Is it naively romantic to want a world where everybody treats one another the way they want to be treated?

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this here on my blog, or if it’s only been on my social media that I’ve talked about this incredible book I’ve been working with since early March.  It’s this phenomenal manifestation book titled: GET WHAT YOU WANT, by Tony Burroughs.

Now for each of us, getting what we want can be as different as our physical make ups.   Somebody may buy this book because they want to bring more prosperity into their lives, or they want to find a soul mate partner, or make a life change within their careers.  Whatever the change is that you want to see in your lives is, I swear to you that this book can help you make it, get your desired outcome and live the life you’ve always dreamed of.

I mean technically, the book WON’T do it for YOU, you have to do the work, obviously.  But trust me when I say I’ve read many, many books on managing my super A type OCD personality, I’ve seen numerous therapists and doctors, and nothing has brought me to this place of peace I’m currently basking in as this book has done.  I don’t want to get all Oprah on you, but my friends, you need this book in your life.  Okay, well maybe not all of you need this book in your life, somebody like Yannick doesn’t need this sort of book in his life, as all the lessons/messages in it are things he naturally lives in and by.  If however you’re more like me, and tend to run a little hot, meaning your highs are super high, but so are your lows, and you desire balance, then go and get this book.


In fact I credit it to helping me manage our online troll, whom I happen to know reads my blog…so don’t worry darling, we know that you scrubbed our Instagram accounts clean of your hate filled vile comments.  But you should know that you did that too little too late, because you were already being watched, and everything you wrote; we have all the read receipts for.  Which means that if we’ve done our jobs right, this is most likely going to be the last time you’re able to treat anybody this way on social media.  And I for one am glad for that.  You see, I’m made of strong stock Troll, I’ve been through some terrible things that didn’t crush me, or cause me to shrink back and live a life in the shadows like a victim.  Did you really think you were going to be the person who did?  Nah.  Especially because you went after my kids.  If you had stuck to Yannick and me I probably would have just let you spin yourself into a mad frenzy.  But you broke the cardinal rule and went after my girls.  Bad move. Bad, bad move.

Moving on back to the happiness of today’s post.

You might be asking, “how did this book help you deal with the troll, cuz it sounds like you did it exactly how you normally would have dealt with one in the past.”  But I didn’t.  I was much more calm, I didn’t stoop to hatred and cut her off at the knees by saying all the cruel things that I could have said to her.  I didn’t say all the mean and ugly responses that I could have if I wanted to play the “eye for an eye” game.  Remember how I’ve shared in the past that I’m way more of who says the nastiest thing and yells the longest wins?  Yeah that’s my fighting instinct, and I would have unleashed that upon her IF I wasn’t in the middle of this powerful and amazing book.  Instead, thanks in large part to the book I decided to have empathy, and to find the humor in her senseless comments and leave it at that.  Not engaging in hatred, but more or less playing along, agreeing with all the flaws she found in me that she thought were insults, but that I accept as truths about my humanness.  And the reason for that has a lot to do with this particular passage from yesterday’s Get What You Want intention, that struck me so deeply, and that is so profoundly perfect in its simplicity:


That’s why human beings are here–to live their lives fully and freely.

IN TODAY’S TOPSY-TURVY WORLD, WE SEEM TO have set aside any guidelines for relating to one another.  If we were to believe everything we see and hear in the media, it’s all just fine and dandy for us to do anything we like to somebody else.

Certainly, our current world leaders set the worst of examples, advocating violence at every turn; while our true heroes–the ones who have the courage and integrity to stand up on behalf of life’s virtues–go mostly unnoticed nowadays.

Fortunately, the media isn’t the only source we have for guidance and information.  We have our won inner guidance that will tell us how to relate to each other in all situations if we will only use it.

Back in the early  70’s, by first teacher, B.J., passed an interesting idea along to me about how to behave toward one another.  I’ll pass it on to you now so you can try it on for you size and see how it works for you.  He said that one of the great rules of life is that you can give yourself all the pleasure you like, just as long as nobody else is getting pain because you’re giving yourself pleasure.


I intend that I am doing no harm.

Amen! Love SB


  1. You’re a fierce Mama Bear, and you showed it. There is immense power in restraint, and it sounds like it all paid off for you in the end. Good riddance to bad rubbish, as the saying goes (though I, too, hope for the mental health aid that she obviously needs).

    P.S. I need this book because I feel I have been losing my way. Thanks for the tip!

  2. „you can give yourself all the pleasure you like, just as long as nobody else is getting pain…” – This is one of the toughest things since humans are living on the earth. The „everybody treats one another the way they want to be treated” is not enough to do. You have to know, you have to feel, what hurts the others, BUT THEY ARE NOT YOU.
    Being open, being interested in other persons, accepting them as they are, I think this is the most beautiful and difficult set in the game of human beings. It is natural and self-evident for some of us because of their genes, and there are those who do not even get to the idea.
    Unfortunately, our current world leaders reinforce the latter (respect for the exceptions).

    People, being parents, children, siblings, friends or supporters, who get pleasure from making others happy, they are the real heroes, I think. How good it would be if they were louder in the media than our good leaders.
    I suppose, if we wouldn’t be as uninterested to each other as we are nowadays, people with mental illnesses could be identified faster, before they are harming themselves or others.
    Yes, it is naive to wish a world where everybody treats one another the way they want to be treated, but the wishes have to be naive, they couldn’t be anything else. But what else could be more worth to come true than our wishes.
    (P.S. My favorite book was by Erich Fromm titled: The Art Of Loving)

  3. Shantelle, I don’t think you give yourself enough credit. I am always amazed at the love that you espouse. I have always gotten the impression that you DO in fact live by love. How in the hell you do that with all the attacks, the insults and undercutting by YB lover wanna be’s, and now Trolls is so astounding! I too am a type A. My friends always say that I am not happy unless I’m running around with my hair on fire! To which my response is, “you don’t want to live inside this head”! So I can relate. I’m also of the belief that you’re never too old to change or to improve. So, I’m going to get this book and see for myself, where it is I need to improve. If it’s guided you to the path you are at now, I definitely need to read and digest this. Thanks! Stay strong Girl!

  4. I thought you seemed calm in the midst of that awful troll storm. I knew when she went after your girls the gloves were off and the fight was on but with calmness and humor, Loved some of Brianna’s clever comments,
    This book sounds so wonderful. It will be in my library soon! And I think it is so true that so many of us have lost the ability to relate to one another, and we certainly can’t look to our leaders for any guidance. Thank you for sharing this

  5. One book can be the most influential guide, as this one by Burroughs has been for you. Mine was one by Lama Surya Das titled: Awakening To The Sacred. I keep it visible even though I read it over 15 years ago. Within was a short poem which I memorized and was one not by the author but was one he heard attending a memorial. A son’s eulogy included it and he explained how his mother recited it to him at the start of every day. It’s theme is living a life relaxed and free, with the presence of God being within and living without fear or doubt, our life can be with God’s plan of love. Much like how now you are living your life after reading Burrough’s book. I’ve always felt the magic of books. Now, you’ve felt the magic and it’s transformed you. How wonderful.

  6. Yes, I think we’ve learned that the world will never be the perfect thing we want so we must use all the methods available to cope. So glad this helped you with the troll…and I just love your admonition to her about going after your girls!
    I am so happy to have arrived at a period in life where I never really need to think about the things I want…I already have them and am pleased with life thanks to God, good family and great friends along the way (and some self help books now and then).
    Hope you achieve your dreams…still waiting for the new book and then #BPF

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