Is bigger always better? Or more breast, more problems?

I had a follower write to me the other day wondering out loud what I think about women who are already naturally very well endowed going under the knife to make their breasts even larger.

I actually find this fascinating.  I feel this way about this topic because I’ve been dealing with breasts since I was nine.  Most of my adult life, I’ve sat around a D, sometimes larger depending on pregnancy, and my weight.  I have my entire life pined for small breasts, a lovely full B would be nice.  So nice.  I could stomp around in flimsy summer dresses.  Go bra-less all the damn time.  I’ve desired these breasts so much that I’ve gone under the knife twice to have mine reduced.  They stay “small-ish” for about a year, and then BAM it seems like I go to sleep with the size I paid for, and then suddenly without warning I wake up to having D’s all over again.

I call them my stubborn German Milking Maid breasts.  They have ideas of their own.  Plans that aren’t aligned with mine.  They want to be large and in charge!

So, to answer my followers question about whether or not I understand the desire for humongous breasts.  I absolutely do not.  Like not even a little bit.  Your bras dig into your shoulders, leaving large indents over time, your neck and back hurt from carrying all the extra weight around.  From where I sit, in my opinion, large breasts are actually a pain.  Literally so.

Never mind buying clothes to fit you when you opt for this really large upper body and average sized lower body.  You literally have to buy two totally different sizes, tops are like a 8-10 and bottoms are 4.  All dresses must be altered around the hips and in the width of the shoulders as well as the length of the sleeves to accommodate the large breasts.  It’s not the worse thing that can happen, but it’s also not ideal.  I mean think about having to alter every item of clothing just so you can do up the buttons?  This is an expense above and beyond the actual cost of the surgery that many women I don’t think give any thought to.  Every item of clothing for the rest of your life will require extensive alterations to make the clothes fit you, I’m also here to tell you it is not often you get a tailor who is proficient, at a reasonable cost, to get the items as they were off the rack.  Especially the designer pieces.

I don’t judge women who want those massive, enter the room before they do breasts, I’m just saying as a woman who has battled large breasts her entire life, I don’t understand it.  We all know what most males think about breasts…the larger the better they seem to prefer; “oh just think of all the things I can do with them, and to them.”  But those men aren’t lugging the breasts around 24/7, are they?  So if I had a girlfriend who wanted to get ginormous breast for a man, or thought it would help her get a man, I’d slap her silly, until she snapped out of it.

I’m not even going to touch on how difficult it is for scans and mammograms to see around them.  Well at least for a woman like me who along with having boobs that like to be more on the large side they’re also what you call “ropy” or “fibrous” making spotting cancer that much more complicated.  So personally, I’ll probably spend the rest of my life battling with mine to be smaller, while others, as Wendy, my reader, pointed out seem intent on making theirs as large as they humanly can.  And to that my friends, I say “to each their own.”  But keep this in mind, if you’re reading this and contemplating getting larger than life breasts inserted into your body, make sure you’re doing it for yourself.  Breasts aren’t going to make you happier, or get you that job you’re after, or the man you desire.  Only you have control over these things my blessed average sized busted babes, remember that!


  1. As a small breastfed woman, I love the comment “more than a handful (or mouthful) is a waste!

  2. Am a runner and am very thankful that mine are not large and would not consider ever changing them. But as you said, to each their own and I hope the reasons for enlarging are for them and not due to a man.

  3. I was small breasted until I was 30 and wham suddenly big breasts. And I have to agree with everything you said.

  4. Thanks for answering my question, Shantelle, to the extent above. I completely am in line with your thinking. As I developed breasts a bit younger than some of my peers, wore a bra when just 11. Was not a delicately boned teen, but more athletic in my build; so with early development was not really ever concerned with the size of them. Always felt they were okay for my body. As I’ve grown older now, as our Oprah said on her ‘bra’ show, we get into a larger size as we approach older years. I’ve certainly done so. From a pre-teen 34A to teen as a larger 34B, am now a size up to a 36C, which for me just doesn’t seem to fit with my body now. Plus there’s the gravity thing going on with all our bodies, so the ‘sag’ has to be taken into account also. I run and now find it’s more annoying than ever to have the boob bounce more pronounced even with a supportive sports bra. Like you, I’d like to be smaller. Hence my question about a week ago. Also, like you I appreciate some women who are very small may wish to be adding more curves. It’s the woman who are already well endowed, even a C or D size but want to enlarge to a D plus size, it perplexes me. I would definitely think seriously about being smaller surgically were I to have been a D years ago as you chose. Oh heck, men have no clue about the discomforts of larger breasts. The greatest joy is really to go bra-less. The reason why often the second thing a woman does on getting home, after kicking off shoes, is to take off her bra. I equate it to freedom.

  5. Fascinating! I never stopped to consider that breats could continue growing after you’ve had a reduction! That must be very frustrating, spending all that time and money to have short lived results. As someone who has always and probably will always (my mom all of a sudden got breasts and big ones at that at age 38 so who knows) I’ve always just thought about having bigger. Grass is always greener! You hear these sayings all the time but it really is true. As much as being a teenage girl with small boobs felt like the end of the world after talking to other women, and reading your article clearly being a member of the itty bitty tittie club isn’t so bad lol

  6. When I was in my 20’s I wanted larger breasts. I was an A but I was also an athlete, between swimming 3 nights a week for 3 straight hours, to running around a basketball court or a softball diamond, I was lean and mean and had muscles in places I didn’t think would get muscles. LOL! Once I stopped playing competitive sports and my weight starting to increase, so did my breasts to the point where after I went into menopause, I swear they still grew. I am now a D. My sister and other GFs have all asked the question, “where were these when I was younger”?! HAHA! Lets face it, it would have been much harder to play all those sports (before sports bras) and not have the drag that the extra weight and size would have put on me. I wanted to get implants in my 20’s but my aversion to needles and being knocked out, stopped me. Now, I’m glad I didn’t do it although I’m sure they would have been taken out by now! It really is amazing the weight they carry! Conversely, I knew a woman who had the largest breasts I had ever seen and she had a reduction because the havoc it caused her back and shoulders was painful (let alone the constant alterations she had to have to make clothes fit her better). So to any woman, young or old that wants to enhance their looks proportionately, either way, I say go for it. But for those who are doing it to attract men I say “DON’T”. Don’t do something for someone else, do it for yourself!

  7. As a 25 yr breast cancer survivor with a mastectomy on one side, I can say, you want your silicon on the outside. The surgeons tried to talk me into reconstruction. But they couldn’t guarantee me that as I aged my natural and reconstructed breasts would continue to match. Oh, we’ll just do surgery every once in awhile to even them up! Sure enough 25 years later, gravity has taken its toll and I’ve gained weight. I just get a larger prosthetic. Anyone who voluntarily goes under the knife for a cosmetic procedure that can be solved externally (padded bra, etc) is setting themselves up for continued procedures. Be careful what you wish for.

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