you.  Our eldest daughter was exactly this way.  The only way we would get her to go to sleep was to plop her in the car and drive around until she passed out.  Though, unlike your daughter the minute we stopped the car she would wake up and scream the car, and then the house down.

I wish I knew then what I know now.  And what I know now is that our eldest girl suffered from many food allergies and was in tremendous pain.  Lying down especially seemed to give her gas, or what in adults we call re-flux. If I had known that she was suffering I would have rushed her into a reputable allergist’s office.  Since my time has passed, and we all know none of us can turn back the clock and fix our errors from the past, I’m telling you to do this. Get her to an allergist right away, and who knows, maybe the reason this happened with my daughter was so that I might be able to help moms like you now.

Good luck and let me know what you uncover.