Isn’t it funny the minute you think you aren’t getting a surprise party, you get one???

I dare say that I’ve often wondered, to myself and quite loudly to Yannick and anybody close to me, when would a surprise party happen for me?  Up until last night it had been my entire life that I’d gone without a surprise celebration of anything for me.  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, SURPRISES!  I live for giving them out!  Except as has often been the case in the past, sometimes my excitement gets the best of me an I blow the surprise before the due date!  I’ve gotten much better at that, thank God.  Which is why Yan and crew pulled together a surprise party five days before the event.  So they would not run the risk of spoiling it, or having me, sleuth it out!  And man oh man did they ever get me; and today I’m giddy with gratitude that my surprise party came…at long last!

There was a brief moment when we pulled up to my girlfriend’s house last night when I was wondering, hopeful for a quick hot second, that I might be about to be “had” and maybe just maybe there was about to be a surprise party after all.  But the way Natasha and Anthony answered the door, quickly caused me to realize that last night was also not the night, and I was completely and totally cool with that…And then it happened.



Now I know what that feeling is like, and trust me when I say this, I could totally get used to it.  The only problem why I might not get that privilege of having many a surprise parties/celebrations coming my way is because I’m damn near impossible to surprise.  For starters I pay all our bills, so I look at the bank accounts, and the credit card statements long before YB, so if he wants to surprise me with a gift, he usually has to get it from the source without paying for it.  Meaning they trust that he is good for it.  Then there is the small detail of me being nosy, combined with my long standing desire for said surprise party, and it makes complete and utter sense to me why up until last night one has never happened.  But that has never stopped me from always hoping and waiting for it to happen.  Looking for signs in those who are closest to me body language, awkward shifty changes in personality. I saw none of this in anybody around me.  And low and behold this was the time, the time it finally happened.  I wasn’t paying the slightest amount of attention to the possibility.  Perhaps it’s due to all the catching up I’m doing from being away for four months, maybe it’s because we’re building a cottage and I’m completely distracted by that?  Or because I’m thinking about my book I need to write.  It might be that we have a big event this weekend, and that we had two last week?  I don’t know why I wasn’t looking for the signs this time around, all I know is that I wasn’t, and they got me.  They being, Yannick, Mikaela, Natasha and Brianna got me good.  And I’m happier than a pig in shit about it.

I’m also deeply thankful for all your kind wishes for my day of birth.  I know this is going to be a great year and I cannot wait to share all the good news, and accomplishments with you guys along the way.

Thanks you four tricksters for giving me the greatest gift last night, and to all my friends who came to celebrate with me, and on super last minute notice, since that was the only way they could keep a secret from me.  And that was by keeping the deceit short and sweet.  Well played YB, NK, MB and BB, well played indeed!





  1. It looks like you had a marvelous time! I’ll chime in here and say – like all of us here – how happy I am that you have finally had this experience!

    And I’m so glad you had a Happy Birthday xo

  2. Such wonderful news, Shantelle! So happy you got your well deserved big surprise 😀. Well done to everyone keeping it under wraps. I remember the excitement of planning a surprise party for my Mother’s 50th and I think it was a bigger thrill for me as Mum was in a state of shock for quite a while till it all sank in….especially conspiring with Mum’s cousin to arrive from interstate early that morning, with Mum having no idea. Hair raising trying to keep it a secret as I had asked her to come over for an early afternoon tea, and hoping no one would give the game away – and the great sense of relief it stayed a secret. It’s a memory I will never forget!

  3. How great you finally got your surprise party. Happy belated Birthday Shantelle. You deserved the best day. xx😀🎂🍰💐🎁🍹

  4. YESSS! What a big deal! Happy Birthday! Your family really seems to be the biggest fan of you – Congratulations!
    To surprise the man who you love might be at least as big adrenaline bomb as to complete a mountain bike course (although I’ve never done such a thing). But…Oh Gosh! I’m sorry to say, the surprise is a real one because it does not happen every year…Hmmm.

  5. I’m so happy you got your surprise party (still waiting for mine to happen someday) and that you had a lovely birthday. Hope you have a few more coming your way.

  6. Happy Birthday Shantelle! I am so glad your wish finally came true! Well, this one anyway! So glad they stumped you! What a fete for all of you! Hope you had an epic time!

  7. So happy you got your wonderful surprise, And they sure Gotcha :- ) The picture tells it all And you can see how happy YB was realizing he had truly pulled it off.
    The video was fun when you started to hide behind the door jam. What a Terrific Birthday!! Best wishes for a truly amazing wonderful year ahead filled with Love and Laughter

  8. First 💚 Happy Happy Birthday Shantelle. I am glad that you got your surprise party. I love the picture of you❤ it was priceless. It’s wonderful that your family and friends got to share this amazing day with you. Shantelle❤ my hope for your year is to have bounds of Love, Kindness, Old and New Friendship❤ I toast you on you Suprise 18th Hahaha. Love you 💚💚💚💚💚💚💚🥂🍾🥂🍾🥂🍾

  9. The look on your face was priceless. It’s that stunned, this is not computing look. So glad they were able to pull it off under your nosey nose 😉 My daughters did that for my 60th. People flew in from out of town, friends from high school, college, ex in-laws I hadn’t seen for years. I had a total brain freeze. My first thought was why are all these people in my house? It was a whole glorious weekend and I loved it. But I told them never to do it again because it honestly scared me half to death! You are of hardier stock. Many happy returns Shantelle! I hope your loving Bisson clan scares you shitless as many times as they can sneak past your eagle eye.

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