Isn’t it enough already NRA/Gun Lobbyist/Politicians who line their pockets with the blood of innocent people?

“After Sandy Hook we said never again. And then we let 1,518 mass shootings happen.”

That is a mass shooting (where four or more people are shot) per day; that is 1,754 days since innocent children lost their lives while at school.

The mass shooting in Vegas was already #273 for the year.  The year was 274 days old.

1, 715 people will never get to hear I love you again, they will never say I love you again.  Dreams will never be realized, futures never fulfilled.  Mothers/fathers without daughters/sons, lovers without their partners, children without parents, extended families without people who mattered so much to them.  All gone.

6089 injured.

***these numbers don’t even include those lives lost just yesterday in Texas, as they participated in an activity that most would consider “the purest” thing one can do.  Which is to be sitting in a house of worship honoring their God.***

All numbers, stats really, to the people in a position of power to do something to bring about change, and yet they don’t.  They say it’s too big a ship to turn around.  Too big a problem to reign in.  So they continue to let them die.  They continue to offer up hollow, empty prayers.

It is too much; it is enough already.

God be with the families who once again are unexpectedly dealing with the tragic loss of an innocent loved one today.  Eight from one family alone.  Can you imagine??  I want you to close your eyes and think about your family losing EIGHT members in one fell swoop?  It is unimaginable.  My heart breaks for you every single one of you.  And although that is not enough, and that will never bring back your family member you loved so much, sadly from where I sit, in a country shaking its head, it is all I can give.

May your load of grief grow lighter as time brings the miracle of healing.



  1. Heart broken again. so many innocents lost. The number of mass shootings is staggering, Some people will want all guns taken away but there are many responsible gun owners. People like the neighbor who ran out barefoot with his rifle to stop the shooter joining another Good Samaritan with a car chasing him down. There are restrictions on automatic weapons but they need stronger and they are different from state to state. They need to be strong and uniform across the country. The system is just not working, The shooter had a bad conduct discharge for domestic violence and should not have been allowed to buy a gun. But the FBI had not been notified of his status so a background check would not have flagged him. I am not sure how to make changes happen. I know people need to get involved somehow. Know your neighbors. ‘See Something, Say Something’ for terrorism works for this issue as well. I have started talking to people about what they think can be done, And I plan to learn just exactly what restrictions are actually out there. Kind o a chore because of the differences from state to state with regular changes. But I feel I need to do something, AndI do research well. If I am going speak to an issue, I need to understand it more deeply, Will pass along what I learn.

  2. Yep, they’re all greedy, narcissistic, lazy bastards. Even after one of their own was shot, and they STILL didn’t do anything about gun control, I knew it would NEVER be done. It would NEVER be recognized as the #1 problem in this country right now. ESPECIALLY, since that orange JACKASS that sits in this country’s highest position, spouts hatred, racism, bigotry…etc! I know you once wrote about letting go of things like hatred, and I can say that in all the years I’ve been on this planet, I never hated anything or anyone with every fiber of my being. But GF, I gotta tell you, it is HARD to not hate this man and all those who spout his rhetoric and approve of his ass, when so many innocent people are being gunned down by mentally ill people who should NEVER own a gun, NEVER! Jesus, you go through a thorough background check to open a freakin bank account, get a mortgage or a credit card for God’s sake! But to by a lethal weapon, NAAAAH! What a place I live in! WHY CAN’T THEY GET THIS GUY OUT OF OFFICE? The Democrats won’t do it because they want the Republicans to do it. They won’t do it because of their party alliances.
    I don’t see an end to this madness! I lose more faith in this country every day I’m alive.

  3. Do you know about 504-09 text messaging? You type “resist” and put in your California zip code. It lets you send a fax letter to your reps. I fax them whenever I’m disturbed by issues. Nearly daily during the healthcare battle. Gun control as well. You can googke if your reps are taking money from the NRA. Mine are and they hear from me. Only a groundswell of antigun opinion will convince these guys if they want to be re-elected they’d better grow a pair. So every day text them. You can send to multiple people with one fax. Also call their offices and talk to their staff. Be polite but forceful. The pressure is working. So turn it up.

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