Is finding and selling somebody’s engagement ring, worth the karma you’ll get for doing it?

Alright, today the posts are coming back to back for you all.  Please do me a favor though and read the WWYDW one before you read this one.  Because this one gives the entire story away, and that’s no fun.  So check this out friends, this REALLY happened, in real life, just a couple of weeks ago, and I have so many feelings about every element of it that I find myself a little “I CAN’T EVEN” about it.

First off, who takes their rings off to wash their hands in a public bathroom??

Can I please have a show of hands?

That’s what I thought.  NOBODY  does, and if you do, please for the love of God do not write in the comment section all the reasons why you do.  Just keep reading and then make the decision to never in this lifetime, do it again.  Because clearly up until this point, you my friend have gotten very lucky.  Lucky that your ring has never gone down the drain of a public sink, and more than that, lucky that you’re not twenty-three and clearly unable to hold your alcohol, causing you to totally forget that you even had a ring on in the first place.

Such was the case for this young woman who is a client of the girl who does my hair color.  Her man, her obviously pretty wealthy man, had recently proposed, like days earlier with a $350,000 engagement ring.

That’s a healthy diamond friends.  That ain’t no De Beers Jewelers:  “give her two months salary” type of diamond, or maybe for her guy it was.  Regardless of how long it takes him to make that sort of cash, it’s still a lot of money to spend on a ring, and it’s even more money TO LOSE ON A RING.

Which is exactly what happened.

He and his fiance were in a Beverly Hills restaurant enjoying a romantic evening out, basking in the bliss of a new engagement.  She goes to the girls room, comes back, they finish eating, and they leave.  This is where the details get a bit murky, nobody who was relaying the story knows if they got all the way home when she noticed that it was gone, or if she noticed when she woke up to get in the shower and went to take the ring off, but it was already not on her finger.  However that part of the situation happened the bottom line is this:  by the time she realized the ring was not in her possession, the restaurant had no clue what had happened to it either.  The one thing they knew for certain was the ring was gone.

It wasn’t in the bathroom, it wasn’t anywhere inside the building.

Which brings me to this point.  The person who made off with the goods definitely, absolutely does not have any character, and man oh man, I would not want to be on the receiving end of their karma.  Like who does that????  I mean for real.  What sort of human being are you that you sashay into a public restroom see a hunk of diamond on a counter top and make off with it?  There is so much wrong with a person who would behave in this fashion that I truly don’t even have the word count to write all the things wrong with them here on this blog.  There is never a good reason to make off with somebody’s belongings, especially something of such significance and value as an engagement ring.  I would never, under any circumstance, even if I was in debt out the ass keep somebody’s belongings.  It’s just no way to behave in the world.  Although I suppose  I shouldn’t be all that surprised, people take other people’s lives, why wouldn’t they take ownership of their valuables if they were left lying around in a public space?

If I had been the person who came upon the ring I would have totally picked it up and ran back into the dining room calling out for the bride to be to claim it.  I would have done everything in my power to get that ring into the possession of its rightful, once happy owner.  I certainly would not have kept it for myself.  You can also tell that whoever took the ring has no idea how these things work.  I’m not even sure what the person who made off with it thinks they’re going to do with it, diamonds of that value are traceable laser etched, and reported to the police as missing.  Also there isn’t a pawn shop around that will give you near what the stone is worth.  But then I guess even if you get $50,000 for something you found that’s $50,000 more than a person like that had yesterday.  Which is why the next thing I would do is post an AD anywhere and everywhere I could, and have the restaurant put it up in their staff room offering a reward.  Giving somebody $100,000 to return it no questions asked is way better than having to go through your insurance (which thankfully her man was also a smart one, and it was already covered)trying to convince them that the ring is already missing.  I just can’t see this going well for anybody involved.  I mean what insurance claim advisor is just going to write a check for $350,000 days after the ring was purchased?  Poor girl, no wonder she spent days in bed after she realized what she’d done, hell I’d probably be there still…


  1. Mrs. Bisson,
    This is hilarious since almost the same thing happened in the city nearby just this week. A woman left a ring supposedly worth over $600,000 in her purse in her car…and you guessed it, someone broke into the car, stealing her purse with the ring inside. Luckily for her, security cameras caught the whole thing, police detectives recognized the thieves (2 adult males) and arrested them before they could dispose of their haul. The hilarious part of both stories is, who the hell would wear/carry such expensive and easily lost/stolen items in the first place??? It’s like you are, at the very least, begging someone to rob you…if not kill you if you object too strongly…or at all. One of my favorite philosophers, Forrest Gump, sums it up very well “Stupid is, as stupid does”. If you can “afford” to buy baubles in the six or seven figure range, then you can afford to lose them…or at least have insurance.

  2. You’re right about karma. It’ll get them when they least expect it! Plus why would someone who is able to afford to eat there knowingly steal someone else’s ring. Like don’t they have enough money? Are they that unscrupulous? Is that why they have that much money? Really makes me wonder about the character of the people that frequent a place that high end. But yet, not surprised!

  3. I was hoping that had a better ending. I thought surely someone would have at the very least given it to the restaurant to hold. What kind of a person does that?!
    I am hoping Karma comes back to bite them in the ass. and I hope it is painful. Like you, I think I would still be in bed. I’m sure she was devastated. I just done’t understand how people can be so cruel and unfeeling,
    Thank God I follow this Amazing woman who always boosts my spirits and helps me see those people are the exception and not the rule out there.
    Thank you for that,

  4. That poor young lady! I’m pretty sure she spent days in bed, crying and drinking and praying for the time machine to transport her back to the moment she was just about to take off the ring.

    To whoever took the ring? Who the hell do you think you are? You think this won’t catch up with you? I don’t care if your beloved (insert relative here) is dying and you desperately need the money (okay, wait…I do care that this fictional relative is ill), that ring isn’t yours. Chances are, if you’d done the right thing in the first place, you’d likely would have been granted a nice reward, which would have also come with the additional bonuses of 1) feeling good deep inside for doing the right thing and 2) no karma bitch slap barreling down the freeway at an unprecedented speed toward you.

    I hope the young lady who lost the ring has forgiven herself and has vowed to never ever remove a ring like that again for any reason other than death.

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